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  1. I don't think that would work. At least this did not happen on those limited 1Ncoin packages we often can purchase within events.
  2. can we please close this? this is necro, gone off topic and right into blaming each other!
  3. yes, I think we can stop here until we got feedback from @Semkuf when it comes for slow performance I still got am old nightmare coming up, I was asked from a friend who had an old friend in PC trouble, years ago. Win7, 64Bit, did not update anymore since a while. This it was a laptop, dual core, 2GB Ram because 4GB dual channel was unstable before. I tried and it finally took over a day get Windows itself updated. Since then I stopped wondering about folks coming up with horrible performance here.
  4. Depends on the drive I guess and you need to try same with 64Bit Client on 4GB RAM PS: only try this setup for masochism reason
  5. I think a laptop with one of those super slow 2,5" mobile HHD at 5400RPM or less could do that stunt easily, if you combine slow HDD with a lack of RAM, so some swapping starts while loading the game. PS: I strongly recommend to use a SSD for any mmorpg
  6. Sorry we can't response you on this topic as we don't want to break the ToS. And back to topic, I don't want to tell BnS-West anything in here.
  7. about same here, I almost did one penta dyad, but then I used too much powder for pet gem in last event so I keep my 4 dyad quare for way longer, as they even removed the upgrade option for those now and mailing em is also damn cheap
  8. Hmm I see ppl doin DST HM way to often to call it irrelevant.
  9. well server was up again right now and oh fun, I had a nice little roll back (of both quest stage and login reward)... I am not impressed...any I call it a night, this is just too tiring
  10. try Twitter for that, even if it's no great info...
  11. Nur am Rande nur am Rande, §§ 305 ff. BGB dann auch noch lesen, denn nur was von der EULA damit konform ist gilt auch, viel Spaß damit =)
  12. Yep. And yeah about hate speech and such: you can get way easier in deep trouble within germany and it's law, then by any ToS =)
  13. Ayea

    My Orb, My Loot

    Basically I only see greed speaking up here. No one told both items are of same worth, it is not ofc, but it is gambling, you buy the chance of some shiny loot, for the pretty rare case it drops. Most of the time, esp. at CS second boss, thing end with a worthless pile of crap and I still wait till someone got the idea to refund the costs of the orb =) This is also why I gladly join moml runs, I don't have luck gambling, I lost close to 200g on that fking event merchant gambling item.
  14. also in früheren Spielen war da nie wirklich ein Problem, dass der wo die Gruppe auf macht auch den Lead und damit Kickfunktion hatte ... hier bin ich mir darüber nicht mehr so sicher, es gibt hier schon ne ganze Menge anti-teamplay dem ich nicht unbedingt ungeschützt ausgeliefert sein will und nein ich gehöre nicht zu den afk leechern. PS: bei meinem erstem mmorpg bin ich meiner einer Nacht-Farm-Session für 1:30h eingepennt ohne gekickt zu werden - war da ja auch nicht wirklich afk, war ich doch auf der Tastatur eingeschlafen :D
  15. well it would have a good point: if gameforge would take over (I think that's a good joke) - ppl would finally see what p2w really means :D
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