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  1. Armory chest(s) - missing stuff!

    I'm curious... what happens if the development team refuses to make any adjustments?
  2. Ppl complaining about KFM, meanwhile SIN and BM.

    I wasn't complaining about the class, I don't recall saying KFM is 'hard' to beat, and I have a relatively good matchup rate against them. I'm just saying its a boring match up that offers very little learning outcome whether you win or lose. So don't get why you're quoting me on that FM is also an easy match up too, so why you're bringing up FM, when you open your post with "seriously stop complaining", makes me want to ask you questions.
  3. [Suggestion] Buying NCoin Gives Bonus+ NCoin

    A lot of the NC Shop freaks me out... honestly Like why are we still doing "Dragon Trade Pouches", when KR droped them years ago, and now everything on their server is expanded through basic currency? (gold) The price pattern hasn't changed in forever, including where the 'discounts' are placed and how much. There are still materials on the shop that are beyond obsolete due to patch and content... that are at their same price as when the game originally launched. There are always 'discount' sales, on account of season events, summer sale, winter sale etc etc. on the same types of items, at the same time All this seems kinda patterned and... deliberate I begin to wonder if NCWest even has the jurisdiction to make changes to the shop, they seem so specific and articulated around a one dimensional trend, that anybody with a sic of care in the world would've changed to a more agile method in accordance to their market/audience, to either motivate people to return, or bring new players in. Oh well, a change would be great! SOME change would welcome!
  4. Ppl complaining about KFM, meanwhile SIN and BM.

    I dunno about the complaints... from my experience KFM is just a boring matchup. The class plays super safe and still gets a lot of luxuries inside iframe windows that supercede its animation, which is kinda cringe, especially when you look at the clock, see the time pass, and they still have iframes available due to some... strange freak accident involving d-day excuses like 'desync' and terrible netcode playing the matchup requires the timing of budah, something where when my eyes are tired, and my mind is lazy from a long day, i just dont have the attention span to deal with that class. When you get bruised by a sin or a bd... theres always something you can learn, you know there was an option you had that could make you win the matchup if you played it right, and your reads are on point. With kfm, its just a waiting game.. the last thing I want to do against that class
  5. Ryzen 3000 series for BnS

    A 100Watt lightbulb won't be any brighter for you, if the fuse is broken
  6. Here's my personal favourite! Open and close the inventory repeatedly
  7. Needed Changes for Way of the Spinning Storm

