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  1. What, nice joke. I work as a volunteer at the Red Cross (reserve). I play Pen and Papper, TableTop (WH40k, WH, X-Wing, Freebooters, Warmachine, . . . .) with my friends. And on the board of a club for P&P, TT, ....
  2. EU: ~95% Crimson / RED THE NA Server are a little bit, hmmm, different ^^
  3. Und solltes du mal Hanger Null ( HO ) Oder Steinschlange ( SP ) oder Avamara ( CC ) oder usw. ^^ machen wollen. Am besten voher im (Lobby) Chat höflich fragen ob eine gruppe einem beim Sammel für das Event hilft. Auch wenn einige meinen das die Spieler mittlerweile "Toxic" wären bin/war ich überrrascht wie oft mein Twink eine Einladung bekommen hat und "mitgeschleift" wurde. Die meisten Spieler reagieren nur deshalb so Toxic und kicken einen, wenn man als "extrem kleiner" einfach in gruppen rein geht ohne voher zu fragen.
  4. Wowww, ein neues PvP Event was mal wieder nicht richtig durchdacht wurde. Für Karminlegion / Rot ist das ein Esay Event. Wenn nicht sogar so einfach das einige Spieler probleme haben werden die Anzahl der Daylies zu schaffen weil die "GroßenFische" alles "one Hit" wegbomben. Und, es macht bestimmt Spaß mit, mittlerweile, 40 Karmin Spieler auf einen "Blauen" Spieler ein zu "one hitten". Als "Blauer" brauch man gar nicht erst da mit zu machen da: 1.) min. 40 Rote Spieler auf einen einschlagen. 2.) Die NPC in der Base dauer Tot sind und man so keine Chance hat überhaupt etwa
  5. AhJe, Thanks and Sorry for you. That this trove is even worse than bad, I noticed this after 50 keys (pay it with HM-Coin) and stopped. It was a lot of 2 stars, but the quality of the reward was on the level of a better 1 star. I wanted some of the Trove clothes but, whatever.
  6. By lill I know that she loop little ones through dungeon (from low to WC / CC). ^^ And, she/her is a Dolphin, not a Whal ^^ At the moment a lot of friends and my are doing LFP with the inis that we usually run solo (from low to WC / CC), to help a few little ones during the event. Unfortunately this do not do a lot of players
  7. Da kannst du noch etwas länger warten. Die Fortsetzung(en) wird/werden zurzeit in Korea Programmiert
  8. Ohje. Ehrlich gesagt, spiel mal auf der "Blauen" Seite. Dann hattest du schon seit Jahren das vergnügen immer von 10-15 Rote gekillt zu werden. Deshalb, dieser teil des Event war von vornherein nur für Rot-Karmin gedacht. Auserdem kommt man auch ohne diese Ebene gut voran bzw. man gewöhnt sich daran ohne diese Ebene voran zu kommen.
  9. So, just for fun, created another twink for testing. 1. At the moment it looks like you can do 1-7. If you know how. Which could be a problem for new players 2. MSP permanently kicked out. 3. Theater and everything about it except WC / BC. Thrown out permanently or group dissolution. 4. LFP only works for inis that are currently daylies. Otherwise, kicked out permanently or group dissolution. Current status: 240 It's just sad that some players let themselves be looped through the inis with their twinks. But as soon they have/must to carry with t
  10. sigh, they just don't learn it. This event are for new Player / low lvl Chars. Anyway, @Hime have you or NCSoft calculated how much dungeons you must run for the 400? i think not. Could you slowly wake up? More and more good players are leaving and the few new players still have a lot to learn. But from whom should the new players learn something when more and more good players leaving the game who want / can teach something.
  11. 1.:) Not all Stats are in F2. Ore, tell me wher i can find "you have a chance of xxxxx% Bonusdamage ....." 2.:) i never say the BM whas Top tier X.:) My Main is Sum. DPS and Sum, sigh, have fun with it.
  12. Sigh, i hope you already know that this BM makes around 28 - 31 million dps with the Astro Buff. Thats why you can't compare the Astro directly with the BM. Are the picture from same Player? When not, you forgott a lot Buff's ("Unity System - strg+h", "Unity System set bonus", "F3 Set Bounus" and "shift+P")
  13. Nice joke, sorry. A player who knows how to play and skill his BM will do almost the same damage as a player who knows how to play and skill his BD. And, even in other MMORPG, there are classes that are similar to play and still make different of DPS. In addition, classes that have a team buff should not be listed. Unless you compare the DPS without using the buff. Without this buff, the DPS of these classes is noticeably reduced Play Summoner and you have a reason to cry.
  14. @Kicsiduda Nice work. But, Summoner and DPS 🤣 Two worlds collide 😂. Okay, with the Ufo-Cat 3Spec the Sum make then more DPS
  15. Okay, the news from friday (NA) / saturday (EU) is very, hmmm, informative. Come there something more on information? e.g. videos, pictures etc.
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