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  1. plus i never speak for whole community they dont know what they want they get it an gets mad says ruining the game
  2. i trying find out that info u know were i can find it kr web sucks at trying find things out which i dont read kr so make it hard?
  3. No what they should do. Do what wow did finally with there maining its shared via everyone if someone mine's it still there for u to grather ur self .... BUT WHY WOULD THEY CARE AS THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT MAKING US PULL OUT CARD OUT AN BUY NCOIN AN BUYING IN GAME GOLD OR PAYING FOR TROVE an thy basic stop careing about there non payer right @Liinxy blade an soul if u care u would listen to us
  4. Restarting questline Mushin Tower

    Did u hit J an go to lette tab an click small letter icon?
  5. [Update] Raid Sizes in Dark Origins

    lol man u ppl are funny just spite 24 man group in 2 group an done easy fix an ppl say they quit never really quit man u ppl know how make me lol
  6. Well yea 6v6 is one sided its pin weak vs op
  7. 6v6 Clan BG

    BG never going be bal
  8. Server Merge Discussion

    They should just make 2 mega server Na an EU or mega server for west an east na an eu server
  9. Irontech Forge Upcoming Fixes

    Kind wish u guys fix combat bug already its 100% Drag when ur stuck in combat when ur not really in combat
  10. Irontech Forge Upcoming Fixes

    Then go TIME SPEC then
  11. Silverfrost Dungeons Normal Mode Nerf

    plus most of ppl doing nom dont even do hard mode so it wont effect hard mode ppl ppl can always look up guide on youtube
  12. Silverfrost Dungeons Normal Mode Nerf

    why are u blaming Na nsc u ppl forget its kr game an they get update form kr so blame them Na nsc have really no say how game is done
  13. SB resets cds again

    Who care Sb dont reset an more sb an time both dont need to reset Cd if u want reset use time now they cant do any thing its kr made it so
  14. Use of macros

    macro'ing is cheating it is Illage seems alot of people are using Macro'ing to not get cool downs and so on it is a extral program are these people just lazy and stuiped or just cant get anywhere in the Game they suck so bad they got to cheat to win the pay to win i dont mind but the cheating of Macro'ing is BS the GM or NCsoft is not doing anything about this or anything. third party macro software U do know NA is only bsn that cant use them kr an other bsn lets them use it
  15. Newsletter gift?

    U dont get Email its always added to ur account page u can go there t see it an apply to ur account Apply code tab then go to blade an soul tab