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  1. I tried this solution as well, but it didn't worked at first. I'm using a personal folder to install my games, so the file path is different. In my case adding the whole game folder AND the NSWEST folder from Program files (x86) folder solved the problem. So if you're using special file path, just add everything BnS related to exceptions XD
  2. Sad to say, but i think orzox's version is closer to reality XD But this ("everything will be free to play but premium related stuff") is such a lie a reasonable company wouldn't allow to happen, since it ruins the trust in customers and with it the market itself. They hurt themselves more with leaving this bug "untouched" than making profit off of it.
  3. It's funny that every attempt is "against bots", but punnishes the legit players more, don't you think? XD On topic: I never tried ssp, i'm not a big fan of pvp*, but reading all these complains i don't feel like trying it ever and yeah, agree with OP *yes i know these are technicaly pve quests, but you have to wear faction clothes, which makes you vulnerable against other faction which is enough for me
  4. Just poking this thread up. Another big update, still no fix for the mail...disappointing
  5. Pretty much summed up the situation...I feel the same way and it's realy sad that they still don't recognize this. I encountered most of the bugs you mentioned as well, and a few more: -Porting in and out from Yehara's Mirage crashes my game EVERY SINGLE TIME -Cave of Mastery is still bugged and can be accessed only right after maintenance (other times it just crashes my game to desktop) -The turret inside the fire (which i think is an overkill) targets and kills you INSIDE the bossroom, if you go too close to the fire -The bosses keeps reseting in the middle of the fi
  6. Although it's realy fishy that a bug like this still exist, they told us in one of the latest streams that they know about it and "working on it", so i won't give up yet. They already lost me as a paying costumer, and i'm sure a lot of us feels the same. I already explained in a post above how this decision can kill the game, so i won't repeate myseld and i realy hope they will reconsider it (and at least fix the damn bug) In the case of this particular game f2p was the only option for them to go, since it's kinda "outdated" and there wouldn't be enough playerbase to run it as a p2
  7. Although i must agree, there's a lot of problems, they already fix some...for example they already did a fix for the hongmoon coin issue (not sure if it's working or not, i'm hoarding tokens before crafting). Unfortunately i can't tell anything about the other issues, since i rarely pvp, nor kill blackwyrm. You SHOULD be able to send mails from vault keepers to chars on the same accound(and server) for free + after you purchased Ncoin at least once, you can send mails from vault to anyone. And as a premium feature, you're able to send mails from anywhere on the map. BUT the free versio
  8. I agree with you, Hellknight, but i start to think that the "anti-bot feature" part of the paywall is just a friggin transparent reason to hide the "we want your money" part. And maybe the "bug" with mailing to alts is intended as well. But if it is, they will lose majority of their players...(they already lost my money, gg NCSoft ^^) And yeah, you can use the marketplace to transfer items, but it's a risky busines...finding a trustworthy player who will hold your items till you change chars is a more safer way ^^ Tho it "wastes" the time of both of you, but at least you will get
  9. I'm not surprized, you got the same automated reply as everyone else...Be strong and don't give up...maybe if we can choke them with enough tickets they will eventualy deal with it XD
  10. That's exactly the part why i don't buy ncoin...IF the system would work properly and let us mail to alts i won't mind it, but it's bugged and we don't see any progress, this way it IS a paywall. Not to mention that even paying customers can get screwed as a lot of them mentioned here and in other forums as well...I'm still in college, i have small money, so i won't "risk" it on something that might be broken... And just to mention...most of the bots has premium, so mailing is already unlocked for them...it's not the wall which holds them back, they just don't want to mail (yet).
  11. You know, i'm thinking of doing the same...tho i'm sure my other pc can handle bns, since i played on chinese server and in beta on it, but it's dieing >.< Anyway, either if it's a bug or an intetnional lie i already lost every interest to spend any money in it (even tho when it launched i decided to buy ncoin at least for a costume and a char vouche, but not anymore). I already said it a few times, but they should realy think about removing this restiction, since it costs them customers, instead of gaining them... They talked about it in the last livestream where they said it's a b
  12. They keep repeating the same thing over and over for each and every support ticket "you need to charge Ncoin to unlock this feature", while they clearyl stated on the support page that you SHOULD be able to send mails to your alts on the same account for free. This can mean 2 things: 1. they lied to us about the free part, which is unforgettable (and if it's the case then they lose me as a customer for sure< i refuse to pay anything till they fix the thing) 2. all the support answers are auto- generated and the filter understood only the "can't send mail" part, the reply was sent
  13. We're after another patch and the mai is still bugged. Any news from the other side?
  14. Bots can message you via mail now... This and other similar posts are proves that locking mail behind paywall doesn't stop bots from mailing you. NCSoft guys need to find out a new reason to keep the paywall on, because the "security measure" obviously failed.
  15. Bump. Still now news or improvement about the issue...Well...let's wait the miracle...
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