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  1. Like we said already, it's either lesbian mitosis/parthenogenesis or the power of girl to girl love...
  2. Viridian Coast : - Dochun. Nice old dude, closest thing to a mentor after Master Hong dies, especially seeing as he trained under him too. Overall a decent and loyal person, even to a fault at times. - Hajoon....during/after his death. He was annoying when alive, but I felt a bit of respect/sadness for him after learning of his inevitable death and how he did all he could to help you despite this. - Banyong...I think. The Bamboo Guard lady who hates mushrooms. I'm not sure why, I just remember her most among the named Bamboo Guard NPCs that aren't main chara
  3. Have you ever read a webcomic named Girly? ...It's either lesbian mitosis or the power of yuri love.
  4. Then they could just put the insta-death fire wall inside or around the door to stop people from phasing through it, not line the entire corridor up to the door with fire.
  5. The better answer would be to just have a door that closes the arena shortly after the fight starts, which only opens after the boss has been beaten or resets if the party fighting it is defeated. Tera did that, and while it was still a bit annoying if someone started the fight early and locked you out, it at least didn't rub salt in the wound by killing you pointlessly too.
  6. Um....Doesn't she have cat slits for eyes? Or maybe that was after she turned evil....
  7. Blade Master can, up until Samja (I did manage to kill him but needed a Lucky Heal Tonic or two), or Tomb of Exiles. Same with Force Master. Kung-Fu Master can't really solo dungeons around their level range unless it involves single bosses. Their counter just can't protect enough against everything solo otherwise. Warlock...is not promising either. I barely played any of Destroyer or Assassin, only in the early levels, and I didn't bother with Blade Dancer or Summoner..
  8. Well, thank you for that faster alternative solution...I just don't get why this of all things keeps "running" when we close it...sigh.
  9. Me too. "The game client is already running", despite that I closed it and the launcher. Sigh. Restarting's the only way to fix it so far.
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