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  1. How can i start my own LFP? Did you even read my issue.
  2. I cant believe how is this even allowed, I refuse to carry those inbreds. I'm already sad about not Hitting my TOP3 in the morning because your game is actually dead. Im tired of this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
  3. Seems like you are a cheater yourself, Someone ban this guy already.
  4. Why keep fighting if you get ignored anyway?? That makes you look stupid, Just buy a computer and stop crying already. They dont care about Geforce Now they care about their real client. Geforce Now is good to have but not a necessity. WAKE UP
  5. God bless you, doing the lord's work!! Ban these cheaters not just for 3 days , PERMA BAN!! so they can be as an example to other people who are trying to cheat. I will be reporting any cheaters i encounter you can be sure of that. I will also suggest you to join "Alice kr Stuff" discord and "Mod police" discords since most cheaters are there.
  6. Stop crying about Geforce Now, just Buy a Computer 4Head
  7. I cannot find people for TOP3 just because of cheaters making people leave the game, all i want is to find people to play with 😞
  8. yo Seriously, can you guys ban these abusers??? they are destroying the game with GCD bullshit, there is a 3rd party program called multi tool that allow you to cheat with XML edits and flying hacks. BAN ABUSERS, BAN CHEATERS SAVE YOUR GAME WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!
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