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  1. Most groups, pugs or not, will distribute gold at END of the raid. Most raids take an hour or so unless you've got a party of whales. If you dc's then you lose out on ALL your gold for this run, especially in pugs. No one will wait like 5-10min for you to get back into the game (don't forget the dozen loading screens to even get back to where you were). I dc'd on boss 3 and basically lost all my gold share because the raid was only 1-3. No one knew if I was coming back or not so they proceeded to just finish 3 without me If leader dc's then everyone's screwed. No one knows if he's being a troll or not, what if it was an actual dc? If leader is a scammer, or simply don't like one of the players cause he dies a lot, has a weird name, or whatever the f excuse he can come up with, he can simply not hand out gold. You're at the complete mercy of the lead when it comes to loot, simple as that, and that's retarded for an MMO where 99.99% of the players you meet are strangers. What if your party keeps dying at stage X, and you simply don't have more time to play around and want to just give up? Don't tell me that's "abandoning group". Let's see you still have the patience after wasting 2 hours on a certain boss wiping like 20 times. Then you lose out on your gold share as well because once again unless you're in the same clan, there's no way a pug lead will give you your gold and let you leave Before you tell me "join clan" solves everything, no it doesn't because dc's still happen, and not every clan is that friendly. Also not everyone's lucky enough to be in an active clan. Most players aren't in an active raid clan in this game. And don't tell me "pugs should also use discord". Like seriously, what pug will spend like half an hour setting up discord for all 12 strangers in the party? Such a simple way to fix this, it's shocking why they didn't go with this to start with: simply make gold distribution AUTOMATIC. Master loot is automatic and can't be changed for raids The moment lead picks up loot box, everyone in the raid gets a warning pop-up saying "leader has picked up loot box. Any gold you trade to the leader, until loot distribution is finished, will be AUTOMATICALLY shared between the other 11 players in raid" Anyone who bids on items and manually trade gold to leader, as said above, gets the gold AUTOMATICALLY split to the other 11 players Benefits: No more calculations on who gets how much gold at the end. You literally need a frickin spreadsheet for this due to keeping track of who bid how much on what. You can't just split total gold into 12 portions because that won't account for who actually spent money bidding No more waiting for gold sharing at end, which still wastes time at end of raid even if it happens The bid you make on an item is PERMANENT, forces players to think twice about bidding on something Leader can't walk away with like 2k free gold if he happens to be a troll. Worst that will happen is you lose 1 member Everyone feels better knowing they're GUARANTEED to get their share of the loot after this hard work
  2. Lol, you just completely ignore the fact there's a shadow gunner and not even mention both holy fire + primal force are for fire only.
  3. Need some clarification from GM's or other staff about next week's event, so people aren't screwed preparing for it this week by hopping guilds: What craft level is required to craft the event item? How long does the craft take? I assume it's 24 hours since only 1 can be crafted per day? Or is it instant but there's some limit preventing you from crafting more? Are the items account bound or tradeable in F5? If account bound I hope the mailing fee isn't something ridiculous like 5g? What's the drop rate of the 3 achievement foods like from the box? Common prize or rare? Are these account bound so we don't get screwed if we get more than 1 of the same?
  4. There's a big difference between cheap, expensive, and stupidly high. Cheap is when they were 100-150g. Expensive but tolerable is something like 300-400g. Stupidly f-cked is when it's 1000g due to NCW completely forgetting about these things and left them in redundant outdated content. Does 1000g sound like the type of price non-whales should pay for a mandatory skill? I think anyone with a brain will agree it's completely retarded to have skill books drop only from obsolete content in any MMO. Does NCW gain any $$$ from us wasting time and running outdated content that can be done with 500AP? NO. Is it fun for players? NO. So what's the point? Simply because NCW doesn't give a f-ck, too lazy to make any changes, or simply enjoys pissing off players.
  5. Here's the "occasional" book in NA server. Lol. I don't think an explanation of how stupid this is needed, the price tells everything.
  6. What's even more retarded is that not even HARD MODE drops these damn weapon boxes after the patch. I've been farming ECHM and have not seen a SINGLE weapon box drop so far, WTF? Before the gunner patch hard mode was dropping weapon boxes like candy, even though it's kind of stupid to have only hard mode drop weapons in the first place. Why in the world would you need the weapon if you're already geared enough to do hard mode?? Does NCW really think people doing DTHM/NFHM/NSHM need the damn weapons? Weapons + shields should drop from normal mode where people actually NEED it. Next time you look at someone with a low level weapon, blame the f-cking game for making weapon boxes completely nonexistent, it's probably not the player's fault. They could have enough money to get it to baleful 12, but thanks to this they might be stuck at stage 5 or something.
  7. Quality of life changes that NEED to happen

    It's completely, 200% retarded that Asura is the only source of ember, while necro is the only source of volume 2. In fact it's the most stupid thing I've ever seen in this game. It's like they chose some completely outdated content that NO ONE even touches with a f-cking 60-ft rod, and made some MANDATORY items only drop from it. Also these 2 places are arguably the most boring, redundant and painful pieces of garbage that MMO players have the misfortune to ever experience. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if NCS made HM Pellet only drop from Sogun, and offals only drop from Labyrinth, with a 2% chance, and no other way to get it. It seems in line with their trademark stupidity. Formula = choose the absolute worst and most hated dungeons in the game + make something extremely important only drop from it despite having absolutely no relation to the item.
  8. why are new mmos so ping reliant?

