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  1. Anicanel , classes(Questions)

    1.) You can up to a point. But, since you will need to run dgns and raids to advance in pve, you will need to team up with other players. Some lower level dgns can be run solo but the rewards are not worth the effort. Pvp is still solo thought, However, there is gear that you only get from pve dgns so you are require to run them. In the end most people join some kind of clan to make it easier to advance. 2.) If you state your favorite class you might get a better detailed answer. As for your mouse, I couldn't play this game w/o my mmo mouse. It make the game so much more enjoyable. 3.) Best tip to is to follow the story quest up to where it currently stops and you will end up with a good set of starter gear. Select and max out crafting guilds that allow you craft items that are cheaper to craft yourself than buy (such as primers, trans stones - Soul Warden or spirit stones - Forgekeepers). You will need mats to do this so go to Celestial Basin and farm peaches. This is also where you can get your first badge (mystic). As for the other you have choices but start doing your dailies and weeklies to gather solar energies or run TOI for coins to purchase it that way. There are usually events that help you with your gear (like the current one that has a permanent soul as a reward). Take full advantage of this since it is a very import part of your gear. You want to get yourself geared to the point where you can start running the higher dgns and raids for better gear and better rewards. Again a clan might be your best bet since they would be able to help you do this faster. 4.) Depends on who you ask. For some players they needed to change their rotations (tanks) since their threat generation has been changed. And some others their play style has been changed even more. For the most part everyone has become much stronger and can deal a great deal more damage than before. However, as a starting player you will not notice any of this since you will be learning your class as it is now and won't have to unlearn anything. Guess the best advice is to have fun but don't expect to have max gear or be running end dgns anytime soon otherwise you will get disillusioned quickly.
  2. Personally would never join a party advertising both moml. They didn't spawn the first boss so they have to bid like everyone else. The second boss is different. Irrelevant of value of the loot or your personal need. They are providing you access to the second boss and the default reward. The loot is theirs. You wouldn't even get into the instance without their orb. You would get nothing. Nada. Exit to lobby.
  3. Common courtesy would have it that only that which you provide for the dgn (i.e. orb) allow you to claim the loot. In other words the first boss in CS doesn't require an orb to spawn so they are not strictly entitled to the loot without bidding. They should not expect to get the loot for free. After all they could just exit after the first boss without using their orb leaving everyone else in the lurch. But when it comes to the second boss it's different. Having said this, some people are less than courteous and will bid on the second boss as well without seeing any problem with it. That is where the block list and faction chat come in handy. If someone announces that so and so is engaging in this type of behavior I'll generally block them. Better safe than sorry.
  4. Steelseries giveaway

    Steelseries giving away: Guardian of Dawn Costume Cossack Hat 10 Hongmoon Hot Dragon Soups Apply for key here:

    Sounds like you don't have the wall walk skill yet. If so then you will need to complete the purple old man cho missions before you can advance. Check your letters for purple ones.
  6. As with all new skills it takes practice. A lot of players are struggling and basically have to relearn how to play their characters (I know I sure the hell do = looking at you BD). Go to Moon Refuge and practice on the mobs there. You'll soon get enough buds to upgrade your talisman in the process and get your timing down.
  7. BT ring and earring

    MSP exchange merchant in msp has each for 300 tawny stones. And I think the new merchant in Moon Refuge is selling them for buds. Both will require you to do some serious grinding.
  8. Now we know why bubbletron and Bethany jumped ship. They saw this shitshow approaching and got the hell out of the way. Truly, this is a colossal screw up and needs to be fixed ASAFP. The goodwill you should have been enjoying from this patch has been besmirched by this terrible turn of events. We know this isn't your fault as you are only following instructions. But clearly something needs to be done to rectify the situation. And not to be crude but apologies are like bungholes. Everyone has one and they usually smell like ....
  9. Suggestion Soul cost reduce?

