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  1. Account hacked

    I keep asking and them not giving us answers on how they magically get our emails.
  2. Need more reporting options

    It doesn't work anyway you know how many times i'v reported the SAME BOT the last update and it still is here trying to befriend me?! It doesn't know and they know it doesn't.
  3. Swimwear after july 20th update??

    Reason why it should be in the CASH SHOP.
  4. Swimwear after july 20th update??

    It's the same? We had what...2 pvp costumes that only a FEW people can get hitting top rank. So don't say it's both ways when pvp only a selected few will get them. @Jem Which is another stupid idea they keep coming up with and not just doing something so simple and putting them in the cash shop.
  5. Swimwear after july 20th update??

    Great, favorite swimsuit, get it from pve only so us pvpers yet again forced to pve. Who keeps coming up with these dumb ideas I really would like a talk with them.
  6. No new costumes today?

    Oh yes like you know.
  7. No new costumes today?

    And I swear those costume was never removed just moved to the back of the pages of costumes like the others. And if that was true it would make no sense. Why would they bring back costume we had a few months back?! It hasn't even been a full YEAR yet before people do that sort of stuff.
  8. removed

    They're gonna remove it anyway he wont get banned, happens all the itme.
  9. The PvP dream has died- Mosh quits's wrong for people to stream for money now is it? Twitch might as well not exist since the whole point of people streaming is not just to have fun but get donations to help them out for their future plans. Don't start tossing the hungry money part around.
  10. The PvP dream has died- Mosh quits

    Nah wasn't talking about P2W in PVE, content will be P2W because drop rates will be "insanely" low and buying from cash shop but that's on another topic. As to his videos, 2 weeks after he uploaded those all hes been doing was streaming Over watch, (with not many views) he even streamed twice last week but I wasn't there do to Summer Games Done Quick. Just check out is twitter hes all over the game.
  11. The PvP dream has died- Mosh quits

    Even Jaesung hardly plays B&S now due to the game being too much P2W (yes even in KR the game is P2W he even explained/showed us) Hes on Over Watch more (reasons why he hasn't stream or uploaded any B&S vids)
  12. The PvP dream has died- Mosh quits

    Nobody actually cares about that kid good at pvp or not, people only followed him because hes a drama queen that's all. People love drama and last time I check on him he loved banning people from his streams for the most dumbest stuff causing even More drama out of it, just like Lowti3rgod.
  13. Are pets allowed in the arena?

    Pets take no effect in arena. (side note noobs needs pets)
  14. And anyone else around here?