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  1. My character got deleted

    lol, we've been beta testers since launch. Same old same old.
  2. Soulstone Plains SERIOUS problem

    This is probably just talking in deaf ears but a tiered approach would seem to be one solution as well. Divide the channels into AP tiers. Only allow characters with a certain range of HM lvl into each channel. Change the boss HP appropriately for each tier. Maybe update the loot table for each as well. No more gorillas competing against you until you get to the top tier (at that point you've evolved into a gorilla yourself). Don't know how much work it would be to implement but couldn't be that hard.
  3. Does this mean my ping is good?

    Not necessarily your ping but your cpu frequency and ssd read speed.
  4. LvL 60 voucher

    If you got an email confirmation I'd assume you would get the package as well. I'm not sure if that code is time limited but if it is you might be out of luck or you might have to ask customer support. Sorry I couldn't help any further.
  5. LvL 60 voucher

    Login here: Select "Apply a code" Under "Unused Serial Codes" select "Blade and Soul" If NC sent you a code select it and activate it.
  6. LvL 60 voucher

    Log into you BnS account and check for an unused code.
  7. There are many traps in BnS. NC relies on them to generate revenue or use to control the game economy. From trove to your example. And you are correct, the game explains very little and expects you to go out and find it yourself. Some might say this is intentional as it forces you to ask others (social interaction) but could also be seen as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ port game design. Either way, unless you've been with the game for a considerable time these kinds of things can bite you on the ass. NC will eventually implement a mentoring system (when is up in the air) and that might change things for the better or allow more directed questions between new players and veterans. But notice that this will still require you to ask another player and not NC. They are not players after all (and it shows after every update).
  8. Please add quest npc for Tower of Memory

    This has been brought up each time TOM has been resurrected without anything every being done about it. We can assume after all this time that nothing ever will be done. If you run many alts you'll just have to get into the habit of pressing J each time you log in and taking the quest.
  9. Stop making sense. You'll just scare them. BTW you can also add that DKV still drops regular gem hammers.
  10. Warden Question

    For the Ancestral badge you need to fuse a Blue Moon and Courage badge. You can buy these badges from the dragon express for solar energies or or buy the correct fragments off the marketplace. You could also run TOI and exchange the currently dropped fragments but it's a pain. You will also need 5 divine grace stones, 10 ts and 1 ptst. For the Aransu badge you can either run VT and bid on the badge material box (frost burn orb), buy it from the marketplace or get it from the Merchant of Wonder (fairly rare).
  11. More SSP channels please

    I think you mean SSP not MSP.
  12. Obsidian gems (event+)

    Quick tip, combine all your gems together and upgrade as high as you can and keep the result. Mail that set between your characters.
  13. Blade & Soul: Scarlet Tears Arrives May 15

    They stated in the stream they will be converting the gem tickets to gem boxes
  14. Dragons bounty event confusion

    LOL, they are taking the long view. The very long view.
  15. How is this even possible?

    If the game loses 4k players it will close down shortly afterwards. Hyperbole? Perhaps, but the reason for the recent server mergers given means there were not enough players at a high enough level to even consider doing ET so they had to be moved to the same server. How many of them use buddy? Probably a very high percentage. How many of them spend a health amount of rlm on the game? Likely a great deal. Now let's ban them all. Houston, we have a problem. For this reason alone you can bet the farm that there are not going to be any banning going on for using this program.