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GAME CRASHED, me and friend cannot log in?


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the gane crashes and says it has an error when i try to press start game after update, we got kicked and got dced by a tag team match and we both cannot log in now, same message


the game has encountered an error while running, shutting down the game, client 4049

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Either disable razer services (didn't work for me, but it did for others) or use file repair(which rarely works)

Right now I'm reinstalling to see if that works, and I've also uninstalled all razer software for extra measure. If this doesn't work, idk what I'm gonna do. I paid money for the beta testing, which worked fine, I didn't crash once. Now that the game is released for everyone, I have crashed 52 times since the last patch, whether it be at startup or just walking around in game.

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I think a lot of people are having trouble getting into the game, actually. You're not alone. It crashed on me twice and now I'm trying to repair the file to see if it works. Hopefully they'll do something now that there's lots of posts on the forums about it and we can all get back to the game. 

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1 minute ago, MalinkaLuna said:

I dont have anything with bns running in my task manager


This only happens when you crash at startup

3 minutes ago, D0v4hk11ng said:

I was DCed last nigh re-logged DCed again now i cant log in something happened after the last maintenance that screwed up server side connectivity with some players

OS Windows 8 - Windows 10.


Yea the second to last patch screwed everything for me. Crashed every 5-10 min from nothing. I basically use this game just as a chat service for a buddy overseas lol. But now i can't even do that cause of crash at startup.

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This is the B&S technical support when you ask they for what to do: I do it and still not working, maybe helps for you...


We apologize for the recent crash and disconnection issues you experienced after the maintenance. Rest assured we are working hard on a fix for these issues.
In the meantime, you can try the suggested workaround posted in our knowledge base article about the recent crash and disconnection issues while using Razer peripherals:
If the work-around above doesn’t work, you can also try uninstalling your Razer software and restarting your PC as a temporary solution. Our team is currently working closely with Razer on a solution for these issues.
In addition, you can also check out to the following forum thread for potential fixes: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/162803-new-patch-supportfix-thread/?page=1
Unfortunately, outside of the above mentioned work-arounds, there is nothing more we can recommend at this point. Please keep an eye on our website and forums for future updates.
We apologize sincerely for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience.
Kind regards,

NCSOFT Support Team

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