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  1. 1. Wait after 4/12 2. Current way to get the crystals is already easy so don't think they're adding any other ways. 3. HM levels will just moreso impact how much additional Offensive and Defensive stats you'll have.  4. Honestly the game right now is pretty newbie friendly but after 4/12 changes they will receive more materials as they level up so it'll be easier for them to upgrade their gear once they complete the Storyline Quests. They will also be hanaded Pinnacle accessories.
  2. It's one of your settings that controls it for some reason. I can't remember the exact setting but someone made a gif out of it before and it would change how high the NPCs floated whenever you change that setting.
  3. When someone advertises they want a Warlock, sin, etc it's generally just their preference if they do not already have the class in the lobby with them. I'm not going to ask for a FM if there isn't a Warlock is the party already, though it's not a big deal I would just like the extra buff to make the run slightly faster if possible.   All classes are useful though in their own way.
  4. Battlegrounds needs a fix by 4/12 BTW

    And every other class has a "dodge" skill(s) as well. Your point?
  5. Trove keys

    Do you guys not read before you purchase something? It was already shown that it would expire a DAY before the actual Trove removal.   Stop complaining as if they tried to trick you guys.
  6. Battlegrounds needs a fix by 4/12 BTW

    I'd suggest upgrading your Galaxy weapon if you want to expect to stay "on par" with Raven users. Also, you mention that before the Raven weapons it relied on skill. Why does that all of a sudden fly out the window when Raven was introduced? I'm not denying Raven weapons are strong but if you were as skillful as you come off to be before they were introduced then why is it a huge problem now?   I can tell you one thing, you getting catpinned doesn't come off as skillful since you either blew your tab early or didnt have it spec'd correctly(not sure what your class is). From my experience against Raven users, I've survived as long as I did pre-Raven patches. Still boils down to skill unless you get out-performed by the other.   If you're wondering what my stats/class are: KFM Stage 9 Baleful Stage 6 Soul(? if that matters) 35% Pierce 1.7k Cdef   Anyways, it's nice to have another complaint thread about 6v6 but they aren't going to change anything since once Galaxy can be evolved to Emperor it'll be on par with Raven users. But of course if you aren't going to work towards that and gear up properly then you'll still struggle as before.
  7. Galaxy is awful

    Seems fine to me. It's meant for PvP but of course the PvE weapon is going to progress before the PvP weapon does if you haven't already noticed.   By the time we got Baleful/Seraph Stage 6, only Galaxy Stage 3 was released. Baleful/Seraph Stage 9, Galaxy Stage 6. Now it's Baleful/Seraph Stage 10~Raven 1~6 and Galaxy at Stage 9. It's being staggered so eventually Galaxy will be on par with Raven or better in the 6v6/OWpvp setting. Galaxy will upgrade into Emperor which is be more fitting for 6v6 survival especially as the upgrades progress and if you gear up properly.   But it's your choice whether you want to stay Galaxy in 6v6. As of now you can use either Galaxy or Baleful/Seraph/Raven and be fine in 6v6.
  8. No one knows unless they preview it through announcements in the next 3 weeks.
  9. trove keys removed

    But you're not buying the keys from the post of the event, now are you? Trying to use that as an excuse to blame NCsoft is pretty bad. You're buying keys from in-game Cash Shop(F10) which clearly states that the keys will EXPIRE 3/21/17 since the event started. So in the end it's on the player to actually read and understand that it'll be removed a day ahead.
  10. 1. No one is going to have 250 AP by the time they complete the Storyline Quest(or even by the time they get to Silverfrost at that matter). Don't know where you're getting this info from unless you find people who continue to use blue weapons even after completing the Storyline Quests for some odd reason.   2. No one is running lower level dungeons because there's no use for them. With them taking out the original Hongmoon weapon and accessories and giving you weapons as you level there's practically no reason to veer off the Storyline Quests until you complete it. By then you'll have a Ivorymoon Weapon and Accessories which should give you about ~400 AP or higher.   3. The whole reason they made it like this is so that new players can catch up to where everyone else is at instead of spending their time on older content no one touches trying to farm for their purple weapon in Tomb of Exiles or Blackram Narrows. If a player is complaining there's nothing to do then they obviously aren't doing the Storyline Quests.   4. A new player not knowing how to use their own class is their own fault. They have between level 1 to 50 to read, play around and learn each of their skills as they get them. If they simply just press 1~2 buttons the whole time as they level to kill things then you can't really blame anyone else for their lack of interest in learning.
  11. whats the best way to farm moonstones

    Naksun is the most reliable way to farm moonstones. SSP can provide moonstones but only on the weekends between 1pm~1am EST, Saturday and Sunday.
  12. Scorpio BANGLE

    Awakened Necro. If you get a box, buy a Brilliant Silverfrost Key. Saves you the trouble.
  13. lvl 55

    Too long when NA is still trying to catch up to KR. Also JP and TW have already received so it won't be a whole year till we get ours.   Most likely around the end of the year we'll get it(September~December).
  14. You gear up so you can have a better chance at fighting others and doing Black Tower. Why question having to gear up? As you progress to higher gears of course it's going to take longer. But if you're going to just do 6v6 all day then complain how weak you are and how your gear is weaker than others than your own fault.   The logic that's flowing through you is complete asinine. You ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and moan about how you can't do anything yet you don't gear up because you see no progress within 5 minutes? Please, just stop. Take less time in making rant/complaint posts and go make a Baleful Axe, gear that it and you'll begin to see a difference. I mean, if you're a bad player in general though then of course you won't see a difference then.
  15. New players

    Then that probably explains why there's a lack of people joining your party sadly unless it's the weekend. Not much you can do about that unless you get lucky.