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  1. Another naive kid. Of course. Because there aren't any players out there with 100 AP just from their gems.
  2. Keep going. Not gonna argue with a troll anymore.
  3. Tried that gun on the elite soldier. It seems to be ineffective since damage was around 250 each hit. Don't know about players haven't tried it yet.
  4. Don't think BM will have more damage output than summoner/warlock. We just have to wait and see.
  5. Is it just me or are we going through this shit again? Thankfully it's just me.
  6. Same here. 200+ no hat. They should add that hat to vendor already. Got shitload of tokens.
  7. Exactly. I'd rather have a large-scale pvp which technically we have but it's not working. OWPvP area are used for pve ends like quests and mats farm. Even if they weren't used for them we still couldn't be able to fight properly cuz of obvious optimization and server issues.
  8. Hahahahaah. If you can't play summoner right, you can't play anything, just quit.
  9. You can easily get 20-30 insignia per day from ssp with 450-500 ap and the total amount needed to upgrade from true oathbreaker to true scorpion is 228 insignia. Do the math. If you are talking about LvL40- people, well they won't even have the other materials for upgrade let alone insignia so it isn't a problem at all. They can do cinderlands and moonwater faction dailies and get 10-11 insignia per day which still is more than enough.
  10. Another tantrum from a ssp camper. Well nobody gives a fck if the prices go down unless you are gold seller or something. Actually it's better for new players and for those who have alts. If you want to farm gold you may go hunting rare items. But of course for a range player, SSP is a perfect income source. I just hope ms price drops to 2g or even below.
  11. Lol if it were there i wouldn't have opened this thread. Okay, they fixed it.
  12. Will this be Ncoin only or will we be able to buy it with HM coins?
  13. Merge isn't the real issue here. It's the channels' capacity. There must be a limit so that no matter what those SSP leechers do they won't be able to join a channel. 24 is the best number imo. That way we can fix both fps and boar problem.
  14. @JatoJato Just wanna ask which class are you playing?
  15. Class: BM AP: 650+ How i do SSP 1. Try to find a sin, kfm or warlock. 2. Either invite them or apply to their party. 3. If i'm successful to do so, do the regular killing routine for PP. If not, just kill for the daily quest. 4. If i am not in a party where i can get soulburn when boar is about to spawn, just give up. If there is a warlock that can give me soulburn pray to god that there won't be sudden lag spikes or extreme fps drops and find relatively emptier side.
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