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  1. Blade Dancer Fissure skill gone

    Maybe it's different now, but back in the day when you only had 2 draw skills and so on, you easily ran out of electric focus for like 1/3 to half rotation is trying to perma-draw, meaning there were some periods were you'd have to use just flicker, because lightning flash only wens to long as you had lightning focus. Meaning you could either keep burning flickers until low focus and break draw to recover, or break early and recover, and have to do wind attacks until draw-stance skill cooldowns weer ready. Me, i'd often find myself flickering until drain focus, and then fissure followed by draw for double aoe and full focus, and get back to flashes. It worked for me, there's no wrong way to play, i recall many a time pulling aggro from decent players by doing so.
  2. Blade Dancer Fissure skill gone

    No i didn't notice. LMB breaks draw stance (fissure could generate focus over time as you went into draw right after. I personally enjoyed playing a 100% draw style, and it was very effective too.
  3. Blade Dancer Fissure skill gone

    It's a waste of a backstep within normal dps, and fissure gave more focus (and did it over time). I usually kept falcon on kd, so i could kick+falcon if i ever needed to double kd because party was incompetent. I never used anklebiter really (never needed it). Having it demoted from a cool skill to completely meh is no good. Plus being able to fissure+aoe draw was always fun, made one nasty aoe puddle.
  4. Blade Dancer Fissure skill gone

    I much preferred using fissure in between my draws as it would fill my focus back up in pve so i could keep my draw stance. Keeping the dps to exceptional levels on BD in pve took a lot of exceptional measures, as normally it can't compare to an FM at all. Without fissure, that can make focus recovery needing to break draw for an undesirable amount of time , thus damaging dps.
  5. Why was this skill removed? It was a very important piece of my old builds, and it actually hampering my desire to come back to playing BnS. I was willing to sacrifice the knockdown (having to use soaring falcon + kick if i wanted to double-kd something), because the extra damage and focus recovery was too beneficial to give up. I mentioned it in chat and others responded the same, that we want this skill back. Not everyone used it, and if was more of a specialization thing, but there was no reason for it to be removed (other than maybe they should have fixed the skill graphics to match the actual aoe's dimensions).
  6. Character Profile Picture

    Illegal images can cause well... money problems. SO you just ban them and work on other issues.
  7. Character Profile Picture proof.
  8. Character Profile Picture

    Because it's an exploit and i'd rather not get mixed up in it... when too many people to ban are doing it, i'll join the protest. I'm not daring enough lol. It is on reddit though . . . sorta... they suck at explaining it.
  9. Character Profile Picture

    RIP i figured it out... wow that was dumb. NCsoft, you wasted your time. Not using that image because obvious reasons, but seriously, you solved nothing. Anyone who cares enough to troll people will find ways to get around it.
  10. Character Profile Picture

    Nobody would be foolish enough to advertise it on the forums, but if i were to find out what it is, i'd wait until lots of people know it then explain to ncsoft why it's pointless.
  11. Character Profile Picture

    The problem is that this method is pointless, people have already figured out how to get around it, and knowing how encoding and file systems work, it isn't going to be hard... and everyone's time/patience will have been wasted.
  12. Character Profile Picture

    If someone has a bad picture, just like when they talk about illegal topics, make it a remove or ban... simple. What a dumbass solution, i hear people already got around the system anyways.
  13. Why is HMcoin limited?

    Why is HMcoin limited in purchase options and purchase quantity when it is paid for with Ncoin, and thus with real money (and with interest, as return gain is always lower than what Ncoin was spent on it)? The more demand there is for HMcoin, the more the rates go down, and the more people want to buy ncoin to exchange. I cannot comprehend the foolhardy marketing of limiting cash flow and also creating unhappy players in the process. I, and am sure many many others, wish to be able to spend HMcoin freely and by this encouraged to buy more, (encouraging the Ncoin buyers to buy more) whilst getting the things they desire. Those without extra cash to spend aren't going to put money into the game anyways, and exchange gives them a reason to have other people pay for them. This past Treasure Trove event was both a large disappointment and not as profitable as it could have been, had there not been a silly limit forcing some desperate people to direct exchange via trade&gift..
  14. When are we getting more weapon skins?

    Yes, i read that they dropped during beta in the moonwater dungeons, but were then removed. As you can see in the image, it's clearly present in Hall of Ogong.
  15. When are we getting more weapon skins?

    I don't even care about the fancy glowes or overambitious designs. I just wanted a nice elegant katana to fit my character XD The 2 existing katana-esque swords are pretty bland or look cheap. Also been in the market for a good looking bangle, but nothing really fits the bill aside from awakened siren and maybe the purple brightstone. My prob with mmo weapon designs is they tend to get way too fancy / impractical and rarely make just a nice simplistic yet beautiful and elegant blade.