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  1. She just doesn't know how to anicancel. :P
  2. You guys are "fkin" right..Granny is the best "fkin" character in this "fkin" game. :D
  3. Don't worry,Jinsoyun will get to wear less at some point..You might like it. ;v You probably were not interested to look at Soha's once you saw Juwol's. ^_-
  4. Now you got me wrong..I wasn't talking about Jinsoyun nor Mushin in particular.. Imo: Jinsoyun feels like a repeatable story of a villain I have seen somewhere before so its meh for me..she reminds me of some famous anime villain but I will leave that to your guess. Lusung felt repeatable as well..He reminds me abit of Sasuke,getting jealous of cricket and claiming its vengeance he seeks though it turns out to be jealousy later. Ilsim,just no comment..An NPC which was put there to be hated..Typical stupid NPC that didn't have that much in depth nor was it a lo
  5. @Tsuchiryu Nice,those characters are good. However,remember that some of the characters you actually hate might sometimes be characters you would find out you actually like in the end because,they were well designed that they served their purpose and managed to make you hate them. :o Moment of silence. :D
  6. @Teffy Quoting you: "If something like this happen to you,I doubt you`ll like a sheep wait to be killed,right?" I will defend myself ofc but won't kill the whole world and many innocent people for it.Jinsoyun did far more than a self defense..She didn't only self defend but she also found it ok to violate other's rights. "Wouldn't you do the same if you were in her place?" or "Jinsoyun is not to be blamed" Used to see people giving a reply similar to this ^ when someone would say that Sasuke (from Naruto shippuden) is evil or whatever
  7. No problem,I am afraid I don't know how myself but you can always put a line and write spoilers under this line or just write *spoilers* before them..I think that would be ok.
  8. Advice:better hide the 2 lines you wrote after because,not everyone knows that yet..Just so no one would randomly rage "Spoilers" and might end up being a spoiler rage threat. >_<
  9. Racist. :v I am racist to lyns too tbh probably except for hajoon and madun. :D Please,don't use retard as some sort of insult..It is a mental state that no one wishes to have and one should sympathize with those who have it by at least not using the word itself as an insult. Ikr..I find Master Hong's ideas to be very naieve because,he assumes the world is either all black or all white and has no definition of "Gray"..He would stomp Jinsoyun "without trying to find evidence first" yet he tries to prevent you from having revenge.. -__- Iksanun was far more realistic than
  10. That's alright.. I don't think I saw her in the current story line before..I suppose she is from story content we didn't get yet probably unless there was some update I don't know of that allows further progress in silverfrost quests.
  11. lol that one is nice..Something about her reminds me of Raven from Teen Titans..May be her voice? Which one was Julia? O_o Sorry my memory is somewhat out of date. >_< Or did you mean Juwol? Also,yea Ilsim kinda sucked.. lol Lusung too..u_u Kinda remind me of Sasuke..Being all jealous of cricket and getting more evil because of his jealousy ughh.
  12. I am sure one of your lifetime wishes would be if we could ever get to marry NPCs in game. :v Admit it!!! XD
  13. Yea,she had a nice side quest..I was actually interest to see how that quest story would end up so I finished it to the end. :) The one near the dokaebi that you awake from the well was nice too..Though "The ring" reference there was sorta creepy. :D Yea,first picture is Yunwa..I like that character. :) Second picture,I kinda don't like when that loading screen pops up. :D I get kinda irritated that anyone who might see it might get the wrong idea. Never got to know what character was that picture for as well..May be it is just a random picture?I don't think that's
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