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  1. Transferring weapon illusion appearance

    Shouldnt be any issue if upgrading either. Only really have to seperate when sealing it.
  2. Compound - how to remove items

    You always can add in a better item, but the initial item will be destroyed.
  3. Not sure how you accidently press 4, but yeah either dont include 4 in your macro or play around it
  4. subjugator's bracelet

    most likely only works on stage 10 item. plus since its old content, I dont even know for certain if you can transfer this at all. The item you need can be also obtained in F5, but there you only can aquire 10pcs around 1.4k G rn.
  5. Esp them to blame, yeah bugs can happpen: No Biggie! yeah, bugs can stay undetect: No Biggie! but this but was reported and NOT fixed for 5months+ after initially reported. Keeping the market in mind petpods lost huge chunk of value around Nov last year, making this bug almost a year old. If we now consider the people that noticed/got told took their sweet time getting pods, selling for profit, stacking up long before they started selling. Staff in itself have if only copypaste skill, since our dearest NC West staff cant do anything about the game. Its 100% KR at fault for neglecting the bugs for a vast amount of patch cycles rendering it by deffinition a feature. Since both are lame transslations of KR terms I highly doubt they affect us. And as long you spent money they wont delete your stuff anyways (script worked different but thats been a halff a♥♥♥d solution regardless). So in theory you are right, however since the initial bug became a feature it was no longer punishable. 1) Yeah, they wanted to give those who didnt use the exploit a chance to catch up participating in said event. 2) They are a company so anything money related is important. Everything else is not. And this fix is a mere loottable edit, which coulddve been done long ago. And even now its been done so poorly and ugly, that they even messed up emotes doing so... 3) Since they (NC West) only use files provided by them (Team Moneylust aka NC Soft) we can be happy the game is running at all /giggle The issue with assa is simply that they dont understand what causes which bug, so they cant fix it either. 4) On their agenda there is no issue. Ppl will reroll (which brings money), gear up (which brings money) or quit (which will be ppl who didnt cash alot anyways). really think they care? 5) Frankly make them bugs public. Only way they will take actions, is if enough people benefit from bugs. And as long said bugs dont hurt them, they wont care. We (West) are half a percent, so anything we pay is flat earnings for them. Am I suggesting to expose them? Truthfully I'd say if youd were, and still thinking to play the game: Do not expose them with any hints shown. 6) Wild guess, they aint hiring since KR is in terms with cashing alot. West has no stafff who has any knowledge in any field,'d be safe to assume the playerbase has to fix the game themselfs again. Possible yes, plenty groups do so. Sadly they dont share their fixes... 7) Well yeah, new stuff. Which is copypaste again and frankly any work compared to fixing things they dont understand. All in all Id view the (public) pet event as retribution for all players that didnt use it back when it was an exploit. Your hopes are futile, however first and second are spot on, so Ill not gonna adjust the quote. For the same explanation you gave it was safe to buy the items, and *scrolls up* no action against ToS or CoC. Since it was implementend and worked as provided. I personally am thankful for the detailed guide on external sites such as mmoga or in bns forums, else I wouldnt have gotten certain outfits. Everything was intended by you (NCSoft). Indeed, and for that I am thankful. Not costumized which does cost items and ingame money too! Id still ask and demand those items back. I wouldnt trust getting them either, but you rightfully re-colored your outfits so you have all the rights to. Since CS only refers to this thread and @Hime went silent all of a sudden. I doubt we see any gold nor the rightfully purchased pets/pet pods again. Its a shame but at this point people will have to decide if its worthwhile sticking around. Me personally I am thrilled to see what items I will get robbed next.
  6. Major patches

    Hopefully a scythe will be added at some point, though it'd have made perfect sense ffor destro 3rd. However regarding WL3rd I barely can imagine any other than making thrall long lasting aka WL new sum, while SUM3rd as announced kinda sounds WLish. At either point: Since derpcsoft doesnt allow UI and stuff to actually safe, but hide pet bars instead I personally dont see any point in having a controllable thrall. Yet, I think all those whales have a better understanding than those in charge for UE4 and all employees at NC. As for UE4 and testing. The people in charge of testing didnt even fix an event for like 5months + you I do not have any hopes left at this point. Story will keep me returning every once in a while, but aside from it there is very few thats tackles my fancy. Making AST Lyn exclusive definitly aint helping either.
  7. Once again, plenty people such as I cannot login due to some "auth failure" on your part NC. Why does this keep happening?! Esp on a day where we get limited play time anyways...
  8. What does cold front do?

