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  1. Sparkling Whirlwind Key

    Sometimes I got them from daily chests but I remember when they were totally useless (not bg released yet) they were easier to get so I guess they lowered drop rate since bg was released.
  2. First of all welcome to this forum despite some braindead jumping among threads. I wouldn't mind, too, if it was possibile to revert crystals to tradeable items, maybe not at 1:1 rate but for example 5 crystals for 1 tradeable.
  3. updates

    You should ask internet point owner but in my opinion OS is set to clear all modifications after reboot. This to keep all the time a clean installation. Or you are using a sandbox but the result is the same.
  4. Thank you very much for these guides
  5.'s long time I don't go to BSH but I remember last boss dropped some as Poharan dropped Siren Emblems...but it's possibile something changed. Beside also daily in Nightshade Harbor gives you an emblem. And thei are bound account so doing them with some alts will let you to collect them in few days.
  6. Yes, it's cheaper, of course if you farm and craft mats to upgrade jewels and not buy them at market. I salvaged already 2 times a belt to get 30 legendary jewels. Anyway farming Pirate Emeblems is really easy as you can solo Bloodshade Harbor and you need only 15 tp buy bracelet.
  7. Bunch of questions

    In general all classes are ping dependant but maybe warlock is less affected; also summoner isn't so ping dependant and is in general easy class. If you are on Jinsoyun server feel free to contact me, ign is in signature.
  8. Bunch of questions

    Hi and welcome :) To answer your questions: 1. No, race and gender won't affect your gameplay except that class are locked to specific races; for example you can't create a Lyn destroyer and Yun are only female (thanks God). 2. To play properly FM in particular in PVP you need a ping lower than 100ms otherwise it's a pain. 3. I guess fm is one of the most difficult class to manage in pvp with a long learning curve but it's really strong in my opinion, of course if you have low ping.
  9. Mushin tower 16F

    Are you sure it's Mushin's Tower instance (not area) or it's Tower of Infinity instead? As far I know you cannot enter 16th floor without completing previous ones.
  10. Come back player - few questions

    - Heroic accessories actually cannot be upgraded anymore. You get some from storyline but I suggest you to farm Pinnacle accessories from heroic dungeons in Silverfrost Region. - Asura 1,2,4,6,8 (Sogun's Lament)/Be Ido 3,5,7 (Sunderer Nexus) to start or if you have someone who can carry you in Ebondrake Citadel and Desolate Tomb get ss there. You can also farm Midnight Skypetal Plain for legendary pve ss but it's pyramidal rng so don't count on it in few time. - Upgrade weapon to legendary; you get almost all mats from story line except tranformation stones and flowers I think. - All heroic ones in Silverfrost Region except Citadel, Desolate, Naryu Foundry and Naryu Sanctum if you are joining to a random party. And don't forget to set your HM points in attack to increase AP, damage or defense to increase HP, defense. If you are in EU region in one of the server of Hao District group we can meet this evening in game.
  11. Mail Issues

    You need to spend at least 5 euros (dollars?) on that account to unlock mail otherwise you can only send your alts in the same account.
  12. is this possible?

    Are you sure you weren't login on other region? Maybe you wrongly changed region before to press Play.
  13. Level 20 profane weapon

    From Viridian Coast and The Cinderlands you cannot walk to Moonwater Plain (also teleports in Jadestone block you). You need to complete the storyline in The Cinderlands to unlock first windstride to Moonwater Plain. But I don't think you can equip Profane at level 20 so I don't see the reason to look for it at that level.
  14. New vs Old Skill System

    I prefer old one, at least for FM; despite I had to change some skill during the same run I think it was more versatile. Now I'm switching just between pve and pvp.
  15. Alienware Arena Stratus Pack Key Giveaway

    I got it yesterday, too...thank you very much. I got error page, too, but it was to load confirmation page after registration so check your mail even if you get that error.
  16. Question regarding loot options

    Master loot option was disabled because some "fair" people were abusing of it. I've never tried round robin but I guess it's disabled as well. I'm Clan Leader and I'm going to organize loot in this way when we are in a Clan run: - for tradeable items I'll collect them and then I'll share among all party members; - for not tradeable items it'll be with rotation following the party order; - for rare drop..still need to think what to do but probably I'll ask for a fair bid..I mean a small percentage of market price. I hope this could help you.
  17. Hi, Feel free to contact me in the evening or Kunnie to join my Clan. It's still level 9 as it was recently founded. We are in the same server group. No matter your level or gear, we are just looking for friendly players who want to have fun and enjoy the game.
  18. Tormented Weapon Drop Rate

    You can also buy it from Dragon Express for 15 Heavenly Energy and, if you have enough gold to sell in Currency Exchange, you can buy a Brilliant Key to be sure to get your class weapon. But, although I don't pay much attention as I don't need it anymore, I see it quite often during my dailies.
  19. Yes, you can (of course not at same time XD) I have some clones on NA but I play mostly on EU. As Luna wrote you must remember to switch region before to start client. And be aware you cannot send item thru regions but at least you can buy from shop separately. It's nice when you have free stuffs.
  20. Yeti 6p 650+ Fast run

    Not so weird in my opinion; most of the time people switch to another recruitment because they are demanding more AP (so faster run) or because in the other requirement the party is almost full while yours is almost empty. Or (my case) finally there is the recruitment for the dungeon I was waiting for (mostly for DC) so I switch totally dungeons.
  21. Just a it so important to understand if this game is f2p or p2w? As regularly this kind of threads appear. The matter is: 1. Do you like their business model? Play 2. Don't you like their business model? Don't play
  22. Pinnacle Accessories

    Unfortunately hongmoon accessories aren't sold anymore. She can try to get gems to improve her stats and start to farm msp for legendary pve soulshield; till stage 4 is doable also with low stats. Anyway till Asura 550 AP are more than enough to clear it. Are you on EU or NA?
  23. so no more your scale your loot

    In lobby you can't see any symbol but you need to right click on their name so you can see if that char is blocked or not. Usually I check everyone before to push ready button. But rarely I met people who didn't respect rule and I'm on EU. Lately I run it with my 2 friends so no more problems on this matter. In general I leave them loot except for ornaments also if I'm using the scale. Not in need of feather or stingers anymore. And I have already outfit.
  24. 6v6 exploiters. What will happen ?

    I was wondering what was the exploit...thanks for the tip (ironic). You should edit your post and remove details. Anyway dealed damage is logged so they can easily catch abuser.
  25. Auto toon login

    Never happened to me such thing but I've never waited too much to enter the pin. Did you try again this "procedure" to see if it really happens?