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Beastbog Guide

Hwa Rin

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This is one cryptic 24-man raid.


Here's the infos i managed to gather so far




5 daily quests to do here. 3 can be taken at entrance, the others drop randomly in Tainted Lab and Grand Harvest Square event. maybe there's a 6th in Plog Sanctum since all Skypetal Plains zone are connected

You can also randomly drop Tainted Lab daily in here.


Powder Keg


You can blow them up using bomb, torch or flame launcher(use 1) that drop from Mysterious Chest and Suspicious Jar.

When you do so, a mob will spawn, Skilled Hex Poggle around Cold Blood spawn and Hammer Master around Hot Blood spawn. There's also a random spawn : Ri Zho the rat(chance to drop money bag)


Skilled Hex Poggle / Hammer Master


Rare mobs that give a 3% crit buff in a large zone around them when killed, Stack 10 times

1 specific place where they can spawn, between the 2 westernmost powder keg for Hammer master and somewhere around the middle of Cold Blood path for Skilled Hex Poggle

Or can spawn by blowing up Powder Keg.



Cold/Hot Blood


2 bosses that roams around powder skeg spots. Hot Blood is south while Cold Blood is north.

Seems like the 20 min respawn is accurate

So after a boss dies, the next spawn is announced 20 min later. he spawns like 5 min after announcement.


Bay Lee/Big Bad Beetle Boss


The final bosses of that raid. Big Bad Beetlle is much stronger than Bay Lee


Bay Lee will spawn after Hot and Cold Blood have been killed. Same 20 min mechanic


Big Bad Beetle Boss spawns randomly after Bay Lee kill.


So here's what a spawning rotation would look like :


  Hot/Cold Blood kill > 20 min > 5 min > the other Blood kill > 20 min > 5 min > Bay Lee Kill > (5min > BBBB kill >) 20 min > 5 min > rince repeat



Treasure room


East of the swamp in the northern part of Beastbog is the entrance to Beastbog Treasure Room.

To enter you need to combine 3 map fragments that you get from :

     -Grand Harvest Event Bosses

     -Plog Sanctum Bosses

     -Beastbog Bosses

You also need a key that drops from any mobs in Skypetals Plains to open the chest. There's higher chance to get the key from event.



Feel free to give any info you might get about the place, i'll edit later :)



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According to a 'cheat sheet' spreadsheet I've read a while back, I think boss spawns happen 20 minutes in between. No way to speed it up by killing the skilled mobs or anything of the sort, but I could be wrong. Also, dunno when this 20 minutes timer between spawns starts after one of the bosses spawn or after said boss is killed. The aforementioned spreadsheet wasn't exactly clear about that and it was based around the version in other servers, so I dunno for sure how it matches ours.


But anyway, good info on the powder kegs in particular. Had no idea what they were for.

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Spawns are time based. However, counter starts when each boss DIES. So you can sit there for 2 HS and Baylee won't ever spawn.

1st blood boss spawns, IF you kill it, 20 minutes after it DIES, the second blood boss spawns, IF you kill it, 20 mins after baylee will finally spawn. After baylee dies there's a chance for BIG BAD BEETLE to spawn.

So if people would kill hot blood/ cold blood more often instead of just asking for taxis then baylee wouldn't take forever




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Does beastbog key only drop from bosses in skypetal or any normal monster? Any other way to get the key? I don't bother with GSH since it's pretty much a complete waste of time, never get credit for any kill in there with 50 people ganging up on one enemy, and you only get credit for kills if you hit it first or is in the same party as the person who hit it first.... seriously wtf.

I've only ever got 1 key, forgot where it was from.

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