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  1. Error (1000)(132, 10054)

    I found a pretty good solution to fix all these problems..Too many technical problems to handle. Guess what was the solution? It was leaving the game. XD
  2. Completely Bored of Bns

    If that's only what bores you of the game then I guess joining a laid back clan (without much rules like must use discord and stuff like these -__-) should fix your problem.
  3. Disable Summoner in PvP

    k lol.. GM,I hope you see this. :) Please,close thread before things get dire..Reason:it is being a big troll bait for anonymous reasons.
  4. Funny Lines/Quotes

    My favorite drinking buddy,let's have some mead. Wait,wrong game.
  5. Funny Lines/Quotes

    *cricket*ing *cricket* *cricket* -Granny GIVE ME A DRINK OR I GET ANGRY! -Some miniboss in EFleet I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU,YOUR LIFE ENDS HERE! -Mak Sobu bae
  6. This needs to end

    Dunkey senpai is so famous. XD
  7. This needs to end

    Yes I am..You probably stalked one of my other comments or may be my signature. :D
  8. Disable Summoner in PvP

    You know what you did and I spotted it.. So you got exposed and now you are trying to escape from it and act as if you did nothing using the "you ain't got prove" scheme.. Well revise your words and actions earlier and you will understand that they supported the other guy and that you indirectly tried to tell me I am a noob when you said "they need to practice" where it was so obvious you were trying to refer to me yet didn't have the balls to try to say it directly so you can use that later as an escape card.. Not to mention that you already did all that at first place because,you understood something or 2 wrong about my original comment to the other guy and later you notice you were wrong but your ego prevents you from confessing you were wrong. Hence,you don't try to argue like a man so there is no point of replying to you later.. I don't even know why I bothered explaining,I bet you already know all of this but acting fool. At least I am man enough to say sorry for trying to reply to you as I should have just ignored you at first place but you need to grow a pair,mate..What a waste of time. Keep barking,I won't reply to what you write later. Advice:go get a life,mate or troll someone else..You are wasting your time here as I am the wrong person to troll..I have got a life at least and study etc.. I am really sorry to have even bothered replying to you. Have a good day.
  9. Disable Summoner in PvP

    We were talking about PVP here not PVE.. Also,I don't see why you have much salt about FMs..FMs not=elitists..Elitists exist with every class..They normally prefer to have FM,summoner and warlocks in pt because FM doesn't only offer ranged good damage but also alot of means for survival like frost sheath,divine veil etc.. Not to mention that FMs are easier to survive with in party pve than assassins because,they have got range same as summoners and warlocks while assassins suffer from enemy AOEs and normally there are far more boss AOEs in melee range than in ranged. Warlocks because of SB ofc and summoners because of cat and heal etc.. The 3 are always demanded in PVE because of reliable damage (with less chance of dying alot). Ofc,I don't see this is the right way to do it..I don't agree on what elitists do but I am trying to tell you how they see it..However,they forget that its the player that decides the performance not the class..They really fail to see that point because,"most" of them are snobs who want to get carried and get their shit done quickly.. So don't mix up a class with a stereotype of players..That is just pure salt.
  10. This needs to end

    yea,I think problem is people don't like to have bots on their friend list?What if one of their friends ends up changing their char name or have a weird name abit closer to bots?It can get confusing specially they are alot of bots.
  11. This needs to end

    Have you tried accepting their friend request then removing them from friend list after? Idk if that would fix but may be.
  12. Disable Summoner in PvP

    Don't involve FM in this please. :) You have no idea..BMs who find it hard to fight most of classes,mob the floor with FM if the BM is good and that is by confession of a fair number of BMs. FMs don't have a cat,their CC is not as reliable as most of other classes,we can stun you with impact yea but only if you are frozen and frozen is one of the easiest CC to escape from as any iframe can get you out of freeze easily..We can't blade r4pe others while they are phantom gripped nor play poker in their fkin face while they are grapped or grappled..We have no low CD block or counter skill like other classes do (unless we get HM impact which takes real good time to get),we have no invisibility.. FMs definitely needs more skill than summoners do. Finally,I never heard nor saw an FM bot in arena though their divine veil is alot like summoner petal storm which I guess can be used to do invincible hack as well if breached yet hackers themselves prefer to use summoners.
  13. Disable Summoner in PvP

    You are trying to support the other guy "xtclikeafox" idea which says they are the most under powered class in the game or else why would you go all apeshit and try to indirectly tell me that "I am a noob" because,I don't find what he said logical at all.. You end up disagreeing with his idea as well if you say they are normal then why the actual fk do you go apeshit at me?lmao You don't make sense,dude. So no offense but you are either dumb as fk or a troll..In both cases,I wouldn't give 2 fks so kys.
  14. What is the FM's highest DPS combo?

    (specced) Fire fury followed by dragon fire for dragon fire buff then fire fury again if possible then dual dragon if possible then X>>V>>C>>you can detonate C if you want..Try to always have the dragon fire buff on for more fire damage. Wind storm stage 1 specced is nice when you have a destroyer or LBD etc in your party since it does far more damage to grapped,grappled and phantom gripped targets and its animation is almost as fast as fire/frost fury.It is also fire damage so it should be affected by dragonfire buff. Dual dragon is a pretty cool skill,spec it and ofc,it becomes even better when warlock does SB..Just stack 3 fire orbs instantly using fire fury then stack frost orbs using RMB and frost fury if possible.You actually need crits too to stack those orbs faster so the more crit chance the more dual dragons you can actually do during SB because,it increases the likeliness of orb regeneration (fire/frost fury need crits to be triggered and RMB needs to crit to generate frost orb). If you use stage 2 inferno (the instant cast one) and auto detonate LMB then dual dragon>>inferno or specced fire fury>>inferno combo should be better because,they should stack your 5 embers without detonating them and when stage 2 inferno hits on 5 ember stacks,it does a fair amount of additional damage. I am mostly frost myself so I am not sure if there are more tricks to enhance fire FM DPS.
  15. Disable Summoner in PvP

    Comes from another summoner who is biased to defend their own class blindly..YET doesn't even understand my original comment. :v OK let me put it in that LITTLE mind of yours and spoon feed you,NOT UNDER POWERED is NOT =OVER POWERED. You guys are trying to convince other people that you are THE MOST UNDER POWERED CLASS LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL...You never saw warlock?BM?NEVER played them? May be if you played those you would have understood your class is far from UNDER POWERED. Sooooo when did I say that summoners are "OVER POWERED"? Please,learn to read before you type. SECOND thing is..I was not complaining of them at all....I SAID I CAN "R4PE" ANY SUMMONER ANY TIME IF I AM CONCENTRATING so you wanna try? I do understand their skills because,I fought alot of them,asked alot about them etc and their cat is not a problem at all for me,I kill the cat in less than 10 seconds. However,once we understand your skills,it is NOT as easy to counter you as you are trying to claim..YET,I can mob the floor with summoners np if I am in the mood. Your claim shows how small knowledge you know of each class and hence how noob you are so you don't have enough balls yet to call others noob (or that they need to practice more etc)...You should be ashamed so go try a class that actually needs more skill and grow a pair first then come call others noob. :) Don't expect others to get scared when you try to call them noob and show disrespect be it directly or indirectly..Instead,you will get bashed in the face. I dare you both to go make a post of what you claim so you can become the laughing stock of the forums because,you seem like trolls...GO show me,make a post with the title "Summoner is so Under powered" and see for yourself.