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  1. Ah yes, here we go, PvE carebears crying already. We get 12+ boring, pure cancer PvE events a year, this could be a nice change of pace. I don't think this particular event will be any good, much like the awful battle royale flop, but I definitely think we should get more PvP focused events.
  2. Come on, what the hell is wrong with you, cheapskate company? At least include a guaranteed Dark Emissary code. I'd buy a shirt and a mouse pad if that was the case, so the code would justify the shipping cost to some extent at least. But no, you include RNG even when purchasing physical goods. Why not go all out: Buy a T-shirt Lootbox and you'll have a chance to receive a T-Shirt!
  3. Actually, an update. I did the math and average number of coins per key seems to be 8 (of course, only applies in large quantities, excluding the TOP 3 rewards, it's more like 4 coins per key). Which means we're getting those boxes: https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/limitedtime-sparkling-starcaller-chest/ that were 49 coins each (and were total crap) for average of 86,25 NCoin, so nearly double the price.
  4. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/hongsils-treasure-draw-nov-2019/ So it's trove + lootbox combined. Okay, nothing new. But 69 coins per key for some RNG amount of lousy coins (I expect an average of 2), that you need 10 of to get a lootbox, then you need RNG to get a good one and in the end you have to pay to open it as well? 69 coins each key (which you can use 10 for each try) is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for triple layered RNG that you have to pay gold for in the end to get the reward. 19 NCoin a key I could understand. While I like to gamble 50$
  5. At least there is a way to target farm them. I'd like to see a similar way to farm Elysians, be it PvP or PvE. I'm drowning in Moonstones, but always behind on Elysians, as they can't be farmed in decent quantities anywhere.
  6. As much as I like Keroppi, he's just guessing and is clueless as to how everything works from the technical side. If anything, he is reinforcing the idea that we'll wait for UE4 on live servers for years to come.
  7. I'm not asking you. I'm asking the publishers. That's the official forum right here.
  8. After reading Korean and Russian news I realized something. I might have been naive thinking that we'll get Unreal Engine 4 on the core game next year. After all the ensuring: "UE4 comes this year", I always assumed it means they will update actual live Blade and Soul. We need confirmation on this, however it seems the "Complete" version with content from 6 years ago will be the only thing running on the new engine and actual players will get screwed once again with more promises: "Hey, we'll update all content to UE4 by 2027". Seriously, if that's the answer then why n
  9. It's 4-5 months away for us, there's no need to panic. Knowing how clueless NCWest team is, they probably know less than us. Maybe they'll notice in a month or two.
  10. Translated from the teaser/pre-order page: https://bnspreorder.plaync.com/events/2019/191028_preorder "The 'complete' update will have UE4 remastered graphics and new contents, and also the 'Frontier world' where everyone can newely start" Google translate. There are new, "Frontier" servers coming for fresh start. Exact specifications are yet to be confirmed, however considering the CGI trailers focus on Pohwaran and Hae Mujin, it's extremely unlikely it will be anything else than a classic reboot.
  11. The announcement of Unreal Engine 4 and new (more open) content is a big one for Blade and Soul. Remains to be seen, if it will help the game performance issues at all, but it is a good marketing point that could bring old players back (and maybe some new even). BnS has a solid core of great combat and interesting world that could make it a big success with some work and less item shop, but we all know that won't happen, because NCSoft has proven again and again they're here just for quick money. Anyway, that's not what I want to talk about. The Korean Blade and Soul j
  12. That's more than a chest, definitely not. Maybe for 400BP tops.
  13. Hi there. I'm a player that enjoys playing battlegrounds, but I've ran out of keys to open the chests, so there is no point to play anymore until quests reset. I understand that many veterans have thousands of those stashed from "old, good times", but fresh players right now are limited to around 20~ keys per week, counting in Solar Energy ones and Clan BG extra ones. That's less than 40000 Battle Points, which is done easily just in Clan fights, not even entering regular battlegrounds! And that's only considering 1800 Sparkling Chests, the quest ones are basically a d
  14. This is unacceptable. I was trying to explore the map and do some nice screenshots of the trees, but within first 15 minutes I met an enemy player. Please make the map bigger so everyone from the 5 teams can establish their own countries.
  15. Dla żądnych wrażeń potężnych wojowników, dla zagubionych świeżaków i dla wszystkich pośrodku - GuildNotFound otwiera rekrutację na serwerze Jinsoyun, frakcja Crimson Legion. Klan istnieje od zarania dziejów, grę mamy opanowaną do perfekcji, ale świeża krew jest zawsze w cenie. Nie mamy wielkich wymagań odnośnie ekwipunku, ale kilka warunków spełniać trzeba, mianowicie: 1. Wyłącznie główne postacie. 2. Przynajmniej chwila gry za sobą (w sensie nie zaraz po zrobieniu story). 3. TeamSpeak. Co możemy zaoferować? Bonus klanowy +75-80% do fasolek, krwinek
  16. You can farm 5 piece TT from MSP, which is faster and easier.
  17. Hey, you can disagree, but the main reward is doable by everyone. There's just extra something for better geared players and that's good.
  18. I'd like to give unpopular opinion. I like the fact that current events have easy and hard part to them. Gives stronger characters something to do and some extra rewards. At the same time rewards for Resurgence Coins aren't good enough to care about them on alts. I'd like more of those "two difficulty level" events in the future. Don't get discouraged by hate from alt farmers, who want to do everything on every crappy character, instead of doing actual game content.
  19. We changed to summer time, that means in CET the clan battlegrounds are 10PM - midnight, which is quite late for working people and I have trouble gathering clanmates. I'm quite sure it's not only the case for our clan and would like to suggest starting Clan BG earlier, at 8PM or so.
  20. Yeah, same as you came with solutions to evolved stones and pet packs.
  21. So with this update we got this open instance - Moon Refuge. Who thought it was a good idea to wait with 55 level content for level 60 patch? Mobs don't give exp and that was a big part of this instance to grind some exp with Dragon Soups. The whole instance quite pointless, new players can farm some 2-year old BT stuff and untradeable octas, but that's about it. Should've included it a year ago, then maybe.
  22. I do understand the daily part and it's fine, however weekly/raid quests shouldn't count toward it. My static gathers in one day and does everything and that puts us over the cap = wasted resources and that doesn't feel good. Or doing multiple alt weeklies during a free day also sucks.
  23. Warden is the one class that is disgustingly overpowered in both arenas and battlegrounds with no real counterplay available for most other classes. Other than that all classes have their bullshit that you need to play around or you'll perish and rage.
  24. As much as I don't like the compensation policy in Blade and Soul, this is one time it's necessary. You lied to us. You didn't correct yourself. We acted upon your lie. We lost a lot of valuable resources because of that. You're in entertainment business, not politics. Leaving the country because of retarded politicians is harder than leaving a game because of retarded publishers.
  25. So the dreaded pet collection system was confirmed to be included in the 13.3 update: For those unaware, getting different pets in your wardrobe will provide direct bonuses to your character power (tons of HP mainly, few hundred thousand in total). Since the only way to get most pets is Cash Shop, this is a new low in Blade and Soul. Until now, all important character power increases could be in some way farmed in game and you could argue the game is pay-to-progress. Now, with this Pet Collection system we can directly buy stats in Cash Shop, not available i
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