    I play Wind BD and i've loved the majority of it... besides the bugs that hard resets your tempo, but I thought i'd share my experience with it DISCLAIMER: This is a rant! Despite most of this complaining, this is not intended as an attack on anyone or to insult/belittle anybody, despite what you may consider! Wind BD is garbage, because people want it to be garbage! I love this spec, because it looks cool, and feels great! However, it's garbage! The only reason lightning is better is because it gets everything it needed, and the awakening buffs were ABSURD Lightning had its design changed to a more braindead friendly design. If I recall, Lightning's Flaming Scourge used to work the same way as Squall does, where every second of tickrate would grant you 3 orbs, Lightning orbs being the mainstay way to use Lightning Flash. That has now been removed which makes the class much easier to play than it used to, and less demanding. I think its absurd that wind still has to play under such a condition, despite it's inconsistencies, it's like admitting you know it has faults, but only changing it for one side of the class. Lightning talents have ridiculous ramp, it gets a hard cd reduction to an ability that already has a cooldown reduction. Critical Shock giving a crit damage passive on Lightning Draw and Storm Cleave, AND Lightning Draw getting a base cooldown reduction. WHAT!? So... you gave a crit damage steroid, to a class that already has 3 crit damage steroids... -_- AND THEN, it gives a base AP damage ramp, with Thunder Rolls, granting 8% AP increase stacked 3 times, whenever you use Lightning Draw & Thunder slash Not to mention the quintessential, base damage of core abilities: Lightning Flicker and Lightning Flash... So... ...why doesn't wind get this? considering your choice is one of those, I find it ludicrous a single class gets 3 class ramps on 1 tier of talent points. All 3 of them are insanely good. Meanwhile, wind gets... sigh mediocrity, a crit damage amp so small, that increasing the base damage of an ability gives more dps on parses. Not to mention LIGHTNING'S BASE PASSIVE OUT STATS IT!!! *rage* Sigh, I cant believe they're going back to this but... an RNG mechanic on Typhoon, that only gives back 1 wind orb when it costs 3 (Yes i know! Wind charge... relax!) And a 3rd talent so useless, I don't even use it in pvp, which I assume that's what it was designed for. The only reason to use returning wind, is simply because the 10% damage increase enhance on Rolling Typhoon, tends to float like crazy... when you have a high tier weapon. Squall's design is awful, not only you need to land the attack to actually get the insta 3 orbs, the effect is SO SLOW... mind you with the recent framerate issues, it being slow probably is one of the few things that allows my sanity to remain stable, but in terms of "optimal gameplay" which is something everyone SHOULD be striving for when you're trying to perfect your performance and improve as a player, this is not ideal. When considering something like, Reaper Destroyer's Execute badge effect, which is a consistent uptime. I think they should make squall be a continuous effect for a strict duration. The buff and the damage tied to the effect should be separate, or shouldn't need to hit a target to get the orbs. One thing I've noticed about this game, is it's rather uncanny and random habbit of applying snap mechanics in certain situations (It's kind of hard to explain snap mechanics, it's a backend processing tendency in video games, basically its the interaction where the game assumes your position, ahead of time when using effects like gap closers and whatnot), something I consider counter-productive in a game that boasts about "Action combat". Why am I mentioning this, because sometimes, you'll have situations where bosses leap & dash, and your ability will whiff, because the game assumes the target at the end destination... before the even finish the traverse! An effect like Squall, should be governed around YOU as the caster... not based on if you hit a target... And that's another thing that I noticed with Wind BD... killing blows If you hit a target, and that ability kills the target, YOU DON'T GET THE INTENDED INTERACTION FOLLOW UP!! Sunder on a killing blow does not grant you a wind orb Skyward slash on a killing blow does not grant you wind charge Rolling Typhoon with Lightfooted Talent, does not grant you movespeed buff Inconsistencies such as these, will only irritate a player, that's probably something you don't want to do I also noticed that the new passive for wind, Nimble Recovery, functions awfully. To cite the description: "Decreases cooldown of all skills by 0.2 seconds on EVERY Rolling Typhoon" Note the operative word here... EVERY. Considering they did the gimmicky effect of 2 hits of Rolling Typhoon, similar to Lightning Flash, it blows my mind that Nimble Recovery and the new badge "Liberty Soul" works so poorly If Rolling Typhoon hits twice... then this effect should occur twice. However, it's effect only occurs ONCE, leading to a one second cooldown reduction from Rolling Typhoon on Hurricane Slash & Skyward Slash, WHEN IT SHOULD REDUCE BY TWO SECONDS. (technically greater than two seconds, due to time in a constant state of flux), because Rolling typhoon... hits twice per cast! This can be compared to Lightning's Flash ability, which triggers badge effects twice on condition! *reduces active cooldown of Lightning Draw on every critical hit Far be it for me to flame whoever made this effect, if I haven't already, this Badge is still great! But I find this irritating, because it doesn't take much to the mind's eye to know the effect would simply be greater, had it worked as described. And before you mention translations and whatnot... I don't care! I work with what I'm given, I'm a data-driven person, and I'm not inclined to translate Korean, or a person's misinterpretations, or a person's mispronunciations/misfires in creation... their human errors are not my responsibility! Grand Vortex makes me question life "This wind is ruining my hair..." Hmm.. I'm kind of shocked there is no synergy in the entire spec on this ability, shocked... and dissapointed It's a fun ability, but dungeon bosses have a strange tendency of removing fun and pvp is... well... pvp So, despite me flaming, lets add a little bit of optimism shall we. For starters, I believe that in the process of criticism (what I'm doing right now), the proponent to propose ideas is equally important as stating the flaws and inadequacies of the current ones. So I will now do this. What would I propose to make this better? Wind Squall - Separate the buff from the aoe damage effect, Reaper destroyer has something similar, where it's continual damage and it's buff effect are two separate entities... so it's possible! You shouldn't have to land the aoe effect on Squall to grant the wind orbs. I would also buff the effect, so that the Squall refreshes the duration of Wind Charge... but that's just me! Returning Wind - Stop with RNG! Either make the effect trigger on crit, or make the effect trigger after a certain number of Rolling Typhoons.. for example "Every 3rd Rolling Typhoon grants Returning wind, refunding you 3 wind orbs (which is one free Rolling Typhoon)" The effect is versatile around Wind Charge, Whirling Scourge... and various other effects, which holds a lot of room for creativity, it would also inadvertently fix the inadequacy of Wind Squall, being slower than Wind Charge's intended tempo Swift Finish - Give it ramp! If Lightning's passive... PASSIVE, is a ramp of crit dmg, then a talent should definitely be stronger! Go figure Gathering Storm - remove the effect and make something else, or actually consider it's ability and talent apart of wind's design. I'm still trying to figure out what this ability was designed for. The only thing I've managed with this, is triple aerial in pvp. Spoiler alert, it's not that good, unless you're a Yasuo fan from League of Legends (nothing wrong with that), and want to scream "HASAGI!" when you do it... there is nothing else productive that comes from it To conlude Wind has insane peaks and opportune damage uptimes, I still believe it's stronger than Lightning in everyway. However, there is a strange, uncanny demand from the player, that is ill-advised in various situations. It lacks adaptability, because it's extremely easy to tilt. Rolling Typhoon fall off will tilt you like crazy I've been asked by my friends that play BNS, how I find Wind BD, I described it as such: "Wind BD is better than Lightning BD, but demands more from the player, which is something that isn't very safe to do in a game like Blade & Soul" I love Wind BD, Zephyr til death!
  8. KFM Titan stance

