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  1. Why are you surprised by this? The same thing happened when the level cap went from 45 to 50 back in March 2016 : Looking at your profiles and most of you were here for that.
  2. The email address is : support@bladeandsoul.com
  3. Whew. Was beginning to worry that I was the only one who thought Doduri was adorable. It was certainly the funniest story line in the game so far! My favorite characters are : Doduri - cos it's Doduri! Dragon Trader Ronsul - I think those people saying her voice is dull and boring are missing the joke here! Jinwong The Tempest - The destroyer from the 8 masters. You would need to play a destroyer to have spoken to him in the 8 masters quest (level 20'ish), but he was hilarious and the VA was brilliant. Not so good when he reappeared later on though in the level 48
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