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  1. Oh yay, thank you so much. There is so much to catch up on. I got depressed so I kinda disappeared for a bit from online. I'm working on catching up to everything, like the dungeons are different too for some.
  2. So as it looks, there are no more valor stones or has the quests for them just changed? I haven't played since Feb and just started up like a week ago. I just got enough cloth to get something from the achievement merchant but I can't because it needs the valor stones but I can't get valor stones. Help please.
  3. So I loved the way that staff looked but will I be able to get that look back since the paths changed? I'm actually really super sad that I lost that appearance and I can't get it back. Will there ever be something that can drop that looks like that so I can glamour it. I had a look that I loved :'( and it was my character's style. This new weapon while better looks horrible for my girl.
  4. Yeah, but I lose all my items that I can't mail to my other character. It wasn't about the leveling up, it was about losing everything :'(
  5. :( I thought so. They should think about adding that feature. I honestly would buy Ncoins right away for that.
  6. How does that work? Like does that cover a class change as well? I want to change the class of my character but I only see a race change. Like if you're a sum or a des, you can't change your race unless you change your class. Just curious because I don't want to get it on the assumption that it does class as well. Thank you for any responses.
  7. So a friend of mine told me that he got an email from BnS that gave him a code to use. Something about an anniversary gift for applying to the newsletter/subscription and that he followed the link to what he said was the official site. If anyone knows about this being legit or if it is a scam, I would appreciate the intel. I really hope this wasn't a scam he fell for.
  8. Sounds like you need to read what I wrote. The person complaining is talking about PvP or at least that is where the conversation went in this forum, not PvE. I know what the boost is for, hence why I mentioned BD and PvE. When people complain about a class it is because of PvP. No one is going to complain about PvE when it comes to classes. A little common sense would tell you that. If you subtract PvP out of the game, you wouldn't hear a peep about class except for what the person is playing themselves and not about other classes.
  9. Dest do not need boosting since what I get from the original complaint is directed towards the PvP play of the classes. BD do not need boosting when it comes to PvP either in my opinion. One hit from a dest and you get stuck in their combo that kills you in like no time at all. You can't attack them close range because of their spinning and you can't attack far away either because they just deflect your shot and stun you and jump on you. Then you're stuck in their close range spinning attack. BD's spinning stuff seems like the same thing is going on. BD in PvE I can't say if they do need boost
  10. Yeah, I knew about that but it didn't show everything. I just realized today that it was set to only show moonwater quests and not all. That's why I wasn't seeing all of the skill stuff. Thank you. Also it was the way to get them that I was most curious about. I was watching stuff that was talking about auction houses and dungeon runs and so forth but I don't know if that is outdated or not. There seems to be a lot of changes or at least big changes when they make them like the drop rates and what not.
  11. I googled stuff but everything is really old. What does what and where and so on? If anyone knows a link or doesn't mind typing it up here that would be great. If someone does feel like wanting to type up the new info, a new thread would probably be the best for everyone. I can't be the only one needing this information, right?
  12. The hairstyle issues I mostly have is that I can't wear head accessories at all because they mess up my hair. They almost always make my hair straight or gives me pigtails or ponytails; I wanted scraggly hair. I picked that because I wanted to look like a rag-a-muffin. I would like to change my hair color though. It clashes with a lot of outfits that I really like. This is one of the outfits that I really like that I can wear. The white hairs actually throws off the colors surprisingly. Who knew?
  13. Ah, gotcha. Thank you. Good thing I'm in that crafting guild then.
  14. Would explain why snowflakes jump to a gold in a second. Hey good way to get a little coinage since I already know I won't be able to get enough for anything.
  15. I was looking for a tutorial or information on what soul shields can fuse with which soul shields. Anyone know of any? I've gotten to the point where it seems like nothing can fuse with what I have been getting.
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