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  1. Scaleburn get you a free upgrade for baleful or seraph plus there new nerf implemente to that legendary path which include void fragments
  2. Was about to post something about this. Not free but 3 square+10/20g is fair for 1 pentagonal and same for 3 pentagonal+10/20g for 1 hexagonal Here the problem 3 square+1 powder give 1 pentagonal which worth 1 powder which is a loss o nonsense transmute 3 pentagonal(worth 3 powder) +1 poder get 1 hexagonal this is non sense transmute too so you are spending 4 powder to make a gem that worth 4 powder Replace that 1 powder requiriment for square and pentagonal transmute for 10/20g o either delete square and pentagonal transmutation from t
  3. acpty


    Lol, gear it and youll kick ass in 6vs6
  4. If you like pve yes, if you planning in doing pvp think it twice
  5. Ncsoft say its ur isp but seem there something more complex, id recommend you to use a ping-lower software so it can by-pass the problem, this problem is not under ncsoft control or atleast is what they say
  6. So you here to help get a solution or just here to be as toxic as possible? Im starting new toon on new acc i dont see any problem with it
  7. the tittle say it all, and what with players that already spend lot of golds on this weapon, i didnt saw any complaint about galaxy being expensive so why ncsoft decided to make it almost free we deserve any PSTS as refunds? feel scammed
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