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  1. Factions

    Well you have your toxic players on both sides so if you could I'd honestly say don't pick one lol.
  2. DC 3x in less than 1h

    If it was the server then how do you explain others not complaining about the constant disconnects? It could be your ISP, it could just be the route in which you connect to their servers or a number of other things.
  3. How to upgrade a stage 4 bracelet?

    Complicated. You use Legendary Elements for weapon upgrades so, common sense tells you.... you use Legendary Jewels to upgrade Accessories. Maybe they need to plaster it in one of the load screens *shrug*
  4. Moon Refuge is absolutely terrible.

    To be honest it could be reworked or it could be removed completely and it wouldn't effect the game if at all. I always said the Moon Refuge map needs more monster spawns for the size of map it is. And yea they could of added everything to Celestial Basin but they wanted to design a new area for us which I know you might end up using that comment to argue then why remove Panda Cache Village which is where I'll add this comment in. So far out of all of the topics I've seen one thing is pretty clear, no one likes the pvp involved in the village when it is / was meant for new players to go in treasure room style to help progression. Why do dungeons have trash mobs. To slow down players. Why have large dungeons with only a boss? Why do players skip those trash mobs and just speed through the dungeons when they only take mere seconds to kill with our current damage? Dungeons are far shorter then Raids. Raids are designed that way because frankly their end game things for you to do in which case should be long and hard but just think you don't have to finish it all in the same day either unlike dungeons. While the lower level dungeons might not offer something to you in terms of gear, materials because they have basically been phased out over the 3 years. They still offer players something to do, outfits and achievements, weapon skins. Everything at some point can be considered old content by players while it might still be new content to others. Why keep normal mobs throughout the map while removing the side quests in those maps. Actually the question really is why remove those side quest. Sure they took some time to do them all but some were actually fun, gave lore on some of the side characters you would run into. Anyways @Nemises your suggestions are decent enough and its nice to see someone post on here that offers feedback without crying about subjects. There are many ways they could fix this game but frankly I don't see it happening anytime soon.
  5. Moon Refuge is absolutely terrible.

    It is that way to cut down on the amount of players that would actually bot this. If everything is bound to account then it narrows down exploiting. Make the items free trade, would kill the market on some items like Legendary Hammers but also open the way for forms of botting. However, if you set that to something that is already unlimited like Celestial Basin and Moon Refuge then you would basically kill those areas off for those players who want to farm it for experience charms, moonlight bud for alts, awakening skybreak items, min/maxing fallen / ivory soul shields, limit the amount of hammers they could buy a day, or HM1-15 1mil experience charms which all help them catch up in a manner of speaking. Grant it most of that people consider old content crap but as a new player its 'new content'. And yea, I get it they could have the monsters give more experience, moonlight bud to drop off them and so on but I highly doubt any of this will come to be. Ok, say you make it for only 1 person to enter then it automatically closes. Why have a special zone at all in that regard when they could have what drops inside drop off the monsters outside and save resources coding wise and server wise. So what is the pro of having it aside from helping "that" player in getting some materials. Everything sure does but long story short this is a Korean game. So we honestly have very little say on how things go. I mean I would honestly love for them to just give us the Korean game client with only 1 change language based on region. No other changes. Won't ever happen but one can dream @Hime
  6. Moon Refuge is absolutely terrible.

    The main issue is not everyone you think is a bot is a actual bot and they just may not want to speak to you and so on. So then you add the broken pvp system in the area for new players to catch up basically which can be abused and other players can freely kill them for no rime or reason other then they want their spot as a example. The quest energy idea is what caused the downfall of other games that limited a player in such whether it was crafting, unlimited type quest which makes Moon Refuge nice for the current experience grind etc. Moon Refuge has a whole is good. It can be made better by more monster spawns in general and maybe a dragon pulse in each of the 'areas' to get back to the base camp like Celestial Basin has. Also, having the quest to function like Basin in which it is automatic / add phases and/or phase bosses with of course more HP so 1 geared player isn't enough to solo it.. As for Gem Powder. While they need to reconsider about the amount of solar energy > gem powder conversion due to the game age in our region and not base it on korea's age, it isn't that bad considering you can also get octagonal gems lately from events which can be salvaged for powder. It is why events are a normal thing. If you need gems work on those for that event, if you need pet packs or vials do those during the said event. Focus upgrade and you get done much quicker then if you try to split up all of your time into multiple things. Really though all of the comments about panda village, my take on it is to get rid of. Have moonlight bud and the chest drop more often from the monsters already in place in moon refuge and then you won't have anyone complaining about being killed by another. If you want pvp, wear a faction outfit, do battleground, tag, shackled or even normal arena. It keeps both worlds happy and also apart for those players who simply refuse to do one or the other.
  7. When are we finally getting "Easymode"

    Actually on that dungeon, it does more damage now then it did in hard mode before the change to easy. That is why they should of just stuck with KR's model and not give us this weird ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
  8. When are we finally getting "Easymode"

