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  1. Still drops in Normal Mode. Regular Bracelet drop = Lv 1. Lost Relic Chest = Tradeable Bracelet chest that drops in Hard Mode only.
  2. First off, your game is displaying the wrong NPC. Secondly, you're missing an item from the selection. Thirdly, it's displaying red and not showing the currency needed. I'd suggest repairing your game because it's all types of messed up. But to answer your questions you'd need a regular Fabric to buy a costume.
  3. At max gear with the right tactics it's not impossible to kill him within 3 seconds. Majority of classes have pretty insane burst with max soul so not sure how any of this could be an exploit.
  4. Hope this makes more sense for you. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/760xm0/rage_of_the_hive_queen_stream_recap/?st=j8q5d7sj&sh=6114e0c1
  5. So you don't like a certain conversation going on in a chat so you want them to stop but you don't want to do any reports? In all honesty you have the power here, block them or close Faction chat for a while then turn it back on. Is it really that hard for you?
  6. Then why re-add a "purpose" to the lower level gear if they'll just be given it anyways? It makes more sense to just get rid of the extra weapons and give you one upgradeable weapon.
  7. It's RNG. If people actually care they'll keep rerolling their Stage 1 weapon until they get 5 or 6 slots. As you keep upgrading though there's a chance to open more slots. But if you're still at 3 slots(4 now since you bought hammers) and feel like you don't want to risk not getting 6 slots by the time you hit Stage 12 then I'd suggest starting your weapon over since it doesn't cost an arm and a leg anymore to do so.
  8. Zuzu

    F10 shop

    Then you and others will be complaining that it costs 3k NCoins for a simple hair.
  9. They won't. The reason they were removed in the first place was to make it faster and easier for players to get caught up in gear. You'd be surprised on how many people could not figure out how to upgrade anything or having terrible RNG and wasting time. Re-adding this path would just annoy anyone and everyone(especially alt makers) because then they'd have to waste time trying to find a party for a dead dungeon and run it x amount of times before their weapon drops.
  10. Wasn't going to post it since it's literally on the same website you log onto.
  11. Prepare for the "We demand a compensation" threads and useless complaining. lul.
  12. Not necessarily. Your suggestion is calling for 50 Hive Queen Feathers. You get 1 feather via daily challenge on Sundays only(50 weeks aka 11 months), chance for it to appear in F10(iirc), and it's on the current daily dash in a stack of 5. All methods do not point towards even touching the raid. Even then there's Treasure Trove around the end of every season(Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) which can easily provide a easier way to obtain Hive Queen Feathers without touching the raid so that would basically hand people who cash an even easier badge without the need of findin
  13. Defeats the whole purpose to actually doing the raid. So gonna have to say no to this.
  14. The quest tells you to put on your Faction outfit and go to YOUR camp. Not the opposite faction's camp. I'm not even sure if you read the quest correctly; even then wouldn't you think that there was something wrong if you had to go into the opposite camp? There's even a yellow arrow pointing you into the area you have to go to.
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