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  1. Sometimes I got them from daily chests but I remember when they were totally useless (not bg released yet) they were easier to get so I guess they lowered drop rate since bg was released.
  2. First of all welcome to this forum despite some braindead jumping among threads. I wouldn't mind, too, if it was possibile to revert crystals to tradeable items, maybe not at 1:1 rate but for example 5 crystals for 1 tradeable.
  3. You should ask internet point owner but in my opinion OS is set to clear all modifications after reboot. This to keep all the time a clean installation. Or you are using a sandbox but the result is the same.
  4. Well...it's long time I don't go to BSH but I remember last boss dropped some as Poharan dropped Siren Emblems...but it's possibile something changed. Beside also daily in Nightshade Harbor gives you an emblem. And thei are bound account so doing them with some alts will let you to collect them in few days.
  5. Yes, it's cheaper, of course if you farm and craft mats to upgrade jewels and not buy them at market. I salvaged already 2 times a belt to get 30 legendary jewels. Anyway farming Pirate Emeblems is really easy as you can solo Bloodshade Harbor and you need only 15 tp buy bracelet.
  6. In general all classes are ping dependant but maybe warlock is less affected; also summoner isn't so ping dependant and is in general easy class. If you are on Jinsoyun server feel free to contact me, ign is in signature.
  7. Hi and welcome :) To answer your questions: 1. No, race and gender won't affect your gameplay except that class are locked to specific races; for example you can't create a Lyn destroyer and Yun are only female (thanks God). 2. To play properly FM in particular in PVP you need a ping lower than 100ms otherwise it's a pain. 3. I guess fm is one of the most difficult class to manage in pvp with a long learning curve but it's really strong in my opinion, of course if you have low ping.
  8. Are you sure it's Mushin's Tower instance (not area) or it's Tower of Infinity instead? As far I know you cannot enter 16th floor without completing previous ones.
  9. You get bracelet and belt in some dungeons level 45 Bloodshade Harbor and Blackram Chain Supply, Siren ones if I'm not wrong. If you are totally new I suggest to join a clan that could help you to understand the game. Forum is good just for small or simple problem...but to explain everuthing is better to be in game. Unfortunately I'm on EU also if I have a clone on Master Hong...well...I could create a new char on Iksanun just to help you...but in case tomorrow :D I'm too sleepy now. Anyway...while you won't reach a good level of upgrade of Hongmoon bangle use Skypetal, after that
  10. Found you...it was hard as a lot of char name contain the string "Anamii" :D anyway you have really low Attack Power (AP) as you are using Skypetal Bangle and you haven't bracelet and belt. Because of that you are in trouble with minibosses. You have 267 AP and my sin at same your level has 376. I think you didn't upgrade your first weapon. In BnS equipment upgrade is slightly different from other mmo. You use the same weapon from the beginning (Hoogmoon Bangle) just upgraded usungi particular weapon like Profane or Siren. Same for accessories. Have you still your initial equipment
  11. He means weapon, accessories and soul shield...I had the same problem with my alt (a sin) in the main quest at Granary (but also because I'm used to FM so I'm quite noob with sin). I passed it right after I upgraded weapon to Profane. Which server are you? Maybe I could take a look at your stats and equipment and advice you.
  12. The number tells the minimal persons needed for that dungeon/instance and probably both of you must have the same quest. But as MonkeyDRuffy said most of main quests in instance are in solo.
  13. My sweet Yun force master Aihlynn <3
  14. If you look at their appearance they have typical outlines of elves: ears and grace in their movements. Sincerely I don't remember if and where I read it but they remind me elves. Anyway I wrote similar, not that they are elves. I did't pay much attention but I don't remember some Yun or Gon child among NPCs, instead they are always Lyn or Jin. So it's possible Gon and Yun are somewhat related. I don't see Lyn like an elf, mostly they remind me squirrels. I haven't great knowledge about far east mythology but I think all races/species are linked to it.
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