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  1. So, day 8. Last day of perks 16th June. And NO REWARD! @Himeexplain!
  2. Imho its horrible that it still can fail on upgrade, rendering DGS useless I suppose? EV is rare, and that is good.
  3. Prolly its suppose to mean: PC (hardware) is ever so evolving and being faster/stronger/better. Why then Games (software) doesnt get better itself. Answer (more freely for now, can go in detail if SamSalaBin need more details): Games generally take time to be made. You cant craft a game to ultilize 3080Ti as a minimum back in 2010. Go figure why! Same is with games and estimates. It can only be coded up to a certain point. There can and sometimes are re-boots but this usually only happens under certain circumstances. So yeah, BnS 2 might utilize last Gen hardware, b
  4. Exactly, lets just bombard the lazy support with restoration request ^^
  5. Thank you, to my concern I am afraid devs dont tell you that crucial stuff gets removed. Maybe start moderating those sneaky ninjas.
  6. ngl, I am afraid what they ducked up today. UPDATE: devastation
  7. With goldinflation premium is a cheap alternative to actually manage your limited storage. That aside it really needs a revamp.
  8. Well, might be reworked with new premium. I mean subscribtion...Since rn, one of the very limited insentives is "less cd on windstride" so you dont need to run, allbeight "/" strolling would still be faster than most unloading screens
  9. Forum be like "I go full Matt Hardy" on you. So it looks like playerbase does accept the current games state.
  10. @Hime Why the actual mark of the blackram it resetted to week 1? Again? I atlest rightout demand my week 2 rewards. I also will ticket this everyday until solved. You guys really pirating all mediocre stuff for keeps and just giving out bulloks.
  11. I do ticket this whenever to merchant pops and doesnt has it. Just as a reminder for @Himeand all to pressure the people in charge to fix things. Or give it to missing items, since its removed but in game still (adjusting collecting would work too, but I doubt devs are capeable off such high tasks)
  12. Amen. Also ticket support often redirects us to post on forums instead. Even when we hand in evidence of people violating ToS/CoC. Which just gives the impression we cannot report those people after all. Since we would jeopardize our own account in doing so 😕
  13. not forgetting, but performance is the key issue with this games code (hacks aside, NC doesnt know how to prevent them) yet even test server shows only texture changes, while performance still is as horrible as today. and when 5800x2070S gets same output on UE4 as my 1700xRX460 does...goodnight. because NC need to man up and admit they cant fix their game and let modders do that for them OR they need to fix it themselves. Unrelated to test servers 32is even not supported by NC any more. Its not meant to be used anymore, yet its avaible and working better than their atte
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