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  1. Stuck after entering my PIN

    This is bullshit! Came home after a long day of work just to find the game down.. It makes me pretty angry, that they still have this much trouble with the game. If you take a look at the queues I bet a LOT of people already have grown tired of it and left. This is just sad
  2. Let me draw your Lyn

    Oooooh i love your art! Here is my little Baby Menady
  3. now ive restarted my pc, still not working
  4. I dont have anything with bns running in my task manager
  5. i was able to play the game perfectly fine until it randomly crashed i havent even heard about this razor nor am i using it, so im sure thats not the problem also i used the file repair already.. nothing..
  6. im getting a message that the servers are under maintenance atm...
  7. Crash and Maintenance?

    ive now tried to repair the file but i still get the message it also says (207)(6) or something like that..
  8. Crash and Maintenance?

    My game crashed twice in like 30 minutes and when i tried to log in again it said, the server is under maintenance. Then a few minutes later i logged back in, another crash and now the same message.. Anyone with the same problem?
  9. Servers down again?

    I got kicked after using f8 and just found a party and bamm.. out
  10. Every class needs a nerf??

    If all classes need a nerf, then they are balanced right? XD since it wont change a bit
  11. I get an error too... After 8 hours of queueing..
  12. Server Queues & Bugs, Seriously...

    Yeah, i think ill buy it in a few days but seriously... id be happy to wait one hour even with premium than 7-10 hours without premium Edit: Bought it now X'D
  13. Server Queues & Bugs, Seriously...

    Lucky you o.o" I am queued for 7 hours already and not in yet
  14. They should add a little buffer in their queue system. i remember in another game, when you got kicked out due to a dc, you had like 5 minutes or so to logg in again without a queue. they should add it in
  15. Show off your characters!!

    remade my character to make a fresh start on Windrest :)