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  1. I wouldn't mind if I could Q+E when I wanted to and it actually going off.
  2. I moved the whole of the NCSOFT folder from HDD to SSD then ran the launcher, made sure the "game installer download" in the launcher settings matched the location of the NCWest\NCLauncher\Download folder and played. Had no need to edit anything.
  3. The Hello Kitty stuff came from a full blown Hello kitty event, Not sure if we'll see that here as it involves licencing...which won't be free.
  4. I initially installed it on to my HDD without realising so I dragged the folder to SSD, deleted from HDD and ran it as normal. Did nothing special, no re-downloading.
  5. Read current topics before posting, it helps.
  6. User Actions Following Blade & Soul‏@bladeandsoul We're aware of the issues affecting logins and are currently investigating. Thank you for your patience.
  7. Just got it the same error here too
  8. I was hoping the hongmoon levels would replace the nasty green bar with the rather pleasing golden yellow.... nope. I was wrong.
  9. Never knew they existed, Haven't seen anyone with them yet, or no one want's to use them.
  10. Do you mean from Poharan? That's E.Fleet and it drops from 4 man.
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