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  1. You just mentioned it, hello? This sounds like infinite gains to me, so pay attention on your replies before actually typing them because you afraid someone trying to show a second opinion, no need to be in defensive mode and try to change subject. I didn't really "blabbled" about whales having lots of gold from hunters refuge, I'm stating a fact everyone knows, it was a poorly designed event that broke even more the economy (Reason why F9 never worked ever again, and reason why they trying to nerf gold rewards, they know but can't admit it) It felt like an official "exploit" becau
  2. Means you don't know how management works. The whole profit is tied mostly over a single item, Pet Pods. If they do a small code change so pet pods can't be tradable, you already stop the so mentioned "infinite gains over time". Second, they can lock down the tiger and fish pets ID out of the transmutable list, so they can't be used to make newer pet pods. Or even disable the pet transmutation for now till they change the code. And the main factor here, not a single gold was "generated" in this issue, meaning only player gold was swinging around. The gold ppl got came from other playe
  3. So, if someone goes and buy on F5 100 saberfang or rosethorns for 10g ea, and dismantle them to get all the outfits, and eventually pets, or even buy the box pets for 10g ea, they are only adapting? Please... Everyone selling Soulstones, buying any item related to the issue or cheap pet pods F5 or not, are getting unfair advantage, everyone knows what is going on, you can see that the forum thread that first "announced" the bug have over 10k views. I didn't even knew we had this many players. And players openly sharing the information on faction chats, general chats and bns communitie
  4. Idk what's wrong with this game community. One week after update everyone heavily complaining the new system is trash, the game is garbage, everyone will rage quit, no one cares anymore, and that the devs takes away their gold, and deliver bad events that gives nothing, or barely gives anything, or only benefits whales as always; Next week a small and dumb bug is exposed (instead of being patched) and suddenly those same people floods the main page complaining they got way too much and NOW THEIR PERFECT GAME IS RUINED. It's a bit ironic. sorry. Ya'll should just chill and wait for the da
  5. I think that's intended btw, you are floating in the air, not walking.
  6. If this COULD fix F9, would be great, but.. one can dream, the current economy is way past a simple fix. I miss buying the market stuff with all the HMCOINS. Just my personal thought.
  7. Warsong wasn't the stronger/BiS option either for ice btw. The new badge outclassed it.
  8. Ppl go learn that pvp is not a pve dummy parse. You should watch the OLD bns tournaments, where strategy and intense wombo combos made it fun. if you play gunner for the fact you wanna full burst someone as soon as you hook on their face and throw that 1 CC, stop playing the class. I'm sure the summoner slowly poked you to death, and kite you the whole day.
  9. The training dummy thing is totally necessary. If you need to parse on a low gear character you can go Moyun parse, or any 1b boss honestly will do. Or just do a 5min parse and stop. No one ever required full dummy parses unless it's for mains with good gear. If you can't parse on dummy, you are not supposed to or your alt is too under gear for it. Or if someone asking you for a "FULL dummy parse" only, well you already know the reason.
  10. OR you can just put free octas on your alts. Why even bother dumping 8 penta dyads gems just to do weeklys?
  11. There's complaints about enrage timers, but anyone ever stopped a min to think that they didn't nerfed the rewards from those old raids yet? You want easy to do raids? They will give you that alongside with reward nerfs that will make it pointless to run, like what happened with old MSP till they actually revamped it making it harder but also bringing the decent rewards back. I did a few PUG VTs the last 2 weeks, and my goodness, literally no one but 3-4 ppl actually doing the dps their gear was supposed to. And also the 40min of time wasted bcs ppl can't learn how to stun HQ properly. Thos
  12. Can't agree more. Ppl got used to 1 shot everyone (reason the whole pvp community is toxic and mad about) there's no real skill besides how fast you can "swipe". So now ppl can actually things like combos, strategy and teamwork. It's a new era. And ofc they can't just release everything in one go, so the very next patchs will make even more sense. Everything before IA was still based on old model, and after we go past that point the pieces will come together way better, but it's already better than before for sure.
  13. You can literally farm the old fused soul badges and buy with Martial Tokens on dragon express, and it's not even a crazy amount, only 20. The new badges are the new content you need to play the game to achieve, wanting a "free" new end game gear is kinda, saying to everyone that farmed TOI and Trial Arena they wasted their time. I don't know what's the big deal on this, we can already swap the wingrise and paragon to the exhilaration and that's perfect the way it is, we can even swap back if we regret it. Btw, even exhilaration being BiS, the old ones are still decent for 3rd spec till
  14. Tested several times, and checked with a few friends that the "auto casting volt salvo" on Zap and Lightning Palm are not working with the talent "Power Play". With some tests, the only thing we could find out is that it seems to work with players that have below 130ms. Everyone over 150ms are not having volt salvo auto cast at all. Please check this. Can provide screenshots and other tests if needed.
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