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  1. Please allow Warlocks to be...

    It was originally going to be Lyn only, We are lucky they decided to add Jin too.
  2. Jin all the way, Lyn's need to stick to sunflowers and butterflies.
  3. Hello Kitty V2 Event?

    If they can make a profit out of it after licencing costs then you will probably see it at some point, or at least some kind of version of it.
  4. Open world PVP weapon durability

    Now you found your post wasn't actually deleted...are you still planning to not buy premium?

    That's a subjective question. Do you like the look of the game, Are you interested in the style of it? For me, yes it was... For you? Only you know the answer.
  6. Valentine's Day Package

    Yeah just leave it in the mail.
  7. Defining Telegraphs - Friendly/Hostile

    I wouldn't mind if I could Q+E when I wanted to and it actually going off.
  8. You can also sell gold on the exchange and buy the alteration voucher from the hongmoon tab in the store costing you only in-game currency.
  9. Signature

    Could be buggy coding, maybe it's seeing it as more than 3 lines which is the limit I think... or it's something to do with file size, not sure. All I know is not everyone will see it unless they manually enable view signatures.
  10. Gold transfer

    The market is cross server but I don't want to assume it covers all EU servers. You could try and place something on it with the character that you want the gold on then buy it with the character that has the gold, if that makes sense. You wouldn't get the full amount due to market fee's etc but it's better than nothing.
  11. I feel like I just read a story by someone suffering from dissociative identity disorder.
  12. Gold transfer

    The second tab down on the right side of the store is the one you want for Hongmoon coins
  13. Premium Membership for Hongmoon Coins

    Why are you talking about ncoin/hongmoon? He's talking about buying it for in-game cash IE gold, which is why I said it defeats the object. He could indeed mean why can't people buy the memberships and sell them on the market or whatever which would make your points valid but as he didn't elaborate that much I answered directly to the comment he made.
  14. You can sell gold on the currency exchange and in return buy them with the hongmoon coins you get.
  15. Premium Membership for Hongmoon Coins

    Premium is basically a subscription, Making it available for free via in-game currency would defeat the purpose.