    I partly must disagree. While some specs have higher burst, other specs have a better sustain. Esp in raids sustain is key. I dont see any need of lets say a gunner who bursts 15mil but dies in an instant since his base dmg wont heal enough. But yeah, the higher percentage here is agreement. Most content requieres you to do as much dmg as possible, but this solemnly depends on your personal goals. For me in wolf I do insane dmg, but titan I barely get any combo since my ping is abyssmal. So as he said:
  9. Neuer MSP Raid

    Ach wieso denn? Um es mit den Worten von NC ausdrücken: ANGEL DOCH DU KREDITKARTE DU! Ist traurig aber wahr, MSP lohnt echt nur noch für die Tafel. Und bei der Performance ists eh für die wenigsten spielbar. Vorallem nachdem sich ein Bug eingeschlichen hat, nachdem wir am Wochenende nun nichtmehr zwei Kisten bekommen. Was hingegen witzig ist. Als 3rd spec laggt es deutlich weniger, nur da mein bm bzw kfm zu wenig Schaden drückt verrecke ich halt im Gift ^^ Wart mal ab, bald kommen bestimmtes Bufff-Food für MSP und eigene Res-Charms.
  10. nerv pvp !!

    Jetzt tust du aber was ganz Gewagtes: Du denkst mit. Kennt bei NC nur keiner, da ist neuer 3rd spec = unübertroffen damit alles re-rollt. Nur da die ihr Spiel selbst nicht spielen...
  11. While the make unavaible part is a smart. How inadequate can you read a thread/multiple threads? Tell me! NC cant ban, if they would - and Id be happy to a certain extend - 95% of players would be gone since this event was running for 4 months. If this is a plan by NC we surely get some trouble for participating in said event. However unless its their plan to avoid working on UE4, they can't risk banning everyone away. So in terms of quotation: You'd be better the one, who shuts up, since one way or another even you should be banned for partaking in said event. No, they be returned into regular outfits not custom ones. They deleted things, therefore they dont have records. I'd even suggest claiming you had some outfits which you had not. Its a gamble, but with recent actions in mind. With all the trouble NC brought upon us, thats the least they could do. Stating they cant return threads aswell is proof enough imo, that they dont know or cant check which items you lost ;) Eventually if they are obtain in said event you wont get them back. Sure those who sold them will keep their money. NC never thinks, so...yeah. They even removed mine which I got via realmtrotter coins and CS be like go tell forums we wont assist any longer and you cant issue any new ticket via CS. So better only have in store what youll use before maint, else.... Not sure if they know. The people in charge do not play their own game. So how would they know? Ultimately what else can I say: EVERYONE came in touch with event items one way or another. Ppl piloting arena for SS, Ppl running scripts to bypass F5 sell limits, Ppl who participated in said event for months and those who bought cheap pods cause we need so many, but have little chance to farm since regular event are s♥♥♥rly inexistent. If one to blame it is your devs who made a mistake, but moreover your devs who took atleast 5months+ to change a single value, when altering the merchants happens all the time. Also we need to blame 3rd party sites who made this event public and the forum announcement, which spiced up SS prices and benefitted those people that maxed out their stuff months ago and kept collecting pet pods. To my dismay I wish such fantastic event would occour more regularly. If you can ensure that, maybe arena/ssp wouldnt be this farce of a wasteland anymore. For closure I want to point out that 35% less people play since said event ended, so...your precious worthless compensation better has alot usefull stuff in it and no crap like trash TS, black stones, naryu currency or peaches!
  12. moonlight bud and gilded triangular

    I mean dailie quest + 4x Zafners Zael. No need to camp the area too much. Dungeons/Raids/Story prolly more important. But still now and then hunting spiders aint too bad.
  13. Oh, ok. Der ist im aktuellen Built aber glaube ich nicht mehr enthalten, ergo die Dienste existieren nicht mehr. (oder ich finde die einfach nicht xD)
  14. nerv pvp !!

    Nunja, in der theorie ist der sf skill "müll" da ein sf beim casten (während der skill ja schon aktiv ist) aufgehalten werden kann. Beim xml assa ist der skill hingegen dauerhaft ready und wirkt instant. Nur haben die wenigsten diese xml und daher passiert es nicht so oft. Da der drecks assa einen bzw alle dann auch direkt 1hit ko kann, kann man dies auch kaum aufnehmen/beweisen. und selbst wenn, dann kann auch niemand was machen.
  15. Really bored so far, does it get better?

    On the contrary there is a huge story ahead of you. ~26hours of gameplay. Just yellow quests though, blue ones dont add in any alternative story any mroe.