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    You must be blind or really dind't got the general idea. Or just playing dumb on purpose. No one ever said UE4 will make game less grindy or change how the game works on paper. That's not the main issue of the game. This is a MMO, it's meant to be grindy. Otherwise you will play will you reach 60 and never login back. If you expect a pvp game with "balance" there's things called LoL, DOTA, Overwatch, CS, Fortinite, and so on. If you want a MMO where grinding don't matter, then that's truly not a MMO, sorry. Company will make game free, and put the p2w content to profit, or will charge you 100$ to buy the game and charge you again for expansions. UE4 will fix what was the initial issue, the lag and the poor optimization since this game runs over UE3 and DX9, which are not supported anymore at some extent because newer engines and graphical technologies got released. I don't mind farming a hundred dungeons, if my experience while doing it is smooth. If I can run the game on Max graphics, AA, full resolution and at 100fps, I will enjoy every second of it, because this game was made to be beautiful, to please the eyes. Sadly, with 5 fps while on low settings, I can't enjoy any of it. And I'm sure 99% of the players think the same. Specially those who already quit out of frustration. Saying the game is boring because you need to farm everyday, is just a matter of how the devs will introduce content. But Putting more content won't matter if you can't even play or enjoy it. But,,,, of course, if we have a bigger community like some years ago, finding a raid group, a dedicated party and more reliable players will smoothen the whole gameplay on that matter as well, instead of having to fail and stress myself because everyone lags and nothing works. Gameplay implies you playing the game and being able to do so.
  2. Archer RMB

    Funny enough, this is not op class nerf, but actually a "punishment" or something like that. Second, they never nerfed 3rd spec BM. Not even on KR. And Archer dind't got any nerf either, the opposite is actually happening, as they are releasing new re-balancing patches to buff the other classes and bring them up to be on pair with the new ones. Your point makes zero sense. Besides the point that there's no "new rotation". I'm using the exact same rotation. Please use your brain before posting. Thanks.

    Considering UE4 will fix the gameplay, there's nothing to fear. Review bombimb on Tera was bcs game performance was and tbh, still trash. Poor optimization ruins any game.
  4. Archer RMB

    So after this week patch I was wondering why my archer RMB was feeling so slow compared to before patch. The 3 hit combo from all 3 darts variants connects really fast, but after that, when it goes back to the first one, it takes a really weird delay once it's cast again. And I heard that Dart got a nerf and now it have a 1 second or so cooldown, but that was only implemented on NA bcs ppl was using a XML edit to remove the hit 2 and 3. I'm really pissed, bcs I was excited about the class and everything, and it just got a random nerf for random reason bcs someone complained about it. That's not really fair. What about BM 3rd spec that removes their last falling star hit using also XML edits to get more dps? And all the other classes that I see my friends commenting around about how they used a XML mod to get more dps and so. Why archer needs to get this treatment? BM 3rd spec is really OP and no one ever complained about it. So why now I need to have a sluggish RMB for no aparent reason? I don't even use any mod for it, and it's ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ slow. Can't this delay be lowered or something? Because that doesn't even exist in other bns servers *shrugs*
  5. ET Raid - Freezes

    I confirm this. My ET had the same issue. Close to last phase, game freezes for solid 5 seconds, and we wipe bcs it's right when we had to use party protections.
  6. FM class impossible to macro or simple mode

    Or you can reroll ice with the new accessory system. Macro and simple mode friendly; Good at pvp; Better opener; Cooler effects; DPS is now even between both specs.