    Hm, I kind of want to say the dungeons are already easy as hell now up to Warped Citadel (can't touch base on Cliffs yet). How exactly can they make them easier for you even as a newer player? Some damage needs adjusting for things like say Boss 1 of Drowning Deeps, the water damage ticks too much, even higher then what it did on the old Hard Mode but you can get around that by using the dragon blood or actually Stun,Knocking down the boss so the tanker gets the shield and follow with them. All other dungeons except for Boss 1 of DST can't exactly wipe you. So why all of the complaints? My perfect world is old mechanics (nothing nerfed), KR's Easy / Normal / Hard mode in place with adjusted rewards based on what mode you do the daily on.
  9. Actually no, if they deleted my main's weapon I'd be on support the second after noticing it. Don't assume stuff you know that just makes you look like a ass. 1. Make your own party, I had no issue doing all of the daily dungeons within reason on a raven 3 alt. Quit being lazy and learn how the new mechanics effect things and learn your class. If you can't handle doing 3 dungeons for the event then really your just plum lazy. 2. Its actually cut by 35% if you check out everything, it slows down upgrading but doesn't stop it. If you feel like you still can't progress then go ahead. 3. Weeklies, Dailies all offer orbs, plenty of people offering "my orb my loot" runs for you to join and get your daily done. Or just skip it and do another dungeon. I've seen much worst patches in various games and this one is far from the worst. Was a lot of stuff messed up sure but you act as if this is end of the world with some of these changes. Here is a bucket for you. However, events were to do just that break up your daily routine in a game for something a bit of fun and possibly rewarding. I did say they reuse events a lot so on this game at least, they might not be as fun, and they go about getting the event currency in a boring way, it could be better. Yet you seem to make them all but worthless and simply refuse to do them but then go on to criticize them on pet pods, sacred vial amounts needed for upgrading when they offer you a free way to obtain them "every" month. Most games don't have events like this that offer one of the better rewards every single month. Hell most games don't even have events every month.
  10. Moon Refuge is absolutely terrible.

    While I don't see much of a real issue with this suggestion, Moon Refuge already is basically your starting point after you are done with the current story in order to catch up for the most part. As you gear up is still serves a purpose. seeing how you can even as a free player make at least 2-3 characters, you can in turn do on your main moon refuge daily. Spend those moonlight bud on experience charms which will help boost your new alt (once it is level 60) to HM 15 right off the bat (I've done this with pretty much all of my alts once moon was added). Easy way to also get skybreak accessories extremely early without ever needing to step a foot in the raid, as well as most of your new ' standard / starter accessories (Hellion) minus the bracelet which might change soon. Also, best place to grind for experience for those who actually want to hit HM 30.
  11. Really, unplayable you say? Is that why I managed to basically get all of my characters that still needed it, the mystic badge from the event plus extra currency for other items? Oh and this wasn't just me spamming the Weeklies over and over with resets. I know I know, I'm a white knight thus defending them. Last time I checked you attend a event or in this case " do the event" in order to break up your daily routine, not so much for the reward but to do something fun (yea their events are reused time and time again I will agree). Anyways, most of the mechanical changes to dungeons never should of been done, I'm a strong believer that they never should of dumb downed the mechanics / remove hard mode / merge the drop tables for 90% of the dungeons. It rewarded players for learning, (while some might argue not enough of a reward) reward nonetheless. Well whatever floats your boat @PetPuggi
  12. Archer RMB

    This is precisely why XML editing in Blade and Soul shouldn't of been allowed to any degree. It is the only thing I will say on this subject.
  13. I didnt like my badge anyway

    Well if they would of just gave us the KR client and changed to English etc without all of the mods / changes that we got because of our region the game would run much smoother then it does. I do agree it has its uses but when they complain about changing something to increase damage to that degree and wonder why people consider it cheating boggles my mind. My stance has always been if you need it to actually play the client then more power to ya but actually modding your files / outfits / skills and such shouldn't be allowed even if they are QoL changes since it offers you a slight advantage over those of us that refuse to use 3rd party programs allowed or not.
  14. I didnt like my badge anyway

    Exactly @Asuramon. Frankly removing skills for any class shouldn't be allowed I mean it is techionally cheating. (waits for bns buddy protectors *whistles*).
  15. Gold nerfs are making it hard for new players to catch up

    I'm going to make this pretty short and somewhat sweet but really depends on your point of view. No tier of gear was made to be gotten through in a day, week or even month. No dungeon requires current end game gear to complete. At most once you hit mid game which honestly you reach near that point out of story and with few days farming in Moon Refuge allows you to do every dungeon you need in order to make gold. Some are harder mechanic wise but nothing that requires a high IQ. Now this is where things get tricky. I've looked through and would even consider doing the math for you if need be but you need more materials then gold to do upgrades unless of course your speaking of items like heart, soul, talisman, pet aura (which you can reach a good point in even these items without spending a arm and leg of gold). However to do raids and just in general to progress to end game (not max gear but "end game") you do not require much gold, however you require a ton of materials which you now get 2 chest per run of any dungeon. Now for certain items you need to craft you would either have to get out of your comfort zone and do PvP for (soulstone / moonstone come to mind) but that is where you have options. I'm not going to spell it out for you but maybe I will. You can then farm dungeons for materials (every notice you get a ton of sacred orbs?) and sell the materials then buy what you lack, no need to be a pack rat leave that to those lyns. As for the gold income amount per day being lowered I hear ya as it cut into my daily profit. I do about 675 gold a day now compared to before 900 so don't get me wrong. Refer to the other topic about fan patch notes for my other post about what the dungeons should of been like in this update.
  16. This is what NCSoft should have done - fanmade Patch Notes

