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  1. Not sure if it's just me but, the profile of some of my characters just keeps deleting by itself after at least 1 or 2 refreshings after it's been setted, ever since past the "maintenance" from yesterday. Screwed up some codes here and there or what?
  2. I don't think it pops up in quick tab under the map anymore.
  3. Orange arrow for it, search in J, 2nd tab.
  4. Let's nerf BM too for their new skills and their infinite stun and evasions Oh and Destro and LBM spin, as well as FM infinite ice stun Remove Sin and Summ stealth too, remove cat Nerf KFM too op immunity and stunlock and damage And Qi Master too, 2fest5me and unfair Oh and remove Warlock's demon and and remove every class but mine please Kappa
  5. If you click on the lv 10 True scorpio link, then go to upgrade button, you can see what mats it requires and how much it costs.
  6. Make it with level restriction or, they can add like in KR, a fashion NPC, where you can get the certain outfits from dungeons only if you get the achievement of the dungeons you wanna get the fashion outta it. For example, do 10 times Tomb of Sacrifice/Exile to get the achievement and unlock the outfit from npc, costs in KR is, if I remember correctly, 3 red Fabrics and 75 silver. To get any other headgear or face, back or so, either 100 runs and 500/1000, something among those lines.
  7. This option is old af, KR created it, not West, they still roll with it.
  8. Honestly I wouldn't wear that at all.. The design is just messy, something like you just added random stuff in it to "create" it. I may be the type that likes simple clothing but that's just plain silly when it comes to details.
  9. Yes ignore them coz I can take aggro with 6 fps LOL Adding dps meter in NA/EU is just another way to sht on newbies, because eyyy COMMUNITY IS GREAT..ew
  10. How 2 start a cringe topic Come here and complain about silly stuff when you're not even close to deal with it. Try again later. Maybe around 35-36.
  11. Lol kk guess I failed hard that my first time in game ever now some years ago I didn't used all my coins just to get some danged hearts ey? Nice man trying to talk it smart, instead of getting fast butthurt you should explain people what to do or show them a video how to, not to come here complain how much they fail stunning Lantern Yeti. Easy isn't it? If they still fail then I guess they're just not made for this game? As you said, "lol you funny" ya punny man.
  12. Your own fault for wasting your coins for hearts you know, try not to use the hearts and learn the dungeons...by heart.
  13. Having 32k hp on that time wasn't average at all rofl. They didn't have HP on ALL bo-paes, it was old times. I still remember going with 25k hp in yeti runs on KR. good times Also the only worth thing for me to do f9-15 is for Yukson's drunktard outfit lmao
  14. You're gonna be just FIIINE, trust me, as long as you learn the patterns you gonna be gucci. And never discriminate classes.
  15. I still wonder what it bothers you, anicancel has been added or discovered by player due to the speed improvement KR made on the skills since 2013-ISH. Whenever you like it or not, you live with it.
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