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  1. 2100+ KFM that still can't get 3rf down

    Just put your left index over F, middle finger on R, ring finger on 3 and click it O.o 3rf3rf3rf3rf3rf3rf3rf3rf3rf3rf3rf for days. @OP: Some KFMs prefer to use 2RF when you have your TAB on. It's much easier and (for people without macro) isn't as "hand-consuming". But it still makes people shit their pants and TABout the Triple Kick stun.
  2. Homie you are so right. Cat should have 9 lives.
  3. Dokumo in under 1min 30sec achievement

    1 Destro, 4 KFMs and a Warlock. Yeah, this shit actually worked. Awakaned Searing Palm+Fighting Spirit is absolutely ridiculous.
  4. Dang, my plat KFM and Sin last season don't make me "decent" pvper? I also thougght getting gold on multiple characters means I at least know all classes' skills and mechanics. Shoe, I knew I couldn't be called good being 2000 sin and 1950 KFM, but it seems like all scummoners are just intelectually superior creatures and that's why they dominate leaderbords with their numbers! Everyone knows every good pvper with good reaction time and intelligence chooses little loli girl they can fap to. And this little girl comes with a cat! That's right, I forgot. I'd better start working on my master thesis year early instead of playing this game. Scummoners too intelligent for me, sorry. Maybe all other classes should just quit, hmm? They are obviously mentally inferior looking at total dominance of scummoners in leaderboard (over 30%). This game should be called "Cat and Staff", not "Blade and Soul". I know all scummoner skills. If you could actually read you'd have known I got to gold on 16 level scummoner and to plat on level 22 summoner 3 weeks after game launched. I leveled it to 36 to delete this shit for being too easy PvE and PvP. I might consider doing it again. Just one problem. It'll all dismissed as "Destro bots are easy, plat at 22 is too easy with them all over silver and gold". Now tell me what class you're playing. Scummoner? Okay, you can go now and never come back. On my KFM and Destro I eat scummoners for breakfast. I also played FM tag matches for easy beans last season, they were also easy. Mainly because they were freaking braindead and probably got to tag high plat by queing with 3 scummoners. Did I ever say I can't beat them? I didn't? How dare you bark anything about "not understanding a word"? Go bark at another tree. Everything you say can be dismissed with number of scummoners in leaderboard (unless all plat and diamond players are mentally retarded). Everything you say about scummoner not being faceroll class can be dismissed with their COMPLETE LACK OF ANY COMBO WHATSOEVER. The only thing that actually requires a tiny meeny amout of skill is... Ali'ing cat when it's being thrown. Everything you say about their skills etc can be countered with patch logs from KR AND descriptions of HM skills, that are clearly stronger on all other classes than on scummoner. Simple logic, that retarded 12 year old is capable of dictates, that scummoner has 90% of his skills in his build and is clearly stronger than all other classes that need LOTS of HM skills to be able to compete. #BladeMaster XDDD (Well, at HM5 it's pretty okay, focus is good. Still, everyone will get a major power up with all HM skills. Summoners won't. Because their class is at that level without HM skills.) Oh, as for PvE. Scummoner is not OP, it's balanced https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/180082-solo-bloodshade-harbor-4-man/ Spamming sunflower and standing in the corner like a moron to solo hardest solo content back then? It makes sense. Every class can do it. 6 million damage solo without taking any damage despite standing 6 meters away from the boss? It's easy, pff.
  5. Questions about the story (spoilers)

    I watched some random videos. Seems like Jinsoyun was a good lil girl, disciple of Jiwan, Jiwan died, Jinsoyun went mad to get revenge and kill Mushin, destroyed Hongmoon school to get her master's sword etc. Didn't want to spoil too much so I watched literally 5 minutes of few random videos from the story. Want more? Watch all:
  6. GTX 980Ti/GTX 970, i7-4790k/5960x, Any DDR4 RAM, SSD, cool it nicely, ez pz
  7. @players asking for 400 attack power for a dungeon?

    Pirate Bracelet and Awakened Siren BUT, I had only 70g before I leveled, rest is all from dailies. One can easily make 12g from daily cash, 20 soulstones and 30 soulstones from pvp, so it's possible to do it in like 10 days or so. And 25 AP gem, but it's only 26-28g or so.
  8. @players asking for 400 attack power for a dungeon?

    I have 387 with True Profane and I got to 45 like 5 days ago -.-
  9. Assassin vs Destroyer (me)

    Guy who wrote about Destros means NO CD hacking bots that are omnipotent and see through all and can counter everything. You can't kill assassin with Destro. Unless you meet idiot sin that tries to PvE you and walks into spin
  10. @players asking for 400 attack power for a dungeon?

    350 is low for BSH, so it's understandable. EDIT: Besides, topic name is "asking for 400+", so 390 is also too low. Only Naryu has such crazy requirements. Thinking soooo hard.
  11. Level 50 patch - Classes for PvE

    In PvP in KR second place is a scummoner with 100 win streak and 100-0 record and 100% winrate (no shit). In PvE Scummoner>all because of crazy sunflower damage and cat Taunt.
  12. NCSoft make a server for casual players pls?

    Three days ago "OH NO THEY BANNED ME FOR EXPLOITING OGONG" Two days ago "*cricket* YOU I'LL STILL QUEUE FOR NARYU WITH INFERNAL" Now "OH NOES THEY DON'T LIKE ME I CAN'T PLAY WITH THOSE RUDE PEOPLE ANYMORE" Noone cares. Go grind dungeons you CAN with your gear. You can make 10g a day from ez dailies, True Profane is a matter of maybe 2 days. Then grind Poh, then grind BSH etc.
  13. Next idiot that can't fathom irony and sarcasm. Read 1st and 2nd reply... I thought it's pretty clear I'm talking about bots that have no cooldowns, on multiple classes. But hey, reading is in elementary school, we're not there yet, are we?
  14. @players asking for 400 attack power for a dungeon?

    Yeah, because people complain about 390 AP in any other dungeon lol
  15. @players asking for 400 attack power for a dungeon?

    Stop trying to do Naryu with your shitty gear and go back to Brightstone Ruins/poh6.