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    Hola, no sé si ya habrás podido resolver el problema pero por si no fuera así, yo te recomiendo que vayas a Heavens Reach directamente e ignores la flecha que te indica que la quest sigue en el Altar, ya que probablemente esa flecha lo que te marca es el portal que se abre durante la quest y que precisamente te lleva a Heavens Reach. Espero que puedas continuar con tu quest. Un saludo.
  2. Memory Bell and DKV

    Yes, you'll get 6 bells from the dynamic quest.
  3. Show off your characters!!

    It was released on Friday in EU, so I guess it's on NA too.
  4. "Nebula Stone Showdown" Event

    Hi! As far as I know, you can use the nebula stones until October 18th (that's what Babbletr0n said on twitter).
  5. You can type /leave to leave a party and that way you don't have to exit the lobby