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Ryzen 3000 series for BnS

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Hello everyone,


I'm in the market to upgrade my PC and I'm interested in the soon to be released Ryzen 3000 series. I know it's early, but I wanna hear your opinions on these GPUs for BnS.



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Previously everyone (aside from Ryzen fans) would've recommend an Intel cpu hands down considering their usually higher clock speeds irrespective of core count.  However that will no long be the case with the 3k series.  From what I've read the new chips will have respectable clock speeds as well as the ability to overclock them along with huge core counts.  Although this game will not be able to currently use them it will like the higher clock speed.  Right now Intel is having problems and basically have no response to AMD's advances nor will they for at least a couple of years.  Having said that we can only guess how this game will run when UE4 is implemented.  But if you intend to upgrade your computer anyways, you probably won't be disappointed with a 3K setup.

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On 01/08/2019 at 3:12 PM, Battery Butt said:

Hello, wanted to recheck this a few months later. I have a i5-7500 and I'm looking at a ryzen 3600 or 3700x Anyone with ryzen 3000 series chip able to tell me amount their experience with BnS now? 

I'm having really good experience with R7 2700x So with Ryzen 3000 Series it will be a lot better

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