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  1. Four thoughts on game improvement?

    1. That'll just bring us back to Lv45 patch where HM skills didn't exist other than the Bloodshade Harbor ones but those didn't impact PvP that much depending on the class. But removing them from Arena would put some classes back to having a disadvantage over others(i.e - Blade Masters).   2. They've already added red portals to get back to boss areas when Silverfrost dungeons(minus Asura) began coming. Only dungeons that don't have red portals at Lv45 purples but those aren't even relevant.   3. Souls are meant to be end-game gear aka last to upgrade. Having Sacred Oils only being available through Transmutation is understandable since it's not needed to upgrade them immediately especially at the content we're at aside from Black Tower. Later down the road it may have other ways in getting it but for now it's not really needed.   4. So you want to report a person for wanting to leave an LFP party/kicking you out of an LFP party? That's a bit extreme in my opinion. Would be better if they added a timer where you can't match up with said person.
  2.   Put 3 points into your Q(Crouching Tiger) and whenever you throw your cat at a mob, press Q and it'll taunt that mob for 8 seconds while healing the cat as it takes damage.
  3. Weap and Acc progression is a mistake

    Can't please everyone. One side complains about the previous upgrade progression, another side complains about how it's too easy now(for some odd reason thats a problem?)   It's suppose to get you up to speed to do Silverfrost/later content in a more fashionable time since the previous upgrade progression relied on RNG to get past some Weapon upgrades and doing dead content. But if you're honestly going to complain about it becoming easier for you or anyone that's new/making an alt then I don't have much else to say.
  4. Not sure how they are gone when I'm looking at them right now.
  5. Upgrading to Raven weapon

    You do not from what it seems like. I've seen 10+ people with Chokma and they all have their 6 slots still from their Stage 10 Baleful/Seraph.
  6. HI, im a player of bns!

    1. Don't ask that on forums. This is not the support ticket area. https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us Go here.   2. You have a **** friend. 3. Play whatever class makes you happy. If Destroyer makes you happy then keep at it, get better with it to do higher DPS. Don't switch a class just because it does higher damage easier.
  7. Complain About Gear Upgrade

    You're basing one class's legendary over every other class and saying there's no benefit. That's not fair in the least. For Warlock you'd wait to go from True Ivory to Stage 4 Legendary to make the upgrade beneficial.   And it costs roughly 780g to go from True Ivory to Stage 1 Legendary if you decided to buy all the materials besides the Flowers of Lament. It'll be even cheaper as time goes by since prices were hyped up due to Black Tower being released so it's still affordable to anyone if they are patient. Also, 1kg per upgrade? It's barely 500g per upgrade up until Stage 3 to 4. Assuming you're referring to NA prices. May be different on EU.
  8. legendary soul shields

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JOQK34BUTR_55XwnbJOk388gjokrtLZFdhi3vIwXjZc/htmlview?sle=true#   Check out this doc. It'll show you the stats for the Raven/MSP soul shields under "Bopae Stats". MSP = Wind Plains. Chokma = Raven.   If you want to see the set effects for Destro then go under the "DES" tab and it'll show everything you'd like to see.
  9. We need a bigger block list!

    Everyone's choice whether they want to make a doc or not. It's just a simple work around rather than waiting for NCsoft to expand the block list since it has already been requested but nothing has been done anyways.   And it doesn't take any time to look up a name you wrote in a doc.
  10. We need a bigger block list!

    Then take the time to make a doc with people's name you blacklisted if it really bothers you to have to know everyone's names that you found toxic/bad. It has been done already by many people, even me and my friend have made a doc for that sole reason.   It's not that hard.
  11. We need a bigger block list!

    Then kick them. You don't have to block them to kick them. Your comment literally makes no sense. Blocking them does not prevent them from coming into your party if you're referring to F8 btw.
  12. Seraph or Baleful Wizard ?

    Since he said he was getting conflicting answers I assumed Warlock since that's the only class aside from BD. Anyways, Zedonia already explained why Baleful is preferred over Seraph for FMs. No if, ands or buts about it.
  13. Seraph or Baleful Wizard ?

    It's your choice.   Seraph provides more mistakes/fail safe while Baleful makes you play around resets. So it all depends on our play style. And I'm guessing you're referring to Wizard as Warlock.
  14. We need a bigger block list!

    Learn to ignore people rather than having to block them. You don't have to read chat if they're in there.