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  1. get out How did people could be so lucky anyway? I invested 300 gold in pouches but only got 180g as return...
  2. You may be closer to 700 ap but maybe your crit dmg is not enough or maybe they didn't see any heptagonals on you, so probably you are not the exact whale they expected. Pro tip, when you see 3 or more people from same clan in the party just leave. Whole party may end up dead on the last boss. Also there shouldn't be 6-man achievement for expert dungeons at all, you know that's bs. I think they must remove 6-man achievements. So easy to get extra 9-11 ap in these days. I remember 4-man labyrinth it was pain in the ass to get 3 ap back in the old days..
  3. You can but you may get banned for it. Since there's no official way to do it, I will not share any link but you can find it with a little searching.
  4. I want to kill her if its an option and BRING MIDNIGHT SKYPETALS PLAINS ALREADY LOL
  5. Its not broken just might be "fail". Since there's no explanation of it, if it fails you can easily understand from which gem you got. Just made sparkling hexa sapphire with 200 recovery and 1 critical hit. I've lost like couple brilliants though but it was worth it. Too bad we need radiant energy for heptagonals, could've make amazing gems..
  6. I have hopes for a cyborg with heavy guns. Man that would be dope.
  7. Yun ofc fking yun indeed look at her
  8. Oh boy.. What do you really think about this game? What are those? Catahrs? Togrutas? Aasimar? LYCANS??? LOLOLOL probably you thought this game is some kind of WoW or Knight but guess what? Not even close. This game is some anime sh*t. Even if you create a male character with long hair, hell sure it will look like a female LOL. Thats the one of my reasons I dont play male character tho. They all look like female with that shiny face and same clone eyes.
  9. Wow 185 pages already. I dont know if people looking but still I wanna share it.. In addition some bonus gifs Good old times.. Dat ass xD
  10. Well so many suggestions I've read. Recently I saw a post some guy suggest add theather in mushin tower where we can watch cinematic stories and play them again. By the way we already have same kind of this item in hongmoon store, I forgot its name (probably it was race/gender/appearance change ticket) but it would be nice actually if they put a barbershop in a town.. I know you guys want them, I want them too but this means changing whole game and I don't think this is gonna happen :(
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