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  1. get out How did people could be so lucky anyway? I invested 300 gold in pouches but only got 180g as return...
  2. You may be closer to 700 ap but maybe your crit dmg is not enough or maybe they didn't see any heptagonals on you, so probably you are not the exact whale they expected. Pro tip, when you see 3 or more people from same clan in the party just leave. Whole party may end up dead on the last boss. Also there shouldn't be 6-man achievement for expert dungeons at all, you know that's bs. I think they must remove 6-man achievements. So easy to get extra 9-11 ap in these days. I remember 4-man labyrinth it was pain in the ass to get 3 ap back in the old days..
  3. You can but you may get banned for it. Since there's no official way to do it, I will not share any link but you can find it with a little searching.
  4. Its not just summoners but also destroyers. If destro hits stun then you cannot escape from their stun chain unless you got tab. Once I see summoner I go berserk mode and dps really hard.
  5. I created same topic twice already, and this is the 6th or 7th topic I've seen. Hell, even I made a video of it. Believe me if there was a glitch where you can get many hongmoon coins or gold they would fix it in no time. I know they are reading this. I played few mmorpg in the past, they are all the same never care about minor glitches. It must be really hard to update a hotfix :( Hope this time we will get an answer about this issue.
  6. I don't think that would be possible since you can't even change profile picture but I'd like to get an answer too.
  7. Sadly I am not a high tiered player but I'm quite good at kicking people's butts in 1v1 in real life. Also I have to say, same story happened to me over hundred times. Which is not good for me because when I get mad I smash keyboard for stupid reason. Now here's an idea for you: do same thing what I do. Once you see 500ms in arena just let people kill you and quit arena. Run some dungeon or whatever. Then you can try arena after an hour so. If you keep spamming arena with 300-500ms of course you get mad and create topic in forum, calling people coward so. Also I don't think BNS mig
  8. I want to kill her if its an option and BRING MIDNIGHT SKYPETALS PLAINS ALREADY LOL
  9. Its not broken just might be "fail". Since there's no explanation of it, if it fails you can easily understand from which gem you got. Just made sparkling hexa sapphire with 200 recovery and 1 critical hit. I've lost like couple brilliants though but it was worth it. Too bad we need radiant energy for heptagonals, could've make amazing gems..
  10. I don't know when will it be but most likely it'll include new legendary soul shields along with midnight skypetal plains (another 24-man dg). Parity with KR? Not even close.
  11. Deep inside me, I think I knew it. Damm why every nice outfit has to be like this..
  12. Man what the hell it has to be some kind of bug. Omfg I can almost see his feminine tits. Lool. Just lol.
  13. Yeah also I'd like to see some red-black poharan hair. Every run on BSC I hope for a red hair but always white-black version drops.
  14. I have hopes for a cyborg with heavy guns. Man that would be dope.
  15. I compared to stage 1, not stage 10. Do you even know how many legendary jewels need for stage 10? Not to mention about gold and materials for stage 5. Everyone could get legendary ring but not all make it to stage 10. Anyway after you spend thousands of gold for that ring I don't think its worth it. But the necklace on the other hand worth every penny. P.s: Maxed yeti ring has 23 ap so even if you get stage 1 legend ring only different will be 74 critical damage more but 636 critical less.
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