    I also i have this issue At first I thought I wasn't playing correctly, but asking many people, you only have to be in Titan stance, but the skills are constantly greyed out, and I cannot use them, even if i press the button. No idea why this is happening
  9. I currently own 2 devices A gaming laptop and a desktop pc My specs are Desktop PC AMD FX8350+ @ 4.35GHz 16GB RAM HyperX @ 2000Mhz Samsung EVO 840 SSD @ 500 GB Radeon RX 590 OC Fatboy @ 8GB 2300Mhz memory clock 1560Mhz Core Clock Laptop Intel i7 6700K @ 4.8GHz 16GB Ram *dont know the make* @ 2133Mhz Seagate 500GB 7200rpm 5mb/s HDD nvidia 980GTX 4GB Both devices are able to run top end games without issue, the most stressful game it can run (that I own) is GTA V in which both can run 100+ frames peak and around 50-60 frames during high activity (such as fire-fights and explosions cant think of anything that would stress the system more than those in gta) without errors/issues or any modifications that lend themselves to effciency. The desktop runs on high settings, the Laptop runs with Geforce experience "optimized" settings, I never tampered with the presets and I've never felt the need to. I do not have problems when I run games, including MMOs such as SWTOR and Aion, the only other games I run on both devices. I do not have fps issues on them, with the exception of siege in Aion or 16man raids in SWTOR which I still get over 30 fps, however, to be fair, the hero engine is more outdated than UE3, even BW openly disclose that the engine is overloaded in 16man as it was never intended to run them consistently (if you're inclined to think gpu engines are causation). I can understand a person can dismiss this subject by saying "your rig is not enough". But you need to also understand that when it comes to technology, upgrading hardware within the same generation/architecture will yield little-to-negligible results. It's unrealistic to even propose such a thing and shows a lot of disregard that serves no purpose. I think its unfair to suggest Hardware inadequacies a valid excuse, when no other game owned causes problems. Blade & Soul is not exactly a game that has ground breaking technology, and I don't recall any problems with any other game that runs on UE3, such as gears of war, Tekken 7 (they used UE3 before migrating to 4, both ran extremely well for me on PC), Batman Arkham City, Borderlands 2, XCOM series. These games I own, they all run smooth like a wet dream EDIT - Somebody mentioned this in an earlier post If I'm not mistaken, the KR client AND the Kr language already consider the english alphabet & symbols in it's design, so why would filtering even be necessary?
  10. I'm not trying to be funny or gimmicky or anything, I'm just speaking my mind here: I'd rather learn the Korean language using their client and playing the game on better performance, than having this "localized" client, just because everything is in English on such a rudimentary performance. You guys do a good job I'm sure, but there needs to come a point where we have to be realistic and admit faults, inadequacies and lack-ofs. This is not something you can afford to sweep under the rug, and all theories, suspicions, finger-pointing and circle jerkings aside... this client is not playable! Every day... LITERALLY EVERY DAY, i play this game, and launch the client, I get a new fault/error/issue, and it's like a series papercut wounds, it doesn't hurt, it doesn't bleed, but I can't stop thinking about the thing, and it's always going to distract me I'm fed up of playing on 5-10 fps during raids, especially on the gearing route this game demands of you and I'm sick of knowing that my performance is based on a dice roll without any ability to optimize or better my chances and performance by lowering settings. It doesn't have any impact It's not something you can side-track or just shrug off and kid yourself because it's not enjoyable under these guises.