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  1. Hae Mujin Event Guide

    If you are only getting to about 1/2 his HP just before enrage then this is probably not an event for you at your present gear level sorry to say. Might need to stick to the first level.
  2. EU Bonus Downtime++

    Those croissants are to die for, can't blame them
  3. 07/24/2019 [Bugged] No credit for weekly rewards

    Test, did you say test? What's that? Honestly, this is so frustrating. Wasted weekly time better spent doing other things. Get it together, NCwest.
  4. Returning Player Quests

    There are few groups that are going to wait for someone that takes more than 90 seconds to load. Not trying to be mean or anything but it's just the truth. Might be time to break open the piggy bank and get an ssd. A cheap one is about as much as a lunch at Red Robin.
  5. Another thing to do is to move all your stuff from your Basic Inventory tab to the Premium tab (after you've opened up space). Even after premium is done you will be able to remove items from there just not put more in. This could save on a lot of dragon trade pouches. And take advantage of the reduced cost of soul shields in the dragon express premium tab.
  6. New RNG outfit boxes

    Felt like they had somewhere better to be. Rushed, sketchy and all the important stuff will be in the patch notes on the 23rd (giving us minimal time to prepare).
  7. Tayjin's Letter

    Letters are under the J key.
  8. Upcoming Event

    Baskerville responded here regarding the nerf for the next event We don't know exactly how much the nert will be yet.
  9. What I would love to see in B&S!

    Here are the standard answers (some of these suggestions have been proposed and debated previously). 1.) We will eventually get the same or similar patches as KR and in those are added benefits for fishing. 2.) Mounts would serve no purpose in this game since we can windstride everywhere already. Additionally, we already have huge lag issues when multiple characters are in one place at a time. Add their mounts as well and it would multiply the problem. But lastly, unless there is a great demand for it in KR they simple wouldn't bother. 3.) Every class has a great deal of self heal whether through consumables or gear procs. A healer class wouldn't have much work to do. I can verify this from the number of times I've needed to use my sum to heal people. Now the cat's ability to group res is more useful as a backup then her healing abilities. I don't have a SF anymore but I presume it's quite the same for their healing. 4.) I don't play WoW so I cannot make any useful arguments regarding this idea since I don't know what benefit having visual confirmation of your gear might hold (aside from the already existing proc and cd timer indicators and the weapon break notification).
  10. Possible solution?

    I'm sorry but your example is the epitome of a random occurrence Considering the number of people experiencing problems both with older systems and NASA dream rigs then extend your situation to even a fraction of those people there would literally need to be extensive rodent terrorist cells operating all over the US and Europe to account for it. It's fantastic that you got your cable company to go the extra mile (and hopefully you didn't have to pay too much for the service), but there are just too many people that can run other games at eye popping fps and then try to run bns and get slammed to account for simple cable problems. But I guess we should all keep an eye out for spiteful squirrels, malevolent muskrats, and heaven forbid the cursed capybara just to be safe.
  11. Sunspark Rotation (Sentry Mode)

    V procs your bracelet. You should have this up along with E as fast as they come off cd
  12. How do DPS (burst) in Sentry Mode

    Are you perhaps hitting tab while in sentry mode? I had to disable switch off sentry mode in K because the client was registering tab clicks as double clicks and canceling sentry mode.
  13. Numok Bracelet

    Ended up bidding 30 gold for the thing when it dropped. Just hope no one else in your party needs it too.
  14. [SUGGESTION] Make grand celestial wings account bound?

    Asked a related question a couple of weeks ago and received no response: Onyx scales and steels should also be included at the same time. Hopefully an answer is forthcoming (have a ton of steel and scales that my main needs on my alts).
  15. Act 4, Chapter 4 - Defeating Dorin

    Unfortunately the storyline is a solo instance and has to be done by yourself.