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  1. Ok so I usually don't complain, it's even been forever since I last posted on the forum, but this issue is already pretty upsetting. I can NOT clear the items in my first page because those are exactly the items I want to claim on my warden!!! (warden pack, emblems from the store, trove keys, exp charms, consumables) so it's really ridiculous being told to claim those items in another character where I don't want/need them. I already sent my ticket to support which TOOK FOREVER for the first reply, only for me to reply with confirmation of my voucher replacement and here I am waiting AGA
  2. Ok let me describe you my game play right now. I had to try several times to log in, launcher was not working, Kept getting errors, unable to reach server. Disconnected on loading screen, disconnected after entering pin. game not starting again. Finally get on, lag like there is no tomorrow, seeing people in faction screaming about massive lag, obviously I'm not the only one. Character doesn't move, oh I'm offline again.
  3. yeah we are all in the same boat. Just ignore that guy, even when they are making it official in each game, he still doesn't even want to acknowledge it as DDOS. He can't play, he is bored so he has nothing better to do than to get in the forum to contradict everyone including the community managers.
  4. @Regatz You are wrong saying publisher has no control. And regardless of the developer, GW2 is running on the PUBLISHER platform, hence is ALSO suffering from the DDOS along with Aion L2 and the rest. So what's irrelevant here is your comment, you lost track of the point it seems, since this has NOTHING to do with the developers. Do you see anyone talking about Bloodlust??? NCsoft is NOT bns developer, is the publisher, and the DDOS attacks are directed to their ENTIRE platform.
  5. I'm sorry to tell you but GW2 was developed by Arenanet and published by NCSOFT. Just like Wildstar was developed by Carbine and published by NCSOFT, the same way Blade and Soul was developed by Bloodlust and published by NCSOFT. Etc Etc
  6. The only game part of ncsoft that officially said it so far was GW2 here
  7. Another server crash. What I don't understand is why they are barely saying anything about this issue, all they said yesterday it was that they were investigating. Considering that all NCSOFT games have been like this since yesterday (Aion, Lineage, Wildstar, GW2) and that GW2 actually said they were having issues due to DDOS attacks (GW2 Twitter statement), I would assume it's the same case for the entire platform.
  8. AND server went hell again! jesus christ this is every 10-15 mins
  9. we are still having massive dcs. It just happened during beluga, 4 ppl in my team insta dc, and almost full enemy team, it was 2v1, clearly unfair. Whats going on with the servers??? this is happening constantly This is NOT ISP, because the ppl that's dcing is friends and I know they have Better internet than me. And is multiple ppl at the same time from different locations and different Isp's. There is something going on with the servers
  10. Idk where you got that since what he said in twitter was pretty clear Meaning you CAN get 6 7 8 from the raid, just not from the merchant yet.
  11. The belt didnt protect you from roar on enrage timer, you still died back in the day. And for the record you still don't see my point, what I'm saying is that new players don;t even have the roar protection belt/know about it, and all this is completely pointless right now.
  12. Asura Brand is no longer applied to players in Sogun's Lament. Phantom Brand is no longer applied to players in Ebondrake Citadel. So with the latest update these 2 things were removed, and people don't need to rush the upgrade of belt/bracelet, which I think is good for new players. Great!, so then when I looked at my alt's siren belt, I noticed it does not say anything about thrasher's howl anymore so I assumed the need to use that belt was also removed. Today I was doing BSH on my alt and I got in a party with almost all new players, most 45+ that didn't know much abou
  13. But the hint said the class is not in game, and we've seen plenty of gunners all over bns so I doubt we'll get guns.
  14. I agree that this would be amazing! And it's not in game!!
  15. Somehow he reminds me of Harry Potter o.o Updates: ^_^ My little ninja summoner My warlock My main :3
  16. Speaking of mobs with charge, I noticed while leveling that sometimes when they charge they completely ignore "C" and still knock you down.
  17. Since server is down, I guess I can post some screenies. This is an old shot of my main back from headstart. I need to take new ones.. My new alt warlock I also have a summoner but I don't have a decent pic of her so I'll update when servers are up. ** Yun ** I made this preset for my KFM, but then I ended up making a gon because I already have a yun. So I'm sharing this preset since I won't be using her. If anyone wants her just send me a pm ^^
  18. because we were missing yun and female lyn :P *edit* fixed
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