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  1. 24man Instance's

    Where are they located ?
  2. Where do i kill zoraxi or novice lancers ? do i need lvl 47 first or ? im waiting for over 30min on the spot and nothing, help pls
  3. Cant find Zoraxi boss or Novice Lancers/Gunners, you know exectly where is the spot ?;o bump bumpp
  4. +400 ap

    420 + is a must if u dont want to waste ur time. nothing more to say
  5. you would have more fun playing the game legit, trust me.
  6. bsh4

    any tips for trasher ?
  7. not my problem u play 2h / day, i can earn up to 80-150g a day and i suggest you to play facebook games instead of crying here. cya
  8. I wonder if all premium users bought premium for real money or there is easier way to buy ncoin ? becouse for hogmoon i cant buy it right. help
  9. RIP Ebon Hall

    whats up with ebon hall again ? server under maintenance :( [*] PVP Arena
  10. What kind of weapon i need for pirate upgrade ? is it silver deva from mushin or ?
  11. High toxicity

    well, people who cant get gold 1v1 need to share their emotions somewhere, dont care about them :D