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  1. Ive been searching for weeks both after clans and static raids but no luck For gear i can hold around 140-150k stable (Will prob get a good boost if i get atleast 1 clear on asuras for 3 set vt) ...
  2. But people on discord host static raids 99% of times but they only need whales and those 2 classes ...
  3. People only want 3 things SF / WL´s / Sums and exp 1-4 or whale gear if your not those 2 above But how the hell is one supposed to find a vt raid with normal gear to clean and being a fm i tried discord advertised my lfr twice a day every week and pm´d everyone who needs one fm but people only need exp people and those who have practice raids only need the classes i mentioned above ? I legit dont get it where should i search my gear should be enough Raven 6 crit soul both bt accs good crit rate ect so nothing wrong with that ... legit
  4. How many 100 / 500 / 5k drops have you gotten ? im not sure yet if i wanna bid for it or keep grinding out gold slowly the income of spam running ec lair is very good already 40-100g/h
  5. What accuracy / piercing i need to actually 3 star the damm thing i keep getting 2 stars on all the stages i can clear that is 10 My gear : http://eu-bns.ncsoft.com/ingame/bs/character/search/info?c=Tamai What SS should i use also ? i spec some extra piercing from achievements instead of 10ap also but barely helps
  6. Got around 20-40 MS so im doing pretty ok for now didnt really wanna invest intho leg wep but leech is great so far i noticed will try all those thx
  7. Just got an wl alt ... feels very wierd to play How do i get more dragoncalls out of my rotations ??? i just got my self msp 5 ss so far and pinnacle set Dont really wanna overgear it but is there something i can do to have more dragon calls in my rotations ?? Fow now i do SB spam awakened / dragon call after it ends 2 3 4 V 4 spam bombardment and after that i cant use any dragoncalls anymore unless i channel it = dps lose any help ?
  8. I just get constant crashed bns just freezes and stops responding for 0 reason what so ever im using bnsbuddy and latest ver + game is updated Specs: 8gb Ram / i5 / gtx 1080
  9. Oh you saving almost nothing when sense you need to pay spts / raven soul for the change to and specially when oils are 400+ gold Seems like better to stay at raven 3 and zombie farm shattered masts for mats
  10. One more question anyone got a screen shot of revert price between dawnforged 6 to raven 6 ?? Will it cost souls or only oil + energy ?
  11. I mostly care abouth gearing for VT and saving gold in process i will have both of them eventually but sense there is no nerf in kr i will revert thx for info ^^
  12. Im no where near max gear only raven belt and neck I can revert back to stage 12 and do dawnforged 6 and make it into raven 6 sense i can get a free prestine oil this event but will it really be that worth it ? total save is 3 spts and 320 elysians thats alot right but isnt more raven price nerfs coming or should i take the opportunity while i can and ignore bracelet to get cheap raven 6 ? Im currently gearing for VT and raven 6 will be pretty much fundamental but we may get nerfs soon and how big no clue any one got screen shot of kr prices for raven 3--&g
  13. Newer heard of one for EU and nothing on reddit either
  14. Wanna farm NS for bracelet and NM is really slow with 1 hand and occasional 10 hand crit so how the hell do i find parties that farm newest dungs in HM ? i got raven so my dps is always around 75-100k depending on resets i guess EU btw http://eu-bns.ncsoft.com/ingame/bs/character/profile?c=Tamai&s=202
  15. How the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ do i kill KFM WL and SIN
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