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  1. In my experience, I have never seen anyone recruiting for Naryu Sanctum or Dollhouse use LFP in the dungeon lobby. Mostly they recruit thru forming a party and stating gear requirements or in faction chat for those dungeons. TBH, I have never run either of those due to the fact that the no one ever wants to teach you to run them whether you have the gear for it or not. Granted, players should be locked out of dungeons they don't have the gear for, but there needs to be a happy medium that will allow players to at least learn the mechanics of running the higher dungeons. I am just now starting
  2. @Hime, Thank You so much for replying ^.^
  3. Form your own party by listing it and list the gear or AP requirements you want and recruit that way. But consider this, how do the under geared players get better gear if no one will carry them thru those dungeons? Some of the mats they need can only be acquired thru running certain dungeons so what can they do if players refuse to carry anyone whose gear doesn't match what they think it should? In fact, I have seen players with what I would consider lesser gear out-damage the so-called geared players.
  4. I have the same problem. Daily Dash is not working.
  5. After you start, check to see if another attack icon appears. Otherwise, you may need to file a ticket.
  6. Disabling the marketplace will not help seeing that those items have been listed for months. The offers would have run out ages ago. NCSoft just needs to remove them somehow and clean up the marketplace. But, as previously stated, since experienced/cash shoppers know about it and aren't complaining, they don't seem to be in much of a hurry to fix it.
  7. The Worthy accessories require at least 60 of the boxes. IDK about you, but it's not easy to get that many HM coin for me, at least not in time for the events. Even if I did, I would still need to have at least enough to buy 30 for the upgrade. HM coin don't come that frequently in my experience. Even if they did, I would still be trapped into spending them on something I may not want to spend them on. My point is that there should be a better more frequent way to upgrade. Normal accessories can be upgraded as soon as you have the materials to do so; why not the cash shop items?
  8. As a player who spent enough on event boxes to get a Worthy Awakened Accessory, I am very disappointed at the way you guys let us upgrade them. First, to even upgrade it, you need to spend even more money on event boxes just to get the required material. Second, the events to buy the boxes are too far apart. I could have just upgraded the one I had in the time it took me to even be able to upgrade the 'Worthy' one; plus, the mats to upgrade normal ones don't cost me any real life money. I can just farm them mostly. Can you guys please find another, easier way to upgrade them? I don't mind spen
  9. @Hime One thing I think would be nice is if GMs occasionally did content with players. And I don't mean the high-geared whales.
  10. Hi and Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time with us ^.^
  11. @ Devs: Any ETA as to when the exploited ones will be deleted? I actually need one of the type that you say were exploited
  12. The same goes for the horde of pets that are cheap right now.
  13. I agree. As one of the olders players with not much time to spend, while I don't like grinding some they seem to take it to the extreme. Even with alts, the amount of available time you have to play limits how much you can grind. Especially if you want to do any content on your main as well.
  14. Oh, Ok! Thank You so much for the information. I have been trying to find out for quite a while. If I may impose on you just a bit more? What gear would I need to join a group? BTW, even at the merchant in MSP, I can only buy 1-4 of the SS. All the sources for them say I need to complete the achievements to buy 5-8.
  15. I am trying to get my celestial soul shield set but it says i need to complete 'Peace of Cake' and 'Westward Blow'. I have no idea what these are, they do not show under my achievements. Does anyone know what I need to do to complete these?
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