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  1. They promised all shareable F3 month ago and still nothing, this thing won't happen for sure.
  2. No, NCSOFT not gonna release 50 lvls before at least 20% of the players will own max gear. bringing now the 50s patch will cause mass players leave due to sick ungettable progress gear. Right now maybe 5% own max gear, and i believe 50s patch will come at least in 3-4 months
  3. The best idea, Reward Open world PVP. right now useless .
  4. Blade & Soul ‏@bladeandsoul 44 דק׳לפני 44 דקותצפייה בתרגום The Unchained update is now live! #UnlocktheLock Full patch notes: http://bit.ly/21A9dl1 and later they said : 32 דק׳לפני 32 דקות If you are looking for your free character slot, head over the Hongmoon Store! (F10 in-game). #BladeandSoul and this means they think that everything work as should lol
  5. This crap Nprotect only issues cause... nothing from NCSOFT so far and it seems like some players able to play..
  6. Next time use: http://www.passwordmeter.com/ The Password Meter Test Your Password Minimum Requirements Password: Minimum 8 characters in length Contains 3/4 of the following items: - Uppercase Letters - Lowercase Letters - Numbers - Symbols Hide: Score: 0% Complexity: Too Short
  7. Yes mushin should have better stats: Mushin's Oath 3 piece set: 560 health 5 piece set: 169 defense 8 piece set: 2370 health 101 evasion cost of fusion: x12 x2 53 0 total stats if you're wearing the full set (set bonuses + individual tile stats): 26,410-37,510 health 325-392 defense 0-433 defense 0-527 block 101 evasion 0-552 evasion 294-421 crit rate 0-260 crit rate 138-198 accuracy 0-337 accuracy
  8. I don't like it, and server status page should be faster from twitter announce.
  9. Can we have Server Status page please, so we can avoid unnecessary retrys every 5-10 mins... Like this: US Servers Status Server Name Population Type Timezone UP Zimbabwe Online RP-PvE West UP Zebra Offline PvE East EU Servers Stat Server Name Population Type Timezone UP
  10. can all this be converted into? I like: 1 2 3 4 5 6 I hate: 1 2 3 4 5 6
  11. There is no server transfer service and probably won't be one.
  12. I don't mind to unlock all vault+inventroy and i'll pay 5-15 bags for each line but! not before vault is account sharable. they lose more then they gain by doing this. Korea, China, Taiwan and Russia prices like 1/10 of here so players also don't mind to max unlock all on each character, but here devs want eat the fish and have it in place ( Have ridiculous high prices and none sharable things)....
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