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  1. You will be extremely unhappy to find out that once legendary is out, gem slots are re-rolled... again.
  2. If you want to buy a cheap diamond, go with Evasion (like @TacticX recommended) or Block or Defense. Additional damage diamond is useless because the red gem gives much more additional damage in comparison. If this was your alt, opting for a +25 AP diamond would help your lower leveled character a lot. Life drain gem too!
  3. If we are currently at Awakened Siren, would it be wise to go True Siren -> Oathbreaker or go all the way to True Pirate -> True Breeze? Which would be cheapest and most efficient?
  4. Not sure. Their page always says they may be back (or not) so it's ambiguous.
  5. I wish they would adopt the Gem-Gold exchange that Guild Wars 2 employs. The rates go up and down depending on how much the population exchanges - we don't actually have to list gold or buy from other players... The system does it for you and keeps a relatively stable currency exchange system.
  6. Bringing a vote-kick feature will do more good than harm at this point. NCSOFT is worried about potential abuse however, the system is already being abused as it is. Might as well favor the legit players over the bots & under-geared players expecting to be carried in a dungeon.
  7. Bumping old thread because it's still relevant. I honestly wouldn't mind if they warned us from the start. The transmutation page for that item should clear state that it is RNG/CHANCE. It doesn't say anything of the sort so most players assume it's 100% guaranteed as are the elements on that same page. How hard is it to input one sentence?
  8. Farewell threads should be against the rules - it usually is on most forums I visit because of the drama it ensues.
  9. Personal preference, I guess. Summoners aren't your designated healers - if you want to face roll during boss fights as a melee and expect Doom 'n' Bloom to heal you, tough luck. As I've said before, I really only spec it if I'm in a party of under geared or inexperienced PUG players. In that specific fight, it was a KFM who has more than enough defense skills to evade boss attacks. Same rule applies to my Petal Chi-Protection (it'll only be turned on if I know the party is going to die a lot). ^^; Honestly, that day was the only time someone ever complained. Most people don't take
  10. Probably because of their bad experience with melee classes? Some people have trouble dodging boss mechanics so it's easier to have ranged characters face-roll boss fights.
  11. I don't see what's wrong asking for similarly powered players for a faster run. Who hates saving time? Just because its possible, doesn't make it efficient. Create your own parties asking for an AP you think is suitable or don't ask for an AP requirement at all. The term "elitist" doesn't really apply.
  12. I'm able to do enough DPS with less time lagging by using windowed mode. After BNS is in windowed mode, I drag the corner of the window to make the window SUPER SMALL. It seems my computer handles the game better this way. :)
  13. Upon defeat, you can always surrender (3). If a player is refusing to surrender (3) and keeps respawning (4), that means he or she wants to continue to fight - spawn killed or not. Blade & Soul doesn't really go easy on players with toaster computers! You can always surrender (3), spawn safely, then put your PvP costume back whenever you're ready to battle... Lastly, the safe-zone areas also have a potential for abuse too. I remember when I played TERA, people would safe-zone camp, going in and out as they please. No system is perfect and since it's OWPvP, it can never be truly
  14. If one person has multiple professions at Level 3 to contribute, can they help all of them? Or is it limited it one person: one profession that is contracted to craft?
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