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  1. If I didn't use my orb that's leeching? 1.Tell me: What if a party of 6, 3 of them got orbs, the one who use the orb first, got the loot, the other pt member are all leeching? or those who don't have orbs are leeching? YOYL is an offer, ppl who willing to take the offer, accept the condition, and it is their will to use it willingly before accept it with out any enforcement. Your party member contribute dps and save ur time to fight the boss, and u provide the entry. In return u got all the loot This is a fair take- NOT LEACHING Just
  2. @ElectricPotato The point is, why must use ur own orb on cross server HM? why must use ur own orb 100% each time? Most of the new player needs HM to get the quest done, so they might not care so much of selling it, some ppl need that gem ticket. This is a Fair take U can keep the shards for CS in ur own server for share, and cross-dungeon HM without any orb or shards Im not going to being toxic and type in the dungeon lobby YOYL all the time, but if I queue for a HM, someone is willing to use the orb, this is their will. According to ur math....if i do
  3. I don't wanna pick a fight and argue, I just wanna explain this event isn't that bad as u might thought. I have 4 alts, daily+HM+CS only takes me 2.30 hours, I didn't do CS second stage, I didn't buy orb or use my own orb shards, just free orb from other player I never join such YOYL and MOML ads party since 95% of the times there is no orb, and the party is full immediately, just queue as normal in the early morning, and surprisingly, most of the time, we got orb in party....just enter HM and wait. So if u really wanna do CS, then share orb shards in ur own server and free ride H
  4. Fire btr dps than ice, this is not true Ice FM does more dps than fire when there is good tank and sb in team and the boss have low mobility (Like the turtle boss, Both A3 player, Fire fm has btr accessory, however, still 40k lower than ice With sb, and the boss move a lot, fire is btr than ice
  5. My suggestion is : don't ever stick to the MOML ads which is completely waste of time, pick a quite time like early morning, the orb chance is much more higher, like 6-8am in the morning, or at daily reset time, the more u far away from reset time, the less chance u can get in (because as time goes, the number of orbs goes down, simple theory), and in the morning there is less ppl in queue, to avoid long queue, therefore ppl are more willing to use their orbs. Just Queue for HM, or form a party by yourself- YOYL..or enter YOYL,and wait someone place the orb The chance o
  6. 1.The purpose of the event is to make players stick to the game. 2.The mech of free online game is: the longer the player stay online, the more willingness to spend money. 3.Everyone want a free lunch, therefore ppl who got orb shards would like to put on market rather than using it for few worthless items (well maybe not for the gem, but the drop rate is kind of low). So u see, even supply is plentiful, it still takes quite a lot time to finish these two dungeons due to quite a lot of player don't want to use a orb. This explains the price of the orb shards drop sharp
  7. Mushin tower 9-15, 15 floor has a guaranteed drop of 1 moonstone. u don't actually have to farm 9-15 later on, because 13-15 has a high drop rate of floor 13 ticket 2-3 min/run ,20-30 moonstone per hour If u like farm other materials, solo shattered isles is the best choice I don't like pvp to be honest....u need to queue and win, which takes a lot more time
  8. no point, if u got 4 character for example, the fastest speed for farming daily is 2 hour & 30 min (during event, may be 2 hour without event stuff), let's say 30g on average, that's 120g=1.6 usd dollar 5 hour for 8 character & 7 hour for 11 character, 11x30g=330g maximum, not even five dollar, plus weekly and material u get, probably would get u 7-8 dollar for 7 hour Minimum wage since 2009 is $7.25,who the hell would spend a day on those alts rather than work 1 more hours on their job?
  9. with sb 200k? I play bm as my alt, 1.2kap, 280ping, end of the battle does only 80k
  10. For example, if I got a lotus illusion weapon chest from my main, can I mail to my alt?
  11. Update: About VPN settings For example im in Australia, without VPN, my ping is around 500ms, after tried different vpn, my ping on average is around 280-300ms, with around 5% jitters and spikes no matter what vpn u use, try to connect to multiple server at the same time! This reduced my ping from 280-300ms to 214-250ms, and this can reduce lag spike and jitters (if lag spike and jitter is below 2%, it means ur connection is healthy and stable), Above 10%, ur game experience might be affected. Above 20% u can see ur ping go up to 800ms+ For examp
  12. For oversea player VPN is a must, personally recon Wtfast, Dallas server(same if u use other vpn), see detailed instructions below Screen freeze during boss fight Turn off most of the camera options, I found some camera tick is the major cause of lag, freeze, go to camera and at least turn off "use reflex context guide", personally I only keep"repeated actions on key hold/nable cinematic skill camera/keep character in camera focus" these three options. Crash Fix if ur computer is 32 bit then use 32 bit client, if 64 then 64, don't cross! this is the major
  13. Joybringer is the new christams costume that coming soon on next update, i mean Velvet rope costume with velvet rope adornment, the hongmoon store costume in the past. Hope they release white angel one day
  14. Lunar/Solar Eclipse Dark/White Angel Heavenly Match Velvet Rope+Adorment Pure White Ascension Joybringer Butterfly effect Colorful Silks Summer Groove Fated bond Beach day+adorment Unfortunately i only got the Dark angel and Pure white...hope i can get some of them by next costume daily rotation or RNG box What do u think?
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