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  1. Ancient/Mythic (grade-8) loot does not show the correct purple beam on loot drops.
  2. Idk if this is a bug but there is no shop to buy the accessories after 100/300 dungeon runs. The Npc is in Mushin Tower but his shop is empty. Other regions have this shop, so some clarification would be nice. Gunner 3rd spec has no walking animation in Arsenal Mode. It is just A-Posing. New accessories are not in Equipment resonance. The new lists are empty and true earring was also not added to Saga of Eternal Sacrifice
  3. In a recent patch you removed all cooldowns on xp charms so we can spam them faster. Now the new basin charms have the 2 second cooldown on them again.
  4. The main issue is lack of content and the demonsbane system. It feels meaningless to gear up. The dungeons are the same on every stage, there is no challenge and no real incentive to go for a higher stage. When everyone with story gear can clear the same dungeon and low stages drop all the same gear, why go up? Option 1: Bring in additional mechanics and real wipes on higher stages and put some of the meaningful loot on higher stages only (accessories). Option 2: Bring back easy, normal, hard mode for dungeons with hard dps checks and impactful mechanics and a
  5. Since the UE4 update you changed the cooldown group of the Meridian Mystic Badge of Grim Blade Blade Dancer. Now the Hell Hound effect shares its cooldown with the Cursed Cry and Cursed Surge effect. So when proccing the badge you can't proc the poison for 6 seconds, which makes it loose the big burst in draw stance. And if you manage to get lucky and proc the poison at some point it puts the mystic badge 8000% damage on a 20 second cooldown. Either way the spec misses out on a significant part of this item. This applies to all upgrade and mythic stages. I marked the
  6. The Meridian Mystic Badge puts cursed surge and cursed cry on a 6 second cooldown so the toxin proc only works in the last 2 seconds of the badge timer. It was working fine pre ue4.
  7. those are all intended changes with the skillpatch
  8. Loading screens depend on fps. So if you limit your background fps to 5 it will load for a long time when alt-tabbing.
  9. Hello, the Blade Dancers Whirling Scourge and Flaming Scourge only resist 5 seconds despite tooltip saying 6 seconds. (5.1 seconds to be exact) I checked ingame and in the game files to confirm it is only 5.1 second resist while the other effects like crit up last 6.1 seconds. This is very annoying because the resist ends before the animation and the timer on the icon. Please either fix the duration to 6s or adjust the tooltip text. (If you choose to just adjust the text we need some indicator to see the resist) An easy way to re
  10. Yeah please don't nerf hard mode hp. It will be super boring.
  11. To add to this one. Unity stones have the same issue. So Wind/Spinning Storm Bladedancer gets no skill point from these high tier items.
  12. Hallo, das Outfit "Red Raider" ist nicht Accountgebunden und kann nicht zu alts transferiert werden. Ich denke das ist falsch, weil es in F3 in der Hongmoon Store Kategorie ist und eigentlich alle Outfits dort Accountgebunden sind. Btw. die Kopfbedeckung und das Cape sind Accountgebunden was echt wenig Sinn macht.
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