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  1. It was interesting in the beginning until they took the plot of trust-betrayl into an infinite loop of the same concept. Got bored and now I skip everything ^^;
  2. Would you say attack damage or crit damage is better?
  3. Maybe your friend doesn't know how to accept friend requests lol. Shows up on bottom right hand corner.
  4. A day to a few days for me in response time. I sent in 3 tickets on different issues (premium purchase, a destroyed item restored, and forum username). My tickets: - Sent Thursday at 21:02, received a response from a GM Yesterday at 18:33 - Sent Thursday at 17:45, received a response from a GM Saturday at 20:38 - Sent Saturday at 00:21, received a response from a GM Sunday at 02:19
  5. You have to CLAIM the Student Bundle pack in-game. Hit ESC and the yellow colored chest box (the same one that delivers your daily spin rewards) and voila~ mail unlocked for buying NCOINS. Just think of the $5 as paying a one-time-purchase of Blade & Soul. Pretty cheap for a game.
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