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  1. Ooh, @Rea Shinwa, I'm on Jiwan too and perhaps we can hang out and offer each other moral support! Don't give up! >o<
  2. Wow, I'm amazed and so happy to see all of these stories! I would love to be able to play with you all - this game is better because of you and the kind players you've met!
  3. IIRC, you only get to the quest to go into NSH after doing a complete run of E.Fleet. You can definitely solo E.Fleet. No one really uses party finder because people either solo it or randomly join and leave parties any number of times after they go in the instance. Get to know the dragon pulses and how they work. Red pulses usually put you at or near a boss. After familiarizing yourself with the map, try to arrive at bosses whenever you see that they're in combat = that means there's a group of people fighting it and you have a change to get your 1% damage in.
  4. @Cremation Thank you, it worked!
  5. @Muted Motion I can play the game again, thank you!!!
  6. I too, would like to know how to do this! Please tell us?
  7. :o How do you disable and then restore AVG?
  8. How did you temp disable AVG and how do you restore it?
  9. Mushin is well populated = can't go wrong. I believe there's a faction imbalance on Poharan (be aware!).
  10. Yeah, the stretch you're feeling at your level is normal - what Archess described is totally true. Once you get to the quests for E.Fleet Supply Chain and Nightshade Harbor (which are the 24 man versions of the Blackram Supply Chain and Bloodshade Harbor dungeons), you'll start to earn 40-ish silver per quest (I found these were a good place to come back to farm for gold and mats after reaching level 50 by following the yellow storyline quests). Also, Mushin's Tower!
  11. Wow, how are you getting some of these shots? Like the overview of Hogshead Hamlet? Really great shots!
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