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  1. Ok, nevermind, sorry, it came in my mail. I just now got into the game and I hadn't checked it yet.
  2. Can we no longer resize the UI?
  3. I have the vouchers still for my Resurgence outfit and adornment still in my inventory and it says they are expired. Why did I not receive them? Is it only me or is this a known glitch?
  4. Would you be able to use it? I thot that was a once a day event.
  5. Since she said it's for the affected players, I am guessing it will be in your received items. But like I said, it's just a guess.
  6. So far, I have only had a problem with 1 alt, my BM.
  7. I was able to log in on 2 alts and my main, but my third alt is getting the error message. This was 5 minutes ago. I am going to try and log in on a different alt and see what happens. I am trying to log in on NA-Yura at the moment. Ok, just now, i was able to log in on my other alt.
  8. The thing I really wanted is the gilded gem at the end. I only needed that one to make a square one and now I missed out.
  9. I got a 3* crit in less than 100 keys(I think it was around 65 keys used). You should know that when they say it's rng, that it really is and it takes an immense amount of luck to get anything good.
  10. I was totally unaware of that, but yea, it makes a lot of sense. My sympathies 😞 Having played on both EU and NA servers, I have noticed that EU players DO seem to be willing to spend more though. I have noticed that EU players on average, are a lot better geared than NA players. I can't imagine they grind any more than most NA players given the time most ppl have to play the game; so I can only assume they spend more. In this game, the whales rule everywhere.
  11. I agree! Most of the items that require you to buy coins or w/e are a trap to get you to spend money, ie...the 'Worthy' accessories. in the time it takes for them to have an event where you can upgrade them, I have the mats to upgrade normal ones to the same point and beyond. Who wants to wait months for an event to upgrade? Not to mention that you have to spend to get the mats needed for the upgrade. NcWest is money-driven, hence, the higher cost for NC coins in NA.
  12. In my experience, I have never seen anyone recruiting for Naryu Sanctum or Dollhouse use LFP in the dungeon lobby. Mostly they recruit thru forming a party and stating gear requirements or in faction chat for those dungeons. TBH, I have never run either of those due to the fact that the no one ever wants to teach you to run them whether you have the gear for it or not. Granted, players should be locked out of dungeons they don't have the gear for, but there needs to be a happy medium that will allow players to at least learn the mechanics of running the higher dungeons. I am just now starting
  13. @Hime, Thank You so much for replying ^.^
  14. Form your own party by listing it and list the gear or AP requirements you want and recruit that way. But consider this, how do the under geared players get better gear if no one will carry them thru those dungeons? Some of the mats they need can only be acquired thru running certain dungeons so what can they do if players refuse to carry anyone whose gear doesn't match what they think it should? In fact, I have seen players with what I would consider lesser gear out-damage the so-called geared players.
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