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  1. i havent played this in ages, so i was wondering is KFM still using 3rf combo , had alot of fun with the rotation my question is , if we are not using 3rf to 100-0 or anything what is then our playstyle and what is our setup ?, havent played in years! :D
  2. beeen playing tons of mmos where every1 says thats the end game is really hard, elder scrolls online community called theyre so called hard mode dungeons extremely harde but really wasnt anything is there anything thats hard in this game or is it just a cake walk and a breexe :)? really curious, i like a challenge, with trial and error
  3. i know there is a rotation for it, but im not sure what level it can be used to max in, and how :) so when is it that i can start using it over and over and over again :)
  4. the old skill tree was really fun and easy to use, this however seems abit messy , i mean, i dont feel like i have the same control on what i wanna spec into in what situations, am i totally wrong or did they actually made us have less options to choose our build diversity ?
  5. me and my friend is both looking for a good guild to join, :) would love some shoutouts from any1 who have an active community in the guild
  6. i remember struggeling at pokey the scorpion alone at all, even 2 manning him was hard, now its a cake walk, everything is so easy and dies super super fast, did they just make the entire game too easy? i sure as hell hope that i cannot 2 man the first dungeons unless im higher leveled, or are they nerfed as well?
  7. it seems like i just get the weapon in its maxed out state now, i just started out and is lvl 10, and got the stalker weapon, so did they remove the upgrade path up till lvl 42?
  8. so how do you heal in this game, is it just chug a potion and survive on ur own, or is there actual abilites to keep u alive besides backstepping and getting out of the way.
  9. i really really really want the horns from the achievement vendor Kiyeon , is it still possible, i saw a video once but the horns were not on the list. and how much is it
  10. thx, do you know how much they cost?
  11. i mean the black horns ,not the one from infernal set, , the once from silverfrost mountains, it says that you can get it from the achievement vendor though
  12. is there a good grind spot or a good tactic to get from level 1 and fast up to lets say level 30-40 ? or just to max level :) any help would be deeply apreciated
  13. How do i power level fast?

    not gonna buy my way :) so is the story mission all i need to do really? did they boost that?
  14. how do i acces recount to test how much dmg i have done
  15. how to setup recount??

    how do i acces the recount dps meter for dungeons?
  16. is there an updated guide that tells me where to spend my point for the 3rf combo to work? i havent played it since ages ago , and i dont know where to spec since the videos i know is over 8 month old
  17. im supposed to use, soul shackle, then imprison, and then i get a proc on dragoncall to cast instantly but no, its not instant, and thats part of a way of the warlock part 4. what am i doing wrong..
  18. for 45 HM1 , what is the rotation for maximum dmg, and the full build? really in need of help if any1 knows that is
  19. what ability like the bm can he use as a kick on a stunned target and such, i heard blocking is not a good idea vs kfm, so what can they do to stop blocking,
  20. if some1 closes in on us we cant do shit, we ss, they close in again then what, how do we gap escape from there, we try to root them but they ss out of it, and we cannot get away again. and our targeting *cricket*s up completly vs summoner. not only that we got a 35sec to 1 min cd on our abilites..... so lame...Insert other media
  21. i like warlock but we got 0 mobilty

    well i am 1700 on my wl, by just spamming abilites without any info on them, so its a braindead easy class but it lacks mobilty
  22. i like warlock but we got 0 mobilty

    Its more annoying in pvp
  23. Soo, how do you beat KFM as a melee class ?

    i main a kfm, biggest things to note is the Q-E, DONT attack them while they do it, it will result in a free stun for them, just wait it out, second, you ONLY wanna trinket a stun,, it *cricket*s up theyre whole 3RF never a daze or you will most likely get 100-0. usually they wanna force yout trinket with daze or a Q-E stun, if they cant they go for the air combos all the way till you loose enough hp to panic and trinket a daze, also never block them, they can also break and stun or daze you out of it you also dont want them getting away since they prolly wanna do flying slam that cannot be blocked, so keep within distance of that if you can force theyre trinket from anything minor you can stunlock them to dead with a long combo if you know how to play it ofc, so key factor, never trinket a daze or Q-E , wait for the Spin kick, or the tremor or your most likely dead, they use a similar move like your 5 point strike to charge daze you, if you F that they will tech chase it with another daze to force your trinket, dont trinket its just a distraction that they gain little to nothing other than air combo from :), another thing is, if you see a blue aura around them they get insane dmg buff so get away from that, OR, if they got a blue ball over theyre head it means the nxt hit you do to them will freeze them for 3 sec being immune to ur dmg, :P hope this helps :)
  24. Warlock PVP

    warlock can be extremly painful with theyre dmg output, if played correctly, the downside about it is that they have some HUGELY long cds, 35 sec to 1 minut cds on alot of abilites , they also have to stand still to cast almost everything and have little to no way to escape a close encounter without cds, they can SS and block and use ae knock back but thats it, they still have to stand still, its a really hard class to play if you wanna get rating , but damn fun :) dragon helix is the way to go btw