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  1. What I liked : - Good character creation, visuals and environments...assuming you have a computer that can handle it. - Combat is neat and each class feels different from the others to an extent. - Nice outfits. - Story is presented rather well for the most part. - Passable music (though some made me mute it after some time, the music tends to fit the setting where you go, and there are some very nice soundtracks in the game at certain points.) What I hated : - The story, while presented rather well, gets rather stupid partway into Act 2
  2. Well, it's a good thing SSP wasn't necessary to acquire any upgrades in order to progress---oh wait...that's right. Good thing I left already.
  3. You farmed because you wanted to get to your goal. So the journey has been made less costly. So? So far it doesn't seem like it's been reduced to such a way that it can suddenly be gotten overnight or take zero effort like some might claim. By this logic you should take offense any time a game, movie, or anything you buy or work towards lessens in price or effort to achieve.
  4. That's not what I was getting at. From the Moonwater path, (or basically from Tomb of Exiles onwards), the game slowly spirals into a monotonous "grind up this much gold, this many materials, and get this specific thing" to upgrade or keep going on. On top on this, they start gating it behind group content, in a game that does not encourage grouping in any way, period. There is simply no way to get what you need on your own merit or effort, and even for the things that you can, RNG can still screw you over if it's feeling dickish (which it usually did, when I still played.) That, p
  5. True. However, some MMOs do try to have a variety of things to do at the end, in an attempt to keep it from getting monotonous faster...Blade and Soul doesn't even try to do that.
  6. Not a fan of the "one mistake from anybody and everyone dies" thing. Just comes off as more fake difficulty from developers that have no idea how to do that well.
  7. Mushin seems to be a Gon, and is still alive, thus there is a Gon antagonist, unless he's actually a very muscular Jin...which I kinda doubt.
  8. NCSoft can't even be bothered to solve the problems that crop up at Lv36 - 45 onward, so doesn't surprise me that they won't bother with...whatever these moonstones are.
  9. Sorry. It changes for the worse from 45 onward. In truth it had already been changing for the worse from around the mid 30s onward. It just becomes very easy to see at 45 or so.
  10. In my honest to goodness opinion, it is not worth coming back.
  11. Pretty much. The game's bidding system, outdated loot and kill credit systems, and progression in general simply do not encourage partying at all, yet from Lv36 onward, you are pretty much forced to do so if you need something from a blue/purple difficulty dungeon. Can't ask for help out in region or even faction at times, you'll just be told to "go cross server"....yeah, go cross-server into that lobby of gold seller spam and players you don't know, can't trust, and even if you could, you can't do anything else with them anyways if they're from a different server. And a good 90% o
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