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random rude players or trolls?


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i have encountered few players suddenly calling people "retard" and "stupid"

i randomly joined in a fight against a boss monster to someone who was fighting it alone, and suddenly that person starts calling me stupid few times in a row

however its not necessarily only against me


my question is 

for what reason can such players suddenly call others stupid other than for sake for trolling in this game

what can you do "stupid" that some people dislike and absolutely have to start calling you out lmao

what kind of community is this


im still pretty new to this game, and i have no idea if i have done something wrong or if those players are just rude trolls

is it possible to do something wrong in a battle here??? 

someone please tell me about this community because i dont get it lmao

thats the only reason i created this account tbh

i'd like to know what kind of community bns is and i never really talk to people there

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Imo,on the 2 servers I tried I can tell population was like:

20% elitists who keep trying to force you to do everything like them as if they are the best alternative around and if you disagree with them,they hate you for it and start bashing you.

40% toxic rude people who either keep flooding faction chat with rage about how every single class is op and unbalanced or those in the opposite faction who would keep killing you over and over while you try to quest and then insult you after or if you beat them.

20% people real perverts including sexting,abuse,cyber and shit like that or even using real inappropriate names.

20% normal more positive people.5%-10% of those are more likely to be silent type and sometimes thats because,their english isn't that good.


Oh and also I noticed,most of time,the faction with the upper hand tends to be more toxic.May be I am just biased but thats the way I see it.

Game is good,,Just try to choose a suitable faction and clan and you will be ok.


In party dungeons specially cross server ones,people can get mad at you for some actions like:

-Rushing a boss before everyone is ready..if you do that,a  wall of fire spawns before the boss and all who tries to pass instantly dies.

-Not knowing what to do against the boss like if it has some special moves you need to counter etc.

-Rolling for items that are not for your class.

-Not knowing how to skip some areas without pulling much mobs.

They shouldn't take some of them seriously specially when you are still new and do this unintentionally but some people are just rude and they exist in every single game spoiling the fun and scaring you of trying new stuff in game.


I hope this info helped.


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Yeah as people have said there are trolls or jerks in every game but there is a way to get around that. First make your own private chat tab so you only see the stuff you want to see. That is the first step in almost every mmo I play unless I want to laugh at how ridiculous people are in the general chat lol. Honestly in a lot of pugs I have met some really chill and funny people, guess I was just lucky but to be honest I have not used dungeon finder in a while because I just came back after being off for a little less than a month...anyway...what is worse than trolls and jerks to me is the insane amount of bots that have completely ruined pvp and I'm told pve sometimes too but that's another story. I can tell you that there are really nice people and chill people that would love to help you but they probably don't talk as much in general chat or ever unless they have a real reason to. What server are you on if you don't mind my asking? Also...just ignore trolls or jerks like that, they are not worth it.

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I played many MMO but I have never met a community such awful (it's enough to read forum to have an idea about it). Fortunately I'm in a great Clan. But I can assure you that there are also normal people. But, as usual, rude people are more visible.


I have my custom chat with whispers, party, clan and local one. Sometimes I activate faction chat (I'm Crimson side) if I'm in the mood to watch some brainless show.

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As the others said, just ignore the trolls...But to answer your question i have some ideas why did he/she called you stupid:

1. It's a troll <just ignore it

2. He/she wanted to solo the boss and you 'ruined' it for him/her <normal players would ask you to let them solo it, so i assume he/she was a troll, check 1. for solution

3. You drew aggro and ruined his/her rotation (tank classes, like BM, KFM or Destro are heavily relying on their rotation to keep aggro and do the most dps, Assassin's are picky as well, because they have a hard time to manage stealth if someone draws the boss and run around with it) < even if this happened, calling someone stupid isn't the proper way of handling the situatin (a good player can get aggro back even if someone steals from him/her for a short time), so check 1. for solution.


There's nothing you can screw up in an open world fight horribly, most of the players can recover from smaller-bigger slips, but you need to be careful with cross server dungeons. The requirements to queue for dungeons aren't always the most accurate, and in dungeons with enrage meter ppl wants only the "best" to run with< those players can (and will) be rude.  It's understandable with measure, because if your party can't squeeze out enough dps before enrage, then you are screwed, but a lot of them over-reacts it. The best way to deal with them is to queue with friends ^^.

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I run into that kind of stuff at least once every other day in this game especially in 24 man areas. For the most part, I don't even respond only add them to the block list and keep moving. Cross server dungeons can be the worst sometimes. I usually leave and queue again if we aren't too far in or run it solo depending on the dungeon.

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I have to admit. They're a bunch of jerks. I encountered the same situation. Had my first run in Naryu Lab and i was being carried by ppl who's already HM3-5. Okay. So here's the prob, I was bidding for the soul shields, thinking that "Oh maybe i could get it at a lower price since all of them had already gotten theirs". I swear to god I literally checked everyone's soul shield. But Noooo~~ they decided to make my 1st exp in naryu a piece of shit. They outbid me. Not once but Twice on the same soul shield by the same person. In the end, i left Naryu empty handed and feeling like a piece of rag that was juz used to wipe the butt and since then, i never tried Naryu again lol

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Honestly, this world has its share of rude, disrespectful people but also kind, friendly people too! You just believe it's more prevalent online because people aren't afraid to say what's on their mind when behind a computer & keyboard.


I've had people come up to me on Blade & Soul and say, "Your cat is ugly" or "Your character's hair looks like [poop]" and those are the most light of such situations. You can see full fledged negativity and trash talk in Region / Faction.


Utilize your Block List (if that's full, opt for the report spammer for more chat disabling) to its full potential!

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