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  1. Ok so I usually don't complain, it's even been forever since I last posted on the forum, but this issue is already pretty upsetting. I can NOT clear the items in my first page because those are exactly the items I want to claim on my warden!!! (warden pack, emblems from the store, trove keys, exp charms, consumables) so it's really ridiculous being told to claim those items in another character where I don't want/need them. I already sent my ticket to support which TOOK FOREVER for the first reply, only for me to reply with confirmation of my voucher replacement and here I am waiting AGA
  2. Somehow he reminds me of Harry Potter o.o Updates: ^_^ My little ninja summoner My warlock My main :3
  3. Speaking of mobs with charge, I noticed while leveling that sometimes when they charge they completely ignore "C" and still knock you down.
  4. Since server is down, I guess I can post some screenies. This is an old shot of my main back from headstart. I need to take new ones.. My new alt warlock I also have a summoner but I don't have a decent pic of her so I'll update when servers are up. ** Yun ** I made this preset for my KFM, but then I ended up making a gon because I already have a yun. So I'm sharing this preset since I won't be using her. If anyone wants her just send me a pm ^^
  5. because we were missing yun and female lyn :P *edit* fixed
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