    Personally, what they should of done is simple. Keep the game much like Korea. Give us Easy mode with all mechanics in place however none that will kill you / high damage with lower then normal gold rewards. Kept Normal mode with mechanics (leaving some that can kill / wipe you) with normal damage and normal rewards. Hard mode for all current dungeons including old with normal hard mode mechanics we were use to with higher payout then normal mode in terms of gold and materials. It is pretty cut and dry. (psst see guys I'm not a white knight so quit referring to me as one....)
  17. Revert patch changes please ....

    Want some cheese with that whine? So it takes longer, you make more gold from Moon Refuge then you do from doing basin. Don't have enough time? Well news flash game doesn't revolve around you, or even me. Content changes and things progress. Your only issue with this is the fact that you can't try hard one day doing all possible dungeons and turning in the quest when it is a daily challenge cutting down on your overall play time. Heaven forbid that you actually have to run them on the day that they are a challenge. Also correction, you only need to do max 4 daily challenges to do your normal routine for solar energy farm, nothing says you must do all 8 so quit complaining about that. No one is forcing you to do all 8. Seriously guys get off the whole white knight label as some people might not see the same view as you doesn't mean we're defending something. Plenty of things are wrong with this patch and your just not the only person/people dealing it with as a whole.
  18. Another patch rant

    More time but more gold possibly which is what I thought a lot of you guys wanted? Hell you can also do MSP daily which the gold amount was untouched but no you guys only complain about dungeon gold. Funny how that works out.
  19. Storm of Arrows swag bag

    Dead line was Sept 13th.
  20. Newbies/Alts Do Yourself a Favor and Get Raven 3

    I'd personally say keep buying until you get 8 slot but the choice is yours and no once you fully unlock the gem slots the only way you will lose them is if you seal it and mail it to another character and open it since then the gem slots will be RNG again.
  21. Easy Mode is a very bad idea

    Reminds me of people still wiping in Shadowmoor, Dreamsong, and Brood Chamber. None of which are overly hard on normal mode yet it still happens because A) People are too lazy to go check out videos or read the guides B) Not many players are willing to teach new people C) Bots. Actually Basin isn't bad for materials w/o premium or clan buff as long as you do it on a class that can kill quickly letting you get the material chest as drops but also peaches which can be turned into treasure pouch since you don't really need anything else from that area. Panda Cache Village is another if you catch a time when no one is in it PVPing. Short Dungeons like ST/SSM as example that don't take much time to run. MSP 1-6 is a joke. Doesn't require 1.6k+ unless your completely suck at your class or just want to clear it fast. If you don't match the stupid requirements of others, make your own party and players will join (people do still help new players or lower geared ones). I mean 1-5 can be soloed with decent gear, 6 is doable with Grand Celestial. But in terms of materials better choices which take far less time.
  22. Newbies/Alts Do Yourself a Favor and Get Raven 3

    Light and Dark chest were removed when they bumped the starter weapon to basically riftwalk / dawnforge. You can get those from the Temple of Succession "side story", or at level 50 you can go to the Dragon Trader NPC near the achievement merchant (one of his locations) in Zaiwei and buy the chest from him and pick which weapon path you want.
  23. Login rewards EU/NA vs RU

    Maybe due to their contract as a host RU can alter much more then say NA. Sure it would be great here.
  24. This patch might be the last straw

    Pay to progress crap. Corrected it for you. Eventually for every base class there will be a new class that is better then 2 combined. They did the same on Lineage II so Archer won't be the last class. Archers play different in every game for the most part. It will play differently here as well. It is always a good time to return to the game as normally if your gone long enough you log in with a quest to basically give you stage 10 accessories for doing some very minor dungeons and upgrading the 30 day items with the quest reward. I enjoy this game very much and tolerate it more then players that constantly whine. They gave us easy mode. Don't like it? Complain to the part of the community that said the stuff was too hard, so they gave us a easy mode, lowered gold and rewards and removed normal. If you don't like trove or the rng boxes, simple don't buy them, if enough people do this they might just take the hint. Older players should know mechanics so therefore they should be running hard mode? Nothing says you MUST finish all 8 dailies or even 7. You can do 3 on alts just fine in the same amount of time and 6 on your main.
  25. [Patch Notes] Who can keep up any longer with this game?

    Well again I refer to the whole make friends, get in a good clan comment. It can be done is my point as long as you know the mechanics. Most people still fail Normal Mode which honestly I don't really see why since the mechanics are so easy.