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  1. Hi, there's a few things you can delete from your vault. Here take a look: https://imgur.com/a/8EZXcca I marked with a red "x" the items you can throw away. If the weapon boxes I highlighted in orange are from dungeons below lvl60 you can also delete those. You can open the ones highlighted in green (radiance stones chests) and equip/store the radiance stones in the second tab of the Unity window (ctrl+h). I've also noticed that you still have some remnants from last event that you don't really need anymore, so my advice is that you exchange them in the Dragon Express.
  2. I think Mom is talking about the clan uniform "Pirate Captain". If that's the case, I think the only way to get the designs to craft it is doing battlegrounds.
  3. Maybe the charms he has are the ones you can buy from Moon Refuge. You can buy them for only 5 flowers each so it's pretty easy to get a lot of them. They look like the 10k exp chams but give you 50k exp instead and you can't fuse them, so for example: 40k charms = 40k clicks.
  4. Hello, I've noticed that liberty tokens from last season of infinity tower are not tradeable yet, but in the item description clearly says that they should be tradeable once the season ends... ¿Are they going to make them tradeable?
  5. Louhi


    Hola, no sé si ya habrás podido resolver el problema pero por si no fuera así, yo te recomiendo que vayas a Heavens Reach directamente e ignores la flecha que te indica que la quest sigue en el Altar, ya que probablemente esa flecha lo que te marca es el portal que se abre durante la quest y que precisamente te lleva a Heavens Reach. Espero que puedas continuar con tu quest. Un saludo.
  6. Yes, you'll get 6 bells from the dynamic quest.
  7. It was released on Friday in EU, so I guess it's on NA too.
  8. Hi! As far as I know, you can use the nebula stones until October 18th (that's what Babbletr0n said on twitter).
  9. You can type /leave to leave a party and that way you don't have to exit the lobby
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