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  1. It didn't work.... Now after I sign into NCS, BnS doesn't even pop up.
  2. Okay Ill try that right now.
  3. I'm not using any type of special program to run the game. I've never had to. Honestly, I haven't had any problems with the game until this recent update.
  4. I just updated my client for the new patch (I've been waiting all day to play since I got off work late) and after I update it, it's nothing but lag. The title screen was lagging, it took about 3 minutes just for me to put in my pin and then it took like 8 minutes just for my character to load in. Not to mention the lag during actual gameplay. I barely got past the loading screen. Is anyone else having this lag problem ? I've never had a lag/processing problem before this update. This is a brand new laptop. I'm extremely frustrated and even more disappointed because I've waited literally all d
  5. Okay thank you so much, I will definitely try this !
  6. The bidding window for loot is stuck at the top of my screen. I tried right-clicking and left-clicking it and pulling it down with the mouse but it's not working. Before, I partially couldn't see what's being offered to be bid on. I was just in a dungeon and then I started a different dungeon and it seems as if the window is going further up the screen. Its at the point now where I can't really see anything, not the product or name. All I see is "N(Pass)", "Y(Bid)", the different currencies, and how much someone has bid. If I could get some assistance with this bug, I would greatly appreciate
  7. Thank you all for the advice, I will definitely try to get stronger using all this info :)
  8. Yeah.. I don't have a bracelet or a belt T_T I don't know much of anything since this is actually my first RPG game that I've played. I still have my weapon and the offering it needs to be a true infernal but I'm a long way from having profane..
  9. Im on Iksanun, character name is Anamii. I don't know much about anything stat wise. My soul shield is all profane but im not using a profane weapon.
  10. What do you mean by gear ? Like soul shield or weapon ? And oh okay. I see. It makes sense now. He's been really hard for me to kill. He constantly knocks me down and takes up so much of my HP, then by the time I take a healing potion he takes more of my health. Eventually afterwards he just kills me.
  11. Its a story quest. Its called "The King Of Thieves"
  12. I can't seem to defeat Yunsang. I'm level 46 Force Master HM 1, and I've tried to defeat him about 6 times and I just can't win. Am I not strong enough ? Has anyone else had trouble beating him ? For the quest, it shows a number 2... I had someone join a party with me and when I went into Rural Outfitters ( Silverfrost Mountains, Skypetal Plains ) the person in my party couldn't see anything I could for the quest. I'm just so confused and the fact that I can't beat him makes me frustrated. If anyone could give me some knowledge on this, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you :)
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