    It's coming with the next tier of soul (likely when we get the ToS raid).
  10. Blade & Soul: Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan Arrives March 13

    Leveling from 55 to 60 is one quest that you have to do anyways to awaken. You are literally throwing it away if you use it like that.
  11. They were still typing up the information as of the date of the stream and didn't expect the patch notes out until Tuesday. Not giving us much time for decisions but that seems just about right for this large patch.
  12. frost or lighting Warden, which one is easier to play?

    Your friend is setting you up for a fall, lol. All melee classes need to know the boss rotations since they will be in close contact with the boss and it's generally pretty unhealthy being that close unless you know what he is going to do. But the tank does more than just whacking on the boss. He might also need to orientate him or move him to a specific place to make it easier for the rest of the team to fight him. If you have aggro it fall upon you to do this. It's less important in the lower dgns but becomes vital the higher up you go.
  13. frost or lighting Warden, which one is easier to play?

    They both are about equal in play difficulty. Frost is a little more tanky than lightning which is a bit more dps orientated (at the cost of sacrificing more health to attack with). Even after the patch they shouldn't change too much. One of the nice things about this upcoming patch is that you will be able to switch things more easily than now since there won't be any "element" to worry about. So after you create your WR try both out and see which is more fun for you. Just remember you will likely be asked to tank so get used to that mindset (ie know boss rotations).
  14. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    In fact you can get your artistry featured as a load screen. NC has contests and the winner's art has been used. Outfit designs as well. Keep an eye out for when the next one will happen.
  15. Outfit that fit BM

    Righteous Blade outfit for a BM. Jiwan would approve.
  16. Brazilian Server?

    And to save you the search and tldr; it's not going to happen.
  17. Salvage weapon, will this ever be a thing?

    And add in that with a dawn/rift weapon you'd be lucky to be laughed at before you were kicked upon applying for a party.

    Grand Harvest Festival fastest of all.
  19. Now that Beth and Jon are gone.

    I agree. They were just the public face. They probably had little to no input into the decisions being made regarding changes made or not made to the game. The best they could do was just pass our suggestions on to the devs. We know Korea pulls all the strings so to think either one of them had any power to effect the game to any big extent is ludicrous. I hope they both moved to a better situation for each of them.
  20. Class Specialization Showcase 1

    Or just direct folks to a Kerropi awakening video.
  21. Question for Youmukon. With element changing to "force" I'm assuming that the obsidian gems will do the same. So if I have a flame octal obsidian, a shadow octal obsidian and a lightning octal obsidian after the patch will I then have 3 "force" octal obsidians? Thank you.
  22. what will happen to the white orbs after 2019/3/13?

    Of equal interest is what is going to happen to the rest of the items due to be antiqued. The resets, the demon spirit stones, HM feathers and the cold orbs. If you are like me you probably have a metric butt ton of these. We are likely not going to be getting much for them. Would be nice if we did though.
  23. I've tried several including the red dragon perdition, Logitech g700 (original and updated) the g600 and the Corsair Scimitar PRO. Perdition was nice (while it lasted). Pretty good software but very cheap components and it died in a flash. The g700 is a beautiful mouse but the side buttons are poorly designed and fail quickly. Same with both the original and the new. Went through 4 of them all with the same problem. The g600 is a fantastic mouse (if you have a mouse size thumb). The side thumb buttons are small and close together and force you to press multiple buttons (especially the center ones - not good in most cases) but they are sturdy and after all the punishment I've given too them not one has failed yet. Not the case for the top buttons. They fail very quickly. I'm on my 4th one now. But with 19 programmable buttons including the G Switch button it is probably the best one I've used so far. The software is extremely nice and easy to use. Bought a Corsair Scimitar PRO and tried to use it but the software is a major hassle and you cannot program all the buttons. Rather a disappointment considering that it has larger buttons which can slide making it easier on your thumb. The only way I'm going to use it again is if my g600 catches fire or something. Either way the g600 is around $35 and I'd recommend it to you if you are interested.
  24. I noticed you are using win 7. Have you tried win 10? It might work better for you.