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  1. Verdant Nightstone

    Same, 15K verdant dead in the water until they are made account bound.
  2. dark emissary outfit

    Considering it will soon be retired as the 365 premium perk outfit you might see it eventually but probably not any time soon.
  3. How to learn a new dance ??

    There are only 2 "default" dances which can be accessed by pressing ctrl and alt. There are other dances available but they require you to equip a specific outfit to do them.
  4. Help on Raids (Grand Harvest)

    The mini bosses are the ones that are walking a patrol through the excavation site and in between the eastern most Croxar shaman sites. They will give a naryu silver each time they are killed. Switch channels for faster farming.
  5. You need to right click on the item icon near the bottom (the one that has a count of 22). A screen will open that allows to you select how many you want to withdraw.
  6. You wanted grand and that's about how much was spent. But, hey you might win those shoes, right?
  7. 3rd Anniversary Festival: Events

    According to many on reddit it will be mid to late March which is when the current TOI season will end. Take that for what it is.
  8. so destro cant carry boss anymore?

    I believe the OP is referring to the awakened patch which will do away with restraint. So yes, once we finally get that patch destro's, FM's and BD's are going to lose their grip skill. Not sure whether Sum's will lose grapple though
  9. Content from RNG boxes for Belgian players.

    And once that happens you can set your countdown timer for the end of BnS (in NA/EU).
  10. Population

    This will be a mobile game and won't likely increase our population. UE4 might have a chance to do it but as long as NC is calling the shots not much is going to change for the better.
  11. They can be crafted in Radiant Ring. I ended up doing that since I didn't want to wait.
  12. When do you think the Gon are gonna get gunslinger

    If Gons suddenly become popular in KR then you might have a chance.
  13. And a great event it is. But the OP is pointing out that there is no reason to still have lvl 55 content dropping sub lvl 45 mats. The drop tables on all dngs should be reevaluated top to bottom and rid of the non-relevant items. Things that are no longer used in any capacity should not be in the loot tables.
  14. BNS Newb here, got some questions.

    GS main. Slingers are, if not at the top, very near the top in dps always in most situations. For a newly returning player their ease of use should also be considered (compared to other much harder classes to play - i.e. sin). It makes leveling a character painless. They are also probably the most mobile with their hooks as well as the skystones they can iframe day and night. They have SB/SF reset which is highly desirable in most parties and a must for some raids. GS simple mode is very useful and needs little modification (if it could be modified). The two elements for GS are fire and shadow. Fire is a dps machine with much less concern about focus reset (once you get your soul that goes away completely) compared to shadow. I've played them both and while shadow is sexy I much prefer fire. Having said that fire accessories are very popular and thus more expensive to bid on or buy. While the class has been nerfed it still shines and is easily my favorite (and I play HM 18 characters in most classes).
  15. Wheres the second jackpot?

    The same as the first one.
  16. I would add K to this list. Each dng has different skill requirements that could be set while waiting for a party to fill in f8. Currently you can see your skills but you can't change them in F8.
  17. SteelSeries Free Nomad Outfit Giveaway 13,000 Keys Left

    They were getting more than one code and trying to sell them on clan chat. Grim thanks for the link. The Fated Bond outfit is very well done
  18. Chapter 35 troubles

    You need to go back through the Skygate portal in Brightstone Village to get to the Zeiwei Ruins. When you are inside you will see the marker again.

    There is this: along with the 8 gem update the Dec 5th patch NC also added some new code to the client's dat file that has to do with mentoring (as well as for battle royal and fishing). It hasn't been implemented yet but it's there. I don't have any details beyond those few lines of code but it seems to imply that NC might be trying to do something in regards to having the community help out newcomers. Stand by for future info.
  20. Hopefully by the time we get this patch obsidian gilded gems will be account bound (along with the garnet) otherwise there won't be much advantage to evolving the gem if you can't send it to your alts.
  21. With the price of even a low end ssd being less than what most people spend on Ncoin for 100 trove keys there is not much excuse for such slow loading machines. And if you're playing the game over a McDonald's WiFi hotspot it should come as no surprise you are getting left behind. Upgrade or face the consequences.
  22. Little girl in the rain

    Chapter X is out in KR and we will get it in 4-6 months. Here is a preview
  23. Any tips for decreasing ping

    You can try a paid ping reducing program like Pingzap but at 500 to 700 there is probably not much hope you will get into comfortable playing range. Those are some brutal numbers. And if you are thinking about playing a melee class it will be especially difficult and frustrating.
  24. The server is under maintenance right now so you can't get in the game. BTW they have distributed the codes so you can apply them at this time (just finished applying mine).
  25. People afking Koldrak

    This is especially a problem if you are running more than one character and it takes so long because of afking on your first one that you end up missing on the second. But I honestly don't see nc doing anything about this considering they haven't for normal dngs which has been going one since the beginning.