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  1. Tropical Treasure Trove 100 Key Results

    I swear you and Kerropi have damn good luck with trove. I might as well have flushed my 20 keys down the toilet lol.
  2. Lol, I can imagine Vader's voice in the clip from the Empire Strikes Back when he walks all over Lando in the Cloud City. "This was never part of the deal", "I'm altering the deal". "Perhaps you think you're being treated unfairly?" Be on the lookout for the carbonite freezing chambers.
  3. why there is no annouce yet?

    They announce maintenance times at about 5 pst.
  4. Temporary Item Reversal Policy Loophole?

    I held off upgrading my soul because I knew the reductions were coming several months ago. I personally congratulate NC on offering this policy when they really didn't have to (and in so doing added a lot of extra work for their staff). I've had very good experiences dealing with support and I hope they keep doing things like this to keep their customers happy.
  5. Select Region on Log in

    There's a famous scatological saying about having hope in one hand that applies in this case.
  6. Archer class, but w/o Yun?!

    After seeing all the various combos 3rd spec KFM will now have and the cognitive overload that is going to cause, I shutter to think what a dual classed character would do. "Doctor, it's not the headaches I'm worried about. It's my fingers. They're tied in knots!"
  7. Select Region on Log in

    Maybe those are placebo servers. Put there to make you think you will get better ping than you really will. All joking aside, I must admit I'm just as confused as you are.
  8. Pick the server that is closest to you. You would want the NA server since it's located in Austin, TX.
  9. Cyan, please merge all the related threats calling for SA/BR servers so we can address them at the same time. Thank you.
  10. Unexplained Lag and Crashes

    It's the same old, same old. It happens often before a big patch hits. They do something that effects the code prior. It will probably stabilize next week. And some of us that block windows updates until they get the bugs out have seen these issues as well.
  11. Class Change Item

    There have been numerous threads opened with this exact same request and I'm sure you will get the exact same response that those did. It's not going to happen. Far too much work for NC to change out class specific items (like every single weapon in your inventory). All your accessories. And if you happen to be converting to a class that your previous race isn't able to support then you'd also have to switch races as well. NC would probably tell you to just buy a lvl 60 voucher and create a new character.
  12. Server Location

    There have been numerous threads asking for this. Short answer, no new servers. Anywhere. Per NCW.
  13. Empyrean Shadows: Item and Systems Preview

    It'll work exactly like it does now. They will just open up the column that is currently grayed out in K. If you use a skill now with the incorrect accessory equipped then that skill will not be optimally augmented. The same will occur when the 3rd spec is released. If you set the third spec and don't change your accessories (either lvl up to 10+ and switch or an entirely new set) the skill modifiers will not be optimal.
  14. Suggestion: Report options.

    I've seen those as well and they mostly come down to players who got caught doing stupid stuff like trying to sell their accounts, buying gold off the net or scamming other players. But how many of these were caught afking or leeching and punished for it? As I said NC isn't going to tell us and we are just supposed to trust that they are doing something about it. Even if they add this feature it's likely that report is going to be sent directly to an electronic trash can somewhere in Austin.
  15. Suggestion: Report options.

    While this is all well and good we have little to no evidence that they are taking action on the tickets we are already filing (and NC will never publish anything regarding actions taken against players). So we are not going to be able to verify if any actions are happening. It'll continue to be more like a placebo than anything else. I'd love to see afker and leeches get punished but I simple don't see NC doing it whether it's through the current method or some variant of it. Since it doesn't effect their bottom line putting any time, effort or money I think is unlikely.
  16. How to reach 1.7 AP

    For me I gain over 350 AP from equipping my gems. But I must agree with Grimoir that AP is not as great a metric to measure damage as the damage multipliers that you gain from maxing your accessories. It all adds up in the end but you need not worry about maxing your AP. It will happen as you grind.
  17. How to reach 1.7 AP

    What kind of gems do you have? 8 gilded tris or squares will get you to 1.7 AP. That is one of the fastest way to increase AP but it's not cheap. Maxing your soul helps too but that's even more expensive.
  18. Archer??

    We are still going to be on the same server as we are now. Something about lipstick and porcine smackers comes to mind. Regardless, we're all going to continue to be beta testers.
  19. My character got deleted

    lol, we've been beta testers since launch. Same old same old.
  20. Soulstone Plains SERIOUS problem

    This is probably just talking in deaf ears but a tiered approach would seem to be one solution as well. Divide the channels into AP tiers. Only allow characters with a certain range of HM lvl into each channel. Change the boss HP appropriately for each tier. Maybe update the loot table for each as well. No more gorillas competing against you until you get to the top tier (at that point you've evolved into a gorilla yourself). Don't know how much work it would be to implement but couldn't be that hard.
  21. Does this mean my ping is good?

    Not necessarily your ping but your cpu frequency and ssd read speed.
  22. LvL 60 voucher

    If you got an email confirmation I'd assume you would get the package as well. I'm not sure if that code is time limited but if it is you might be out of luck or you might have to ask customer support. Sorry I couldn't help any further.
  23. LvL 60 voucher

    Login here: Select "Apply a code" Under "Unused Serial Codes" select "Blade and Soul" If NC sent you a code select it and activate it.
  24. LvL 60 voucher

    Log into you BnS account and check for an unused code.
  25. There are many traps in BnS. NC relies on them to generate revenue or use to control the game economy. From trove to your example. And you are correct, the game explains very little and expects you to go out and find it yourself. Some might say this is intentional as it forces you to ask others (social interaction) but could also be seen as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ port game design. Either way, unless you've been with the game for a considerable time these kinds of things can bite you on the ass. NC will eventually implement a mentoring system (when is up in the air) and that might change things for the better or allow more directed questions between new players and veterans. But notice that this will still require you to ask another player and not NC. They are not players after all (and it shows after every update).