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  1. Storm of Arrows swag bag

    Dead line was Sept 13th.
  2. Newbies/Alts Do Yourself a Favor and Get Raven 3

    I'd personally say keep buying until you get 8 slot but the choice is yours and no once you fully unlock the gem slots the only way you will lose them is if you seal it and mail it to another character and open it since then the gem slots will be RNG again.
  3. Easy Mode is a very bad idea

    Reminds me of people still wiping in Shadowmoor, Dreamsong, and Brood Chamber. None of which are overly hard on normal mode yet it still happens because A) People are too lazy to go check out videos or read the guides B) Not many players are willing to teach new people C) Bots. Actually Basin isn't bad for materials w/o premium or clan buff as long as you do it on a class that can kill quickly letting you get the material chest as drops but also peaches which can be turned into treasure pouch since you don't really need anything else from that area. Panda Cache Village is another if you catch a time when no one is in it PVPing. Short Dungeons like ST/SSM as example that don't take much time to run. MSP 1-6 is a joke. Doesn't require 1.6k+ unless your completely suck at your class or just want to clear it fast. If you don't match the stupid requirements of others, make your own party and players will join (people do still help new players or lower geared ones). I mean 1-5 can be soloed with decent gear, 6 is doable with Grand Celestial. But in terms of materials better choices which take far less time.
  4. Newbies/Alts Do Yourself a Favor and Get Raven 3

    Light and Dark chest were removed when they bumped the starter weapon to basically riftwalk / dawnforge. You can get those from the Temple of Succession "side story", or at level 50 you can go to the Dragon Trader NPC near the achievement merchant (one of his locations) in Zaiwei and buy the chest from him and pick which weapon path you want.
  5. Login rewards EU/NA vs RU

    Maybe due to their contract as a host RU can alter much more then say NA. Sure it would be great here.
  6. This patch might be the last straw

    Pay to progress crap. Corrected it for you. Eventually for every base class there will be a new class that is better then 2 combined. They did the same on Lineage II so Archer won't be the last class. Archers play different in every game for the most part. It will play differently here as well. It is always a good time to return to the game as normally if your gone long enough you log in with a quest to basically give you stage 10 accessories for doing some very minor dungeons and upgrading the 30 day items with the quest reward. I enjoy this game very much and tolerate it more then players that constantly whine. They gave us easy mode. Don't like it? Complain to the part of the community that said the stuff was too hard, so they gave us a easy mode, lowered gold and rewards and removed normal. If you don't like trove or the rng boxes, simple don't buy them, if enough people do this they might just take the hint. Older players should know mechanics so therefore they should be running hard mode? Nothing says you MUST finish all 8 dailies or even 7. You can do 3 on alts just fine in the same amount of time and 6 on your main.
  7. [Patch Notes] Who can keep up any longer with this game?

    Well again I refer to the whole make friends, get in a good clan comment. It can be done is my point as long as you know the mechanics. Most people still fail Normal Mode which honestly I don't really see why since the mechanics are so easy.
  8. [Patch Notes] Who can keep up any longer with this game?

    If you learnt the mechanics, you don't actually need much gear to run those, but then again you know how people are stuck on the whole lets burn it down so it doesn't take long so you are probably right...
  9. Game dying

    And yet when most people ran those raids in your example did they already have Celestial gear? Nope. So sure it offers a smoother run and faster but it isn't required in order to clear. That is all we are saying and the community setting unrealistic requirements is actually bad for everyone. You have people complaining about not being able to catch up and your actually helping with the pay wall by setting those requirements. Helping players out will always outweigh restricting them. I'm no Mother Teresa but at the same time I would much rather help players out so as a whole since in the long term of things eventually the content will die down when we do in fact catch up to Korea and the more players that can run those raids will help not hurt the community.
  10. Game dying

    Well I don't play enough to turn this into a '2nd job' and still do just fine. That is also why the ranking system needs to be changed in my opinion to best rank on your account counts, not every character on the account but that is a subject for another day. Always being behind in the content isn't too bad. I make gold, help out friends, relax and enjoy the game and reductions bump me up a tier. I'm in no rush to be maxed or really care seriously about this game competitively as their are much better choices for that type of play. As for would I start all of that over, I'm not exactly normal as I don't mind the grind so much and I'm used to it from other games which were to be frank much much harder then this. But to each their own right?
  11. Game dying

    I personally play as my own pace and the math I did for the soul you seem to take out of context as that was income based on what I currently make daily. It was to show that to get to current max it is still possible for those free players to obtain. Of course that doesn't include the heart / pet aura and talisman however pet aura would take less time or about the same now with the upcoming release of another tier. Which could be done once you reach a decent tier of weapon and do your other earring,ring,bracelet,gloves. The only real reason to be at max gear is to reach top spots for competitive pvp (6vs6). Edit: Forgot to mention "If" I was really worried about my DPS and being in the #1 spot in the meter I would just actually spend the gold I make in order to upgrade my characters instead of helping out clan members catch up. Which includes on my archer which I know with min. gear will be doing some good numbers regardless. The does doesn't allow them to do the latest content. Seriously so when I see players recruit for Nightfall wanting players to have Celestial gear in order to do it, is the game saying that? Like wise with Scarlet. Hell I still see requirements on Skybreak / MSP, but that is NCSoft and not the community. Got ya. The people that actually do challenge mode are a exception but how many actually do that? As of today 60 teams. So 600 characters (w/o actually going through and checking how many might be the same account / team with alts). With the exception of raids though everyone can do for the most part on day 1 barring actually knowing the mechanics newer dungeons that are released. It is the community that raises the bar of gear "they" require for players to do stuff. That is all I'm saying. In the end I will continue to enjoy the game, players will continue to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and it gives me something fun to read most mornings for my breakfast so keep it up guys =)
  12. [Patch Notes] Who can keep up any longer with this game?

    Run stuff on Hard Mode and profit? It doesn't take long to learn mechanics. Plenty of videos and guides.
  13. Easy Mode is a very bad idea

    I'm under the impression from the stream we will only have Easy and Hard, no Normal. Either way I feel dungeons shouldn't of ever been touched and made easier as honestly they are easy even on hard mode as long as everyone knows what they are doing.
  14. Game dying

    Was a example and yes I do get the concept. Since many of you guys want to burn down everything and then when it comes to actually needing to do mechanics most know next to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about them (was my example). More AP doesn't equal knowledge as someone could of always bought the account so they didn't have to start from level 1, they could of whaled out like some people do, voucher then figure, "Oh I'll just learn how to play later". Plenty of examples can be supplied in that regard. It is fine, you do you, I / we will do us if we decide to be helpful but don't come and try to say that the community isn't in part to blame. Also, the whole point of my post is the difference in gear compared to mine was to show you that gear and AP do not equal knowledge and sometimes depending on the amount of screwball players it will also make runs longer due to wiping. Why else do you think Ocean Discord Server came to be in the first place? Also I was considered the "trap" as you so nicely put it and carried that Aransu 9 party (Glided Gems minus Garnet / 1 Set floats on my account so yea) My Destroyer's BNS Tree
  15. Game dying

    There is the common attitude I speak of. Ap means very little and I really hope you understand that if not then that is a whole another issue then everything we are speaking about. Had a Aransu 9 party for example just today in Shadowmoor, they considered me a carry at Rift 6 but couldn't take it off me and they caused a wipe a few times before I explained how to cheese the mechanic for the first boss since you are no longer required to do the crystal mechanic. You'd be surprised how many high AP players I have to school on my various characters in higher content.