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  1. Since I'm having no problems I won't vote. And as said above, the options are pretty much useless if we don't have problems since I'd like to just put "No I haven't stopped playing/have no problems".   This program or whatever pretty much seems and acts like GG still. Don't know why people are making a huge fuss over it. But if there is a huge issue then I'd like to know.
  2. hm secret technique

    Nope. Forces you to use the HM version of that skill if you got it already.
  3. Careful now, you'll get branded as a White Knight for daring to defend a gamble based system that evil NCsoft brought to us. You gotta agree with them on their placebo that NCsoft ruined the rates after the fix.   All joking aside, people need to read this guy's post. You're gambling, it's not guaranteed that you'll get what you want.
  4. Compensation?

      Just adding the source. Doubt this'll stop everyone from complaining but they can continue, it's funny to read.
  5. "Social Clans"

    It's for casual players that for some odd reason complained about having to work towards leveling a clan for benefits it seems. At least that's my take on it.   But I also feel as though Social Clans are not needed.
  6. Spring Trove Timing

    It's the exact same length of last trove. 2 and a half weeks time length.
  7. Spring Trove Timing

    Most likely coming the week after next from the dates on the daily dash.
  8. My point is that if it's outside a dungeon it'll still be the same monotonous grind as a dungeon would be, just outside a dungeon. They "attempted" this with the 1st anniversary event having you kill field bosses/run a single player dungeon for event drops and people complained how unfair/annoying it was that others just one shot the field boss so they didn't get credit.   This current event right now mainly focuses on outside of dungeons since you don't even have to run DC to get the keys for the event boxes.
  9. Having people revisit old dungeons just to one shot everything and get more gold? I don't see the fun in that. No one can really "enjoy" the content of blue dungeons once they finish the Storyline quests because you get gear that allows you to pass those said dungeons with ease.   That's the style of this game. Dungeons/PvP is the main focus, there's not much outside of that to do an event.
  10. Summer event

    Most likely. They'll also probably re-introduce the swinsuits we had last year via Cash shop for a month or so.
  11. Dawnforge vs riftwalk

    Isn't the uptime on getting 5 poison stacks a lot easier now after the changes? I'm not too knowledgeable on Sins but it seems like it's much easier to keep or stack up to 5 poison when I test it on my Sin even though I do mess up a bit.
  12. I've been playing this game since the beginning and I have not felt like I HAD to PvP to acquire an HM skill. Any HM skill(aside from Zen bean ones but no one uses them except for maybe Summoner) is available via PvE content whether it's buying it or getting it from a drop.   I still won't understand why anyone would claim BnS is forcing people to do PvP to acquire anything.
  13. Any modifications to the XML files is bannable. This is at your own risk as usual.
  14. New vs Old Skill System

    When I want to actually clear a dungeon/boss that requires DPS then yes I'd want someone to actually use a correct build over a jumbled mess that gives off no DPS whatsoever.   I don't mind having fun and messing around with different skills but if you can't even attempt to optimize the DPS output with it then why even play it? Why hinder others from clearing a dungeon/boss because you want to mess around the point where it won't benefit even you?
  15. They toned the mechanics down for most bosses, not completely removed them. You still have to follow certain mechanics to stay alive; mindless DPSing won't work unless your group is already well-geared for it.