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  1. Don't see why people wanted these anyways. I recently made my first female character for shits and giggles and couldn't even get proportions right with the new undergarments. Anything above the thighs you can't tell how it looks aside from the chest. But guess all the dudes just wanted more eye candy for some odd reason.
  2. That's not even a bug. It's using a skill how it's intended to be used; a strategy. It can only be done every 3 minutes as well so if your team is that slow or falls for this more than once then that's your own team's fault. There's no point in "fixing" a skill that's not broken.
  3. The reason I mentioned conspiracy theories is that people coming in and saying that NCwest intentionally did this to scam people and that none of this was at fault of an error. But the people, including yourself, that haven't been refunded yet is indeed a problem but alas all you can do is send a Support Ticket and wait since I can only imagine how many other people have not been rightfully refunded yet. That's something I feel that is wrong and it's taking a while but they did also mention it's a complex and manual process so I can see why it's taking a while since it has to be done by everyone who was affected by this. @LaraKelly Did I say you should stay quiet? No. I said that you can voice your displeasure but when it comes to a situation like this your complaints isn't going to suddenly change everything. This is a decision they had to come to and aren't going to deviate from the plan. They've already seen their faults and are trying their best to make up for it. Not sure how I'm throwing a conspiracy theory onto you when that's the truth when it comes to HMcoins or F5. They aren't able to do anything between Player to Player transactions. Unless for some reason I'm completely wrong then please enlighten me. And also going off of what you said in another thread: "If this was the best solution then everyone would be happy" No, not at all. With ANY solution there will always be people that are mad/unsatisfied by the outcome, this will always be a fact. There will never be a time where everyone is completely satisfied by a decision NCwest has done; look at the past Cost Reductions, the nerfs to dungeons if you need examples.
  4. It's a player-made rule, why get mad if someone doesn't follow the rule? Not everyone's going to be as nice as the next guy so take it as it comes. If you don't want it to happen the run with friends/clan mates or solo it.
  5. I'll repeat myself: This is a Damned if you do, Damned if you don't situation. You can voice your displeasure but nothing is going to change. This was probably a tough decision for them because either way they would've gotten complaints out the ass. They can't please everyone with every decision they make, look at what happens on every single update that happens. As for doing a rollback, they can only do so much. When it comes to people selling their gold for HMcoins, they can't dabble in that situation because that's a player to player transaction. They aren't able to go take back the gold that was sold via to another player because they don't know if that gold was spent already or not so the most they can do is just refund them their HMcoins that were spent. NCoins, I won't comment since I don't know what's possible and what's not possible. There's always going to be people like yourself that's going to throw conspiracy theories around if something doesn't go your way. It happens all the time if an error happens.
  6. As XO already said, it's p2w by the community's terms. By my own terms, it's not p2w because it's accessible via in-game and can be gotten by anyone and not Cash Shop exclusive but this community believes otherwise so I won't get into that. Anyways, people are going to be angry either way so there's no point in really trying to get in their way of anger. I still feel bad for NCwest since they were going to get the bad end of the stick in either outcome over a mistake.
  7. Damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. If they didn't revert anything, everyone screams p2w and unfairness that not everyone was able to take advantage. If they did revert(which is the case now), everyone screams scam and rebukes NCwest for their decision.
  8. It is fair because again, they got to use and enjoy their upgraded souls already prior to the reduction. Just because something is reduced does not make it justifiable for them to get a refund. That's like buying a bag of chips for $1, then 5 months later that bag of chips went down to 75 cents. Would it be fair for you to storm back into that store and demand 25 cents back since they lowered the price? No. Stop trying to make it an actual argument that it's right for people to get a refund after obtaining a Soul upgrade months ago.
  9. Yeah, no. If you're a player who has already had a Galaxy weapon upgraded and everything since it was released then you got to enjoy it from then until now and forever in the future. Just because a reduction comes doesn't justify a reimbursement of materials to those said players, that's just an asinine and selfish idea on their part. I've had a Galaxy weapon on one of my alts for the past 6 months but I'm not going to ask for my materials back since I got to enjoy/use this weapon for 6 months prior to this reduction while some others probably weren't able to do so. As Egoist said, you can send in a ticket and ask for a revert if you upgraded within the past 7 days. NCwest announced it ahead of time just for this reason or if you were planning to upgrade soon. If your weapon is older than 7 days then I'm pretty sure you've gotten the use out of it so there's no point in asking for a refund.
  10. And what solution are you looking for prey tell? You're asking for a refund because you upgraded before the change even happened? You got to enjoy your upgraded weapon early and now that it's getting a reduction in materials you believe you deserve a refund because of it? Please don't try to start an argument or complaint like how people got mad over the PvE weapon paths getting reduction.
  11. Was about to post something serious but these 1 post wonder accounts are getting out of hand now.
  12. NCwest = Publisher, not the actual devs. KR NCsoft = Devs, the people who have/know the coding of the game, the real owners, etc etc. NCwest has literally no rights to modify the game unless they ask KR Devs AND get the approval; even after the approval they have to wait for the KR Devs to send the code so they can apply it to the game. This is how it works when a company agrees to publish a game. They have conditions and terms they have to follow. I'm guessing NCwest at most has the power to control the Cash Shop but even then I believe it's heavily influenced on KR Devs in the end. This is the bit of info not everyone knows about which sparks rage and anger amongst the community. Everyone thinks NCwest has the control on any and all things about Blade and Soul so the first thing people want to do is bite off the heads of NCwest staff for patches and changes that come to the game when it's not even NCwest's fault. KR Devs most likely do not follow our region that closely(being in-game observing the economy for example) to determine what should be brought over. Look at the Gem cost patch for example, that was literally just a copy and paste thing they did from their own version. The prices to KR players is doable but not to us but the KR Devs didn't know until NCwest had to request for a change. It's all a process and that will take time. As of right now they're attempting to work on getting us more ways to get Evolved Stones and this is one of the changes. But already people are biting off heads when the change hasn't even arrived yet to determine whether we got tricked or not.
  13. Yeah I know but it does becoming annoying after a bit. Speaking from experience at least. @RagingPhenix You do understand that it's not just a simple thing for them, right? They have to go and discuss these things with the KR devs to get anything worked out. They have to spend time convincing them that our region needs/wants this change. It's not as simple as sending an email to the KR devs asking for xyz change then waiting for a response. That's why it's taking them a while to get things done.
  14. No point in trying to speak positivity in this situation since you'll just be marked as a white knight if you're not angry like them. Community complains, ncwest attempting to get what they asked for, they complain that it's not good enough even though they're working hard to get things changed for JUST our region. @Daithi Reliable: consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted. Doesn't mean it has to be 100% drop rate for it to be reliable. As long as it's consistent then it's deemed reliable.