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  1. Come back? I guess.

    There is a pretty noticeable gap between a person that pays and a person that's free to play but it won't affect you any if you're free to play unless you're planning to do 6v6 where gear actually matters. But in all you'll be able to get the same gear as a person who pays but it'll obviously take more time. You just have to have the patience and put the time into gearing up and you'll be fine.
  2. What is there to do?

    Thought it was pretty self explanatory but you pretty much play to upgrade your gear at this point. Do Dungeons, get your gear up to be able to do raids like Skybreak Spire and Temple of Eluvium. When I say do Dungeons, go into F8 since I'm assuming you tried to do in server recruiting for a dungeon which no one does it that way. F8 is where pretty much everyone goes to to do dungeons. Select a dungeon you want to do and just press LFP(Mainly not anything Ebondrake Citadel and higher assuming your gear is of a fresh level 50). Would also be good to see what you exactly need to upgrade your gear so you know what dungeons to do.
  3. Come back? I guess.

    It's best not to ask about the "p2w" view since you'll always get biased answers and majority of the time it'll be "It's p2w, don't come back" etc etc. And if you're looking for a clan you should put what server(Yura or Zulia if you're NA) you're planning to go to so people know if they should say something or not.
  4. Need help (crucial)

    It is not possible.
  5. Price seems fine to me since like Cor said, it's endgame equipment. Also you get to make a higher amount in a shorter amount of time compared to having to wait a lot longer if you didn't have multiple characters of the same guilds.
  6. Gunner is already useless in the PvP setting.
  7. Underwhelming Special Reward from Trove

    Everyone has different experiences but to say you need to do 500+ keys to get anything good is a bit out there.
  8. I mean, that's pretty much what I've been doing since the beginning of this game and I've been doing just fine. I play when I feel like it and if I don't feel like playing that day or days then I just don't play. But if you heavily believe there's no progress at your own pace then that's your choice to believe that. I won't argue with it.
  9. Just discard them. There's literally no reason to compensate you on those since it came from Soul shields that you most likely had no more use for. I couldn't imagine what they would give us in return for those.
  10. Feels like a stress test if you feel as though you need to rush for everything. But that's only me since I take my time in everything on this game.
  11. hi i need friends (and gold) ))^:

    Storyline Quests, Orange Quests and Dungeon dailies provide gold. No point in asking for it. For tips, just play on through and you'll find out as you go since it's pretty much is all going to be new to you and ask questions if you're curious or confused about something.
  12. I got curious and only did the calculations for the costs and profit of Transformation stones last night. Costs roughly 250g to craft 35 Transformation stones If you sold the stones for ~18g each then you'd make roughly 613g(going by NA prices). So you'd make more or less around 360-365g profit.
  13. Gotta put out the effort if you want to actually profit on all characters now, which is perfectly fine with me.
  14. Not necessarily. You can just use your alts to gather the materials your main needs to craft the items you want. I.E: Get an alt to Soul Warden, have them order 4 days worth of Wood materials. Once thats done, send over what your main needs then use a few to make Guild keys on your alt to send over to your main later. You don't have to get any achievements or higher level in the guild to order more materials. So it's pretty much saying play your main character, get rare elements, wait for alts' materials order to finish, craft tradeable crafts on main, make profit.