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  1. Didn't fix anything, still the same bs after 2 weeks now.
  2. There "was" somthing else unique to show off besides outfits, the Jinsoyun pet "was" extremly rare but now that they put it in the trove that's gone... I guess bc they do this, the Grand Phoenix Set will come back for sure. Why not just bring back the Founder Masters pack as well... I don't think they care at all.
  3. For me this feels like they would bring back the Master Founder's Pack with the outfit Transcendence. Now everyone has the outfit and it's nothing special anymore even though it was never supposed to be sold again. Of course the pet would come back but pouches would have been better to keep this rarity alive.
  4. I don't like it that the jinsoyun pet is in the new trove, it kills the rarity of this pet, because as of now the pet is very rare and the most expensive pet. I don't want this rarity to be killed by the trove. Now there's going to be 40 Jinsoyun pets in the shop for 300g bc u killed it completly. I hope u keep the rarity of this pet up and make the drop chance extremely low. This is just my feedback and reaction to it so i hope u don't kill this rarity and good feeling to have such a rare pet. Thank u for taking the time to read my feedback.
  5. What? Are they really working on a UE4 version? how do u know that
  6. Well my game runs at 20 fps max with or without crowded areas, in a fight my fps drop to 5 fps or less with massive freezes. Idk what the problem is or if my bns even uses my nvidia card and i dont even know how to see what graphics cards a game uses
  7. well and if they did, liek cmon if you have enough gold you can just get hm coins and buy the stuff from f10. At least thats what i do, with that i got an prem tran stone for 280g instead of 430g or something.
  8. I even play with the 32bit client and it still runs so bad on "optimize for combat"
  9. so i have the problem that my game is only running at 22-25 fps or lower even if i apply the option "optimize for combat" my bns runs like dog sht. I see so many that have like 60 fps and is runs rly smoth. I get some massive stuttering too even if i play with a 6 memeber party i turn of character so i only see the names, but is still runs so bad that i cannot play as good as others. I think i have so many massive stutterings that it affects my dmg :/ idk what to do. I have a gtx 980, windows 8.1 and a intel i5.
  10. I would like to know how you can open the emote list now, bc i know it was f12. Now its gone and i searched everything in the keybinding options, but i didnt found a thing about emotes. Is there a new button for it or did they removed it completely?
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