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  1. Basically @Hime, in the early trailers there are non-lyn astro. I wanna know why it was scrapped or when they will add to game.
  2. "Endless" discussion. Hence we aint an academy the ultimate answer will be made by yourself. To spill some free curry I will say this much: Basically. On a more detailed level you need perfect timing and almost 0 delay/ fps issues. Rotation is key, while simple mode is whack. Basically. Less ping reliant and simple mode is a good start. Little less visual than galaxy, so a little friendlier to play. To me. I play star, but once I reached better pc components I will try galaxy too.
  3. They (scamsoft) really should enable the traders funtion similiar to regular afk-gems. I would not mind spending another 400/600 token for a try on another gem, ...hence for the past weeks all I got was hepta or a few octa ones. always jade stones which is pissing me off. and starting this patch only hepta ones, still only jade though. ...hence this week the "new" ones. always the kunzite and oh boi only heptas Funny enough there is not even an official loot table alltogether, but this is anything but random. Esp. since we help to fake ""active" number for their an
  4. Try working for a change. Soon you oughtta know how companies work.
  5. Still those event charms clutter valuable inventory space as well as they do limit the ability to level up. The 5mil charm has its own seperated cooldown, which wont carry on actual charm. While this might not be a permanent issue, it surely is something that needs to be resolved.
  6. Since somehow related to this event, Ill add a bullet point asked by two GMs to this thread in hopes of a fair and conclusive discussion: Why does NC measure with two scopes? Ppl who pay for trove get keys back and informations for which "there is no tool to review" the current amount gifted. Why are the very few players hindered to know if the boxes did count when half didn't (allbeight obtained from F10 or DC) but then boxes do count that are bought from F5? I screwed yeah, I took items I got mailed with those from F10. Reportingly it aint a issue to look into data a
  7. Shouldnt be any issue if upgrading either. Only really have to seperate when sealing it.
  8. You always can add in a better item, but the initial item will be destroyed.
  9. Not sure how you accidently press 4, but yeah either dont include 4 in your macro or play around it
  10. most likely only works on stage 10 item. plus since its old content, I dont even know for certain if you can transfer this at all. The item you need can be also obtained in F5, but there you only can aquire 10pcs around 1.4k G rn.
  11. Esp them to blame, yeah bugs can happpen: No Biggie! yeah, bugs can stay undetect: No Biggie! but this but was reported and NOT fixed for 5months+ after initially reported. Keeping the market in mind petpods lost huge chunk of value around Nov last year, making this bug almost a year old. If we now consider the people that noticed/got told took their sweet time getting pods, selling for profit, stacking up long before they started selling. Staff in itself have if only copypaste skill, since our dearest NC West staff cant do anything about the game. Its 100% KR at fault for neglecti
  12. Hopefully a scythe will be added at some point, though it'd have made perfect sense ffor destro 3rd. However regarding WL3rd I barely can imagine any other than making thrall long lasting aka WL new sum, while SUM3rd as announced kinda sounds WLish. At either point: Since derpcsoft doesnt allow UI and stuff to actually safe, but hide pet bars instead I personally dont see any point in having a controllable thrall. Yet, I think all those whales have a better understanding than those in charge for UE4 and all employees at NC. As for UE4 and testing. The people in charg
  13. Once again, plenty people such as I cannot login due to some "auth failure" on your part NC. Why does this keep happening?! Esp on a day where we get limited play time anyways...
  14. I partly must disagree. While some specs have higher burst, other specs have a better sustain. Esp in raids sustain is key. I dont see any need of lets say a gunner who bursts 15mil but dies in an instant since his base dmg wont heal enough. But yeah, the higher percentage here is agreement. Most content requieres you to do as much dmg as possible, but this solemnly depends on your personal goals. For me in wolf I do insane dmg, but titan I barely get any combo since my ping is abyssmal. So as he said:
  15. Ach wieso denn? Um es mit den Worten von NC ausdrücken: ANGEL DOCH DU KREDITKARTE DU! Ist traurig aber wahr, MSP lohnt echt nur noch für die Tafel. Und bei der Performance ists eh für die wenigsten spielbar. Vorallem nachdem sich ein Bug eingeschlichen hat, nachdem wir am Wochenende nun nichtmehr zwei Kisten bekommen. Was hingegen witzig ist. Als 3rd spec laggt es deutlich weniger, nur da mein bm bzw kfm zu wenig Schaden drückt verrecke ich halt im Gift ^^ Wart mal ab, bald kommen bestimmtes Bufff-Food für MSP und eigene Res-Charms.
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