    Tbh this isn't even a true "MMO". What online elements are there in this game that are "Massive"? Other than F5, NONE. Do we have server-wide events allowing hundreds/thousands of players to participate? No. Do we have any social/RP elements? No. This game should be a localized team-based combat game supporting 6-12 players, that's it. I mean 12 people is like the most you'll ever get to interact with, pathetic really. Stuff like mushin tower are completely single player, why the f- do you even need an internet connection? Lol.
  9. Remove mailing cost for account bound items

    Paying coppers is fine. What I don't get is why SOME items you have to pay like fricking 5g?? It's particularly stupid that SEALED flowers/skins only cost 5g on the marketplace, making it completely redundant to even have them account bound. What's special about flowers, wisdom stones, xanos disks and skins? How come forging orbs, transformation stones, and even oils cost only coppers? It's like some drunk person just randomly picked items from a hat and assigned 5g as the transfer cost just to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ off players.
  10. /facepalm Do you think I have mind control powers to prevent whales from being a-holes in F8? Do you think I'd give a single crap about dps meter if people simply shut their mouths instead of making comments like "hey look at that stupid noob with the XX dps" or "you're HMxx and only have XX AP, what a f-cking noob"? Do you know what "showing off" means? It means to make yourself feel good that you spent $5k USD on an MMO just so you have the privilege of talking down on other people. Blame this game's toxic and elitist community. If whales actually DIDN'T act like assholes to newer players or casual players most of the time, then we wouldn't have this problem. Btw, I'm not even a lowbie since my main is nearing 950AP. I'm speaking for those people who are getting talked down upon by the trashy whales. Also do you think it's fair that whales easily get to do 300k dps, while non-whales struggle with 60k? Stats are exponential in this game. You don't just gain 10% more firepower if you upgrade your gear by 10%, you get 100% more damage. And that 10% is pretty much completely off-limits to non-whales. That's what I meant by "unfair", though "unbalanced" might be a better word.
  11. In order to be a whale you need to spend at least a couple thousand USD in this game. That's a month's salary is it not? Or are you from some super rich country where the average monthly salary is in 5 figures USD? I only hate whales because of the COMPLETE TORTURE known as 6v6. Who wouldn't enjoy getting dungeons done twice as fast because of whales in F8? Do you know how ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing futile it is to even try to get a SINGLE win at that place as a non-whale? a) NCW matchmaking is purposely designed so that casuals all end up on one team, vs a team of whales. Why? So whales get to enjoy one-shotting others every match, obviously. You think NCW will risk angering the whales by actually making 6v6 matchmaking FAIR, where whales might actually have to put in some effort to win? Lol, of course not b) No matter how good you are at PvP, it doesn't do shit in group pvp mayhem. Whoever does the most burst damage wins, period. All that strategy and whatever in 1v1 or 3v3 is COMPLETELY USELESS in 6v6. Whales with credit card souls with 100k dps/sec kill you before you even get a single clue what just hit you Do you know what it's like to lose 20 matches in a row and watch your entire day wasted for absolutely NOTHING, because you end up on the fodder team every single damn time in 6v6? Once I get 10 wins for the stupid crafting achievement I'm going to literally UNINSTALL 6V6, wouldn't touch it again even if someone paid me 100g per match, that's how much hatred I have towards this.
  12. Did you read at all? Because supply is nonexistent. Unless you happen to be online at the precise minute it was listed for sale don't even think about buying it, in NA server. I haven't seen this item listed in F5 for the last few months. The more important point is that having to grind completely outdated and redundant content for mandatory items is just f-cking retarded. Why can't the big 6 drop asura ember + skill books?
  13. Tower of Infinity - share your experience

    ToI = cakewalk if you're a whale, impossible if you're not. Simple as that. Pretty much an exact replica of 6v6 in terms of playability. Just consider this place pay2win only and avoid if you're not pay2win.
  14. Lol. It's not salt, it's called being overly realistic than most whales are willing to admit. A) You don't require any AP to do mechs in this game, do you think people would gear up if boss fights were 100% mechs? B) Name one other purpose to whale other than to show off your gear? Do you think people would gear up if a 1000AP does the same damage as a 500AP, as long as they both knew mechs? C) You speak like most people in F8 actually know AP isn't everything. Well maybe if you only play with people from your clan, but most randoms in F8 only care about showing off that big fat AP number + insulting other people in this game, and it's particularly funny when all their other stats are complete shit + don't know mechs + keep dying D) Read again about the part where I said the major source of entertainment is one-shotting others in 6v6, NOT F8. The whole purpose of spending your month's salary in an MMO is to show off and have an unfair advantage over other players so you don't have to actually work hard. Don't pretend otherwise
  15. The demand is not high because the supply is nonexistent, there's like ONE daily sale of this item in NA server. Also, it used to be like what, 150g? Now it's 500g even if you manage to see it in F5. Why? Because precisely no one bothers with this boring + redundant dungeon.