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  1. I moved the whole of the NCSOFT folder from HDD to SSD then ran the launcher, made sure the "game installer download" in the launcher settings matched the location of the NCWest\NCLauncher\Download folder and played. Had no need to edit anything.
  2. The Hello Kitty stuff came from a full blown Hello kitty event, Not sure if we'll see that here as it involves licencing...which won't be free.
  3. I initially installed it on to my HDD without realising so I dragged the folder to SSD, deleted from HDD and ran it as normal. Did nothing special, no re-downloading.
  4. Read current topics before posting, it helps.
  5. User Actions Following Blade & Soul‏@bladeandsoul We're aware of the issues affecting logins and are currently investigating. Thank you for your patience.
  6. Just got it the same error here too
  7. There was an event on the JP version I think it was that gave you this costume for hitting level 35, We certainly got the short end of the stick.
  8. https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us/articles/207270426-Changing-Character-PIN
  9. You can change to KR, JP, CN just download the voice packs and run the game via a .bat file and not the launcher as it will repair the files and overwrite them back to English.
  10. i7 4790K ~ GTX 780TI Steady 120 throughout unless there are a load of people around me fighting a world boss then it drops to